DealExtreme: Professional Tool Kit to Dismantle Mobile Phones and Portable Video Games c / 8 pieces (Professional Phone and Game Consoles Disassembly Tool (8-Piece Set))

The review today is a Professional Tool Kit to Dismantle Mobile Phones and Portable Video Games c / 8 pieces (Professional Phone and Game Consoles Disassembly Tool (8-Piece Set)) acquired on DealExtreme. This kit is suitable for open mobile phones, IPods, portable gaming consoles like PSP, NDS, Dingoo, etc, they require different tools of the traditional.

Kit de ferramentas para desmontar celulares e videogames portáteis

Toolkit to disassemble phones and portable game players

O kit de 8 pieces consists of (description DealExtreme):

  • 1 x 2.0 Cross screw driver (8.6*0.8*0.8cm)
  • 1 x 2.0 flat slot screw driver (8.6*0.8*0.8cm)
  • 1 x T5 screw driver (8.6*0.8*0.8cm)
  • 1 x T6 slot screw driver (8.6*0.8*0.8cm)
  • 2 x PCB umount bars (Green, 8.9× 1.0 × 1.0cm)
  • 2 x trangle paddles to open the case, blue (3.3*3.1*0.4cm) and blue (2.5*2.1*0.3cm)

The screwdriver and key philips are the best known and easy to find in their larger versions, these are small and ideal for small electronics, both have matte black cable. The T5 and T6 keys has hexagonal and magnetized tips, being that the T6 is slightly larger than the T5. No cabo vermelho translúcido há as letrasHFcirculadas (would mark?) models and: “301-T5” and “301-T6”. The T5 opens Nokia phones 6131, which was one of the reasons I have purchased this kit. All four keys seem resistant.

The description of DealExtreme says they are two bars disassembling of green circuit boards, but in my kit they are in blue color, anything that hinders its operation course. In both there on the body for the PX letters circulated, and has a smaller number of them: “3688”.

Chaves de fenda, philips, T5, T6, paddles e removedores de PCB.

Screwdrivers, philips, T5, T6, paddles and removers PCB.

Finally, the “paddles” triangulares são as peças que parecem uma palheta de guitarra e servem para abrir equipamentos ou partes que são apenas encaixadas (common in cell). Of course you can do the same with a screwdriver, but the metal in the plastic always tends to spoil the second, enquanto que esses paddles são de plástico e assim nãomachucamas bordas das caixas dos equipamento. The thickness indicated by DealExtreme (3 and 4 millimeters) is the center piece, but the tips have a thin edge enough to enter the space between the two parties (probably less than half a millimeter). So we have resistant tools, that give firmness to the user to hold them. Or plastic seems to be quite resistant, both have the WK letters circled back (brand?).

The packaging is just a plastic bag with the tools within. For the price of just $2,60 U.S. dollar, this kit 8 tools is excellent, it should be sufficient to open a wide variety of cell phones, portable video games and other small electronics.

As oito ferramentas em sua embalagem

The eight tools in its packaging

As a buy, was made in DealExtreme in 10/01/2010, sent next day (11/01/2010), coming 08/02/2010. O pacote não tinha número de rastreamento e não foi tributado. Não havia nada escrito na descrição de conteúdo e o valor declarado foi $19 Hong Kong dollars (just over £ 4,00). The package arrived in just under a month, after a few others that were sent after him (as is the case of Lanterna Ultrafire), showing that there really like to know the exact time it will take, that the IRS does not release the package in the same order they arrive (is not a queue) and the safest is to wait for anything between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o kit de ferramentas, sem descrição, sem registro, sem tributação

DealExtreme package with the toolkit, No description, Without Registration, without taxation

And I'm ending here, wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Thank you very much. É o tipo de coisa que eu estava precisando, o visor do meu velho celular Nokia 5200 está muito sujo. É incrível como o pó consegue se alojar atrás da tela protetora.
O modele da chave é a T5.

Não fossem algumas de suas analises eu nem saberia que existem alguns produtos.


Amigo preciso saber como comprar este kit de ferramentas, estou precisando desmontar uma celular nokia e este kit me ajudara muito. No aguardo.

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