Mini-review: Headphones for Dingoo A-320

This post originally I put in community Dingoo A-320 on Orkut, and now I'm bringing up here to give a lively blog and possibly bring more opinions:

We know that the headphones that come with the Dingoo are no big deal, so it would be nice to have a thread for opinions and suggestions terms of headphones which improve the sound of dingoes.

They are my recommendations:
Koss Porta Pro: this phone I had before and the sound is excellent Dingoo, serious, mids and highs very well defined. He is very portable, can be folded and stored in a small bag that accompanies, but you can't put him in a case along with the dingoes, then it is an extra to be loaded.
Sony MDR-EX300SL: This arrived today and I'm now testing, It is of small (earbud) soundproof (blocks part of the ambient sound), has an amazing record for size, and is also well defined across the spectrum, has an Extender wire whose size can be adjusted by winding it in an accompanying peg. This fits in my case quiet.

Both have plug in L, What helps a lot due to inconvenient position of the headphones output of dingoes. The only desirable feature that they do not have is a volume control on the cable, What makes mandatory control by the Dingoes.

That's basically it, I hope that the topic is welcome and has other collaborations.

Additional comment on the Sony MDR-EX300SL:

It, I googled now and then sellers are really sticking the knife, I bought my a promotion (discount 50%) of, but the promotion is over and I also think that they do not send to Brazil.

Another cheaper option would be the Sony MDR-EX36V, I do not know how they sound, I know it's a model below the former 300SL but has the advantage of volume control on the cable. I'd buy it, but when you close the other appeared cheaper because of the promotion.

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