DealExtreme: Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY

This is an order for three Rechargeable 9V 280mAh Ni-MH BTY in DealExtreme. I decided to do it when we took for lost order for three Rechargeable 9V batteries Tweens I did in FocalPrice, that ended up arriving quite late due to delays of the Brazilian Federal Revenue.

Baterias recarregáveis NiMH de 9V da BTY

Rechargeable NiMH 9V BTY

It is the second purchase BTY 9V batteries that do, I have already spoken of the first here in Skooter Blog, then there will be a new review. The individual price remains $4,61 USD, but again opted for bulkrate, paying $4,02 per battery (rose slightly, before it was $3,88 U.S. dollar), which added to $1,70 dollars for bulkrate (including the record for tracking) totaled $13,76 USD, still a good deal considering the price (and the difficulty of finding) here in Brazil. The packaging of BTY batteries changed a bit, but the batteries seem to be exactly the same.

Frente e verso da nova embalagem das baterias BTY

Front and back of the new packaging of BTY batteries

A embalagem antiga (à esquerda) e a embalagem nova (à direita) das baterias recarregáveis NiMH de 9V da BTY

The old packaging (left) and the new packaging (right) NiMH rechargeable 9V BTY

I did not use the "Drop Shipment and Gift Service", those who follow the blog know that already do not use it for a long time because I consider useless (tax already know the packages from DealExtreme and whatever have logo or not). A description of the contents came as “Batteries” and the declared value was $57 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to approximately R $ 13,00. Despite being a registered package (with tracking number), most targeted by tax, was not taxed.

The request was made in 13/01/2010 and shipped the same day (quite Agility DealExtreme, in contrast to the second half of last year). The trace appears that the package arrived in Brazil in 05/02/2010, and em 10/02/2010 it was delivered (no intermediate steps). Note here that it is unlikely that the packet has been almost 20 days transiting, and then only in 3 working days to arrive in Brazil, go through inspection, be transported to my town and longer be delivered to my home. So it is more likely that the package arrived in Brazil, took a long time with overseeing and was received in the mail system only on 05/02, already been released by the IRS, and then he took 3 working days to get here, which is a normal time Paraná transport (which I suppose has been made surveillance) hitherto. There is a rumor that since the end of last year the IRS has caught the packages without giving a chance mail scan them, and so they only enter the system after inspection, so it makes perfect sense.

Data Local Situation
10/02/2010 20:25 CDD REMOVED – REMOVED / SP Delivered
10/02/2010 12:25 CDD REMOVED – REMOVED / SP Out for delivery
05/02/2010 15:52 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil
O pacote da DealExtreme, com registro, mas não tributado

The package DealExtreme, with record, but not taxed

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Andre F

OK fuck I asked things DX, Ta taking too long because of the prescription a bag, I give a lot of your reviews man…sorry that lately you've been buying only batteries, batteries and the like =(


Face… Let me ask you an opinion, tow with a package in the mail that came to Brazil day 08/02/10 and it's there on the site of the post office as “Received in Brazil”, I called there for the delay and the clerk told me that I was on prescription for supervision, in Sao Paulo, and so it was clear the deadline would be 8 business days to deliver the destiny. And after much insisting the attendant gave me information that I think would be useful, I can formalise a complaint for the delay to be analyzed and the process be streamlined, would have to give the data of the sender and recipient full, for your pictures, you can see the packets sender data that comes in packages, but the question is: Is it worth formalizing a complaint, or it will just “attention” supervision for my package to be asking for more urgency in it? is a package of small things gave $ $ 15,66 (USA), is it worth? or should wait? Why am I looking at various ways to win $ the internet straight on paypal and want to be buying the DX, but I do not want to go into a sort of… Read more "


Not… I'm from the EC , but the things that come here should go there first… I'm going to wait until the end of the week, If you do not update anything, I'm going to risk it and go with the complaint…

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