Japod Battery BL-4C Li-Ion 1020mAh for Nokia 6131/2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 and other (Japod BL-4C Replacement 1020mAh Li-Ion Battery for Nokia 2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 + More)

This is the first post on DealExtreme from 2010, on my last purchase 2009, a Japod Battery BL-4C 1020mAh Li-Ion for Nokia phones 6131/2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 and other (Japod BL-4C Replacement 1020mAh Li-Ion Battery for Nokia 2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 + More) acquired to be used on my phone, Nokia 6131, that is out of line, is worn meio, but meets my needs perfectly, But the original battery no longer has the same duration after 2 years of use, and the cost of such a battery in Brazil, the country of taxes not applied, is somewhat high.

A Japod is a Chinese company, founded em 2003, and specialized in mobile phones, Batteries, Chargers, accessories and other electronic products. They manufacture batteries compatible with many types of mobile phones of various brands, including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, among other. When looked at DealExtreme the battery model BL-4C, used in my Nokia 6131, I found two models: a clearly fake imitating the original Nokia costing only $2.56 U.S. dollar, and this supports the Japod, that has no feature to try to deceive the consumer, and presents itself clearly as a compatible. I do not buy fakes, I prefer honest companies that stamp their true marks, whether or not famous. Furthermore, a forgery only had criticisms of buyers, and to Japod had nothing but praise, so my choice was for her.

Shortly after I bought my Japod, The item now has the status “temporaly sold out” in DealExtreme, which in some cases means that it is over and not coming back. A quick search Site da Japod revelou um new model BL-4C battery, Packaged quite different and claiming 1100mAh. And also recently appeared in DealExtreme at Japod new model BL-4C, claiming that 850mAh, also in a pack quite different from what I got, with holographic label and costing $7.55 U.S. dollar. Also recently appeared in DealExtreme a original Nokia battery supposedly, the price $10.57 U.S. dollar. I still prefer to buy Japod, without risk of being a fake, or at least wait for the first reviews that appear original.

My Japod came in a nice wooden box sealed with plastic. On the outside of the box have the inscription “Business Mobile Battery”, Among various writings in Chinese. This case is different from that appears in ad in DealExtreme. At the bottom is the website address of the manufacturer – http://www.japod.net – and a label pasted on the top indicates the model – BL-4C – and the ability – 1020mAh.

Caixa de madeira, ainda lacrada, da bateria Japod BL-4C

Wooden Box, still sealed, BL-4C battery Japod

Caixa de madeira da Japod BL-4C, agora sem o plástico

Wooden box of Japod BL-4C, Now without plastic

On one side we have one more peck on the model and the BL-4C Nokia phone models compatible: 6100/5100/3108/7270/7200. Of course, any phone that uses the BL-4C battery is compatible, I include here so my Nokia 6131 also. On the other side there is a barcode number and a, is probably the serial number.

Parte traseira da caixinha da Japod BL-4C

Back of the box Japod BL-4C

Em uma das laterais, um selo com o modelo da bateria e alguns celulares que a utilizam

On one side, a seal with the battery model and some phones that use

Na outra lateral, um número de série e código de barras

At the other side, a serial number and barcode

Opening the wooden box we see that it is part of the red cover with some inscriptions in Chinese, again the site address and a stamp of authenticity is probably the. The bottom of the peck includes a part that can be shaved to reveal something, probably the serial number, as the original Nokia batteries. The battery is well protected by a soft material. Under her find an instruction manual / specifications 4 pages, Fully in Chinese, mas vou colocar as fotos aqui caso algum visitante que domine o idioma queira traduzí-las para nós 🙂

A caixinha de madeira por dentro, belo acabamento

The little box of wood inside, beautiful finish

Manual de instruções em chinês

User manual in Chinese

Páginas internas do manual de instruções

Inside pages of the instruction manual

Japod BL-4C: última página do manual em chinês

Japod BL-4C: last page of the manual in Chinese

O selo de autenticidade da Japod BL-4C com a "raspadinha" do número de série

The Seal of Authenticity Japod BL-4C with "Scratch" Serial Number

As the battery itself, appears to have a good finish, came with the contacts covered by an adhesive tape. Is marked JAPOD, and some items in Chinese. The former is clearly the battery model: NOKIA BL-4C, the second is the nominal voltage: 3,7In. The third is the nominal capacity of 1020mAh. Or fourth indicates 4.2 V, probably the battery voltage is disconnected, because the voltage is 3.7 V typical, in other words, when she's on the phone and the same is attached. The voltage measured by the meter after the battery is charged and being disconnected was very close to that, confirming hipótese. Finally the last piece of information is unknown: “GB/T 18287-2000”, I have no idea what this is. On the back of the battery there are a few inscriptions in Chinese, temperature (60° C), probably the maximum operating, and CE symbols, Li-Ion (recarregável cell of lithium ions), do not throw away, fourth unknown symbol and an indication of which is the positive and negative.

A bateria Japod Nokia BL-4C

A battery of Nokia BL-4C Japod

Parte traseira da bateria Japod Nokia BL-4C

Back Japod Nokia Battery BL-4C

And finally let's performance, I do not know if that really has 1020mAh battery and I have no way of measuring it, so my assessment is rather subjective. Once arrived I tested it on mobile, he called and said that there was some load, but was not full, what is expected, since we do not know how long it was stored. I left the phone charging and removed the charger so it indicated full charge. I kept the bluetooth on and always used it moderately strong signal, the next day the battery has not indicated more full load, two days later he still had charge, but it was near the end. This first performance was not much, My original battery that lasts even taking 2 years of use, but we should also consider that batteries usually take a few cycles to reach its maximum load, including the original battery lasted a few hours when I bought the phone and spent a lot of time playing with it to decipher the function, register contact, put songs and games, etc. Also consider that many manufacturers say that the first charge of a battery should be 12 ou até 24 hours, in other words, even if the phone is full indicating that, We must keep the charger plugged, even because the phone does not know a priori what is the maximum load of a battery, and so it would be calibrating. Given this I decided to make a bigger load, all night, near 8 hours, and the next day I traveled with him through dots with variable signs, bluetooth reconnected. At the end of the day the charge still appeared as full, good sign. No second day, it is now, the battery is slightly below full signaling, is likely to last at least one more day if not recharged. This performance is now much more satisfactory, so I think the battery is really good. Nos reviews na DealExtreme some say that it lasts even longer than the original. I think quite possible, because even though it has not all 1020mAh, the original two years ago should also not go near it. My original has no indication of load, and to that DealExtreme sells has 860mAh nominal.

As a buy, it was made in 10/12/2009, sent next day, 11/12/2009, no tracking number, and arrived on 01/02/2010, near 50 days after, no tax. This delay is probably all the fault of the IRS, Mail Hong Kong and mail Brazilian, in order of greatest percentage of fault, as already explained in My last purchase of FocalPrice. The situation is apparently already normalizing, because two packets sent in 17/01 and 19/01 respectively, arrived today, 05/02, a period closer to the old standard 2-3 weeks. Note, however, that the order of finish does not match the shipping order, packages are older than these two who have not yet reached. The description of this package came as “BATTERIES” and the declared value was 49 Hong Kong dollars. There is no stamp of the IRS in the package, Contrary to what happens used in recent times.

Pacote da DealExtreme, sem registro, não tributado.

Packet DealExtreme, Without Registration, untaxed.

And I'm ending here. Wait for the next reviews: Super Cola Aaron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue) and LED Lanterna four stainless Aço Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5-WC, 5 modes, memory, 190 lumens, 1 AA pilha ou 14500 (Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 190-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*14500)). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (11/05/2011): included a video showing Japod Battery BL-4C 1020mAh Li-Ion for Nokia phones 6131/2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 and other (Japod BL-4C Replacement 1020mAh Li-Ion Battery for Nokia 2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 + More):

[YouTube width =”490″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B6r3eE3d04[/YouTube]

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GB/T18287-2000 is a chinese production standard.


Friend you've bought some cell by dealextreme and was taxed?! I bought a more or less 3 days and if I'm in apprehending or not to be taxed, it cost 68 U.S. dollar!

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