DealExtreme: Super Cola Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue)

The product is now Super Cola Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue) acquired na DealExtreme. This is not a review because I have not used, then it is an unboxing. I tried to postpone the post to have information about the use, but then end up forgetting package details. So I decided to post it anyway.

Super cola Aron Alpha

Super cola Aron Alpha

A Aron Alpha is a trademark of adhesives produced by Toagosei Co. Ltd., well known in Japan, their country of origin. The Super Glue Aron Alpha instant adhesive is a cyanoacrylate, type of glue whose most famous representative in Brazil's Super Bonder. Inside the tube is a small tube yellow outside and white lower is that it contains 2 programs gives super glue Aron Alpha. Inside the tube there is also a cap with a metal tip that serves to open the Tube and probably also to not let it clog (eliminating the pin / needle that Super Bonder always makes us use).

O tubo externo e o interno da Super Cola Aron Alpha

The external and internal tube of Super Glue Aron Alpha

The outer packaging says that this is an all-purpose glue, but on the back there is a list of materials for which it is recommended: PVC macio, Polyethylene (IN), Polypropylene (PP), Fluopolímero, Paper and Silicone. It can generate clicks or dissolving the following materials: acrylic resin, polycarbonate, polystyrene. And finally it is not recommended for: metals precisosos, plated / galvanized, “expensive things” and vidro.

Embalagem da cola Aron Alpha

Aron Alpha gives Embalagem queue

In the package there are instructions on how to use, saying that the surfaces need to be cleaned, etc. Finally there is the recommendation to keep the super glue Aron Alpha in a cool, dry, with heat of 34 º are you doing here now believe that the most suitable place is the fridge.

Parte traseira da embalagem da Super Cola Aron Alpha

Back packing Super Glue Aron Alpha

I hope the glue is good, the reviews of it are excellent, personnel says it takes a long time and does not harden inside the tube like the others adhesives. It is a pity that 2 Grass seems to be little, but for $2,71 USD (frete included) is less than costs an equivalent amount of Superglue.

The purchase was made in 15/01/2010, sent by DealExtreme in 17/01/2010 and got em 05/02/2010, near 20 calendar days after, a period good. Packages without tracking number, describing the product as “STATIONARIES”, declared value of 24 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to just under £ 6,00, which is more than the product cost, fleeing the standard DealExtreme ever declare a lower value. The package was not taxed.

Embalagem da DealExtreme com a Super Cola Aron Alpha, não registrada e não tributada

Packing DealExtreme with Super Glue Aron Alpha, unregistered and untaxed

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Or Fabrício, I wonder how I can do a review of my last purchase price to your blog focal =], because their reviews helped me a lot.


Hi Fabricio already efetuei register in wordpress q now just need you to change my user Vando to contributor.Obrigado.