DealExtreme: LED Lanterna four stainless Aço Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5-WC, 5 modes, memory, 190 lumens, 1 AA pilha ou 14500

Today in Skooter Blog the review is about LED Lanterna four stainless Aço Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5-WC, 5 modes, memory, 190 lumens, 1 AA pilha ou 14500 (Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 190-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*14500)), acquired na DealExtreme.

A Lanterna Ultrafire C3

A Lanterna Ultrafire C3

After acquiring a Romisen MXDL RC-Lanterna Create G2 (Romisen MXDL RC-G2 Cree Flashlight Black (1xAA)) and use it I realized how much these Cree flashlights are more powerful than ordinary that we find in supermarkets. The idea was to buy another, so could stay with one and leave another with Clau when we were camping, besides having a flashlight to use more next Lula blackout. But before closing the purchase I decided to searched in DealExtreme to see if there was no any better option in the same price range. In this research I ended up finding Ultrafire C3, a little more expensive than Romisen, but still below $15 U.S. dollar, which in my case is important to avoid taxation, for packages below $15 dollars comes without trace and was never taxed without tracking packages, unlike with tracking which have in some cases already taxed.

Lanterna Ultrafire C3, emissor LED Cree

Lanterna Ultrafire C3, emissor Cree

As the Romisen, Ultrafire to work with only a single AA battery that can be found anywhere, what I consider a great advantage. But, with only one AA battery voltage is typically 1.2V (rechargeable battery) or 1.5V (alkaline battery), Apart from being more limited current, and therefore the light provided, although good, is not as great as that of a flashlight that uses lithium batteries. That's where the advantage of Ultrafire, it accepts either one AA battery when a cell 14500, which has the same size AA battery, but it is a lithium battery, 3.7V typically able to provide higher currents and. With battery 14500 it is able to provide an even stronger light, but not yet tested this setup because I have no batteries 14500 in hands. Already purchased a pair of TrustFire batteries, 900mAh rechargeable Lithium, 3.7V and protected (TrustFire Protected 14500 3.7V 900mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack)), but they have not yet reached.

The Ultrafire C3 has 5 modes: strong, average, weak, estroboscópico and SOS. They are triggered in that sequence, to half-press the button on / off. The torch remembers the last used mode, so to turn it back on it will return it, not being necessary to use other modes. The strong modes, medium and weak allow you to choose between a strong light with less battery life, a dim light with longer duration or a middle ground. The strobe light flashes intermittently so many times per second. Finally, SOS mode flasher light to issue repeated letters S, O and S using Morse Code.

A Ultrafire C3 ligada

A Ultrafire C3 ligada

A Ultrafire C3 no modo mais forte

The Ultrafire C3 in the strongest way

The body of the Ultrafire C3 is all stainless steel, which also helps to dissipate the heat, and it really gets hot when used in the strongest way for a few minutes. In the bottom portion have a rubber button that serves as on / off switch (when fully pressed) and to change modes (pressed half). The body is divided into three parts, the lower part with the switch, the middle part of that is just a pipe, and the upper part with the WC-Q5 emitter and reflector, which is made in textured aluminum and coated glass lens. All parties have o-rings (rubber rings) joints, which apparently makes the flashlight waterproof. Both button as the O-rings glow in the dark. At the bottom there is a handle to carry it / secure it to the wrist.

Emissor e refletor da Ultrafire C3

Emitter and reflector Ultrafire C3

Botão para ligar/desligar/trocar modo na Ultrafire C3

Button to turn on / off / on switch mode Ultrafire C3

As três partes do corpo da Ultrafire C3

The three parts of the body Ultrafire C3

Comparing her light with the Romisen, both with AA NiMH rechargeable battery GS Yuasa Enitime, seems to be a technical tie, both provide similar amounts of light with the Ultrafire in the strongest manner and Romisen in its unique mode. With battery 14500 is expected to provide more light can Ultrafire (Romisen does not accept the battery 14500). I have not done tests with respect to battery life in each, while recognizing that this is an important factor. According to the DealExtreme announcement, the manufacturer claims a duration of 40 minutes, but there does not say how or with what kind of battery, I'm assuming it's with 14500 in the strongest way. With respect to the body, Ultrafire is a few millimeters smaller in length, in width and thinner top and bottom of the, a Romisen Have reflector and larger lens, As can be seen in photos.

A Romisen RC-G2 e Ultrafire C3, lado a lado

A Romisen RC-G2 e Ultrafire C3, abreast

A Romisen RC-G2 (à esquerda) tem um refletor maior que o da Ultrafire C3 (à direita)

A Romisen RC-G2 (left) is greater than the reflector Ultrafire C3 (right)

A luz da Ultrafire C3 (à esquerda) e a luz da Romisen RC-G2 (à direita)

A da Luz Ultrafire C3 (left) and the light of Romisen RC-G2 (right)

The package consists only of a white cardboard box with the flashlight inside, surrounded by bubble wrap. There is no instruction manual or any written mark in the box. Packaging, together with the bubble package DealExtreme, were enough to make the flashlight arrive intact.

A caixinha da Ultrafire C3

The box of Ultrafire C3

Conclude that the Lanterna Ultrafire C3 is an excellent flashlight, as well as Romisen RC-G2, both should leave their satisfied buyers, especially those who have never had a Cree Flashlights, as my case was. Do not point out here a winning, it all depends on personal taste to the appearance of each. The Ultrafire is a bit more expensive, however it has the advantage of having 5 modes, and the possibility of using a battery 14500 instead of a AA battery. I think a large balcony that possibility, because then you have the option of a stronger light with battery 14500, without giving up the convenience of easily find AA batteries anywhere in an emergency. I will try to talk about the Ultrafire C3 with battery 14500 Review of the batteries 14500 when they arrive.

[YouTube width =”490″ height=”390″][/YouTube]

As a buy, was made in DealExtreme in 18/01, posted at 19/01 and got em 05/02. Package without trace and no taxation. The description was put “ULTRAFIRE LIGHTS” and declared value was $45 Hong Kong dollars (approximately R $ 11,00). I was very pleased with the deadlines, seems that DealExtreme managed to get right with respect to the shipping time, before promised to send in 1 a 3 working days and ended up taking 1 week, now promises 2 a 4 days, but sent on the next day. So the posts of Hong Kong, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service and the Brazilian Post Office seems also decided to settle with the deadlines, so that the torch arrived just 2 weeks, which is very fast considering that November packets are still being delivered to some buyers. Note that these purchases made with few days apart, there are some that were sent before and arrived after, then do not take 2 weeks as standard, it really varies. It seems like they pile the packages and then begin to release / deliver first taking those over.

Pacote da DealExtreme com a Ultrafire C3, sem rastreamento, não tributado

DealExtreme package with the Ultrafire C3, without a trace, untaxed

And I'm ending here. Wait for the next reviews: Super Cola Aaron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue) and Toolkit to Remove Mobile Phones and Portable Video w / 8 pieces (Professional Phone and Game Consoles Disassembly Tool (8-Piece Set)). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (12/05/2011): Included another video showing the LED Lanterna four stainless Aço Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5-WC, 5 modes, memory, 190 lumens, 1 AA pilha ou 14500 (Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 190-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*14500)).

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Fabricio, congratulations on the blog, I enjoyed and come accessing almost daily.

I was thinking of buying a flashlight these, it costs between 15 and 20 dollars. What features do I have to consider when buying (what is the best type of LED, feed, etc.)? Ultrafire cree and are types of flashlights are trademarks or?


[…] DealExtreme: LED Lanterna four stainless Aço Ultrafire C3 Cree Q5-WC, 5 modes, memory, 190 lumens… […]


I know a little about LED flashlights, a última que comprei foi a Akoray K-106 Cree Q5-WC 5-Mode 230-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight (1*AA/1*14500), sku 28546, it accepts both AA battery to battery 14500. I used with rechargeable AA, but then I bought battery 14500 and the brightness of it is much higher in the latter. She stands, which is very useful when you are short of home energy, You can stay at any table and well illuminates the environment. It is this very small flashlight, it has almost the same size of my middle finger. Ultrafire is the brand of flashlights and batteries and Cree's LED manufacturer. Q5 is the LED model and WC is the hue(White). The most efficient LED from Cree believe it is the R2, but one should not take that much into account as there is much difference in the lanterns circuits. I hope I helped.


friend; I would like to make a purchase at DealExtreme and do not know how . It's all in English and I do not know how to make payment via bank transfer. Can you give me a hint? And as I do with the value Real?. Welcome !


Lanterns Information. CREE is a brand that sells LEDs & Lights, They are of the utmost quality, LEDs depends on the use, I also mean regarding the amount of LUMENS, as a flashlight 900 lumens have a range less than the 150 Lumens. It should also take into account the amount of watts of LED, The higher the scope Watts.
I hope I helped.


I saw the prices of tactical flashlights, really worth, if no taxation.

Thiago Humble

Congratulations on the blog is very good indeed.
Missed you speak Repair, where to find the lamp when burning? You know about it?

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