February 25 2010

DealExtreme: Fio de Solda, Toolbox and Wireless Bicycle Speedometer

This is a package of DealExtreme three products:

Fio de solda, caixa de ferramentas e velocímetro de bicicleta sem fio

Fio de solda, toolbox and speedometer wireless bike

Who accompanies Blog Skooter know it's been a long time since I put only one product per order, to stay small packages (and preferably below $15 vir dollars for registration sem) and thus avoid taxation. Here I made an exception because I paid only by fio de solda ($8,59 North American U.S. dollars (USD)), the other two products (bicycle speedometer from $8,55 USD e toolbox from $10,28 USD) I asked for DealExtreme send deducting the value of my DX Points, Accumulated other purchases, reviews, videos, etc. And you must have an open package (not sent) to add products to the DX Points. So, the package was rather large, but despite the value of the goods exceeds $15 USD, the package came without registration, because the system is worth the value I paid ($8,55 USD).

I will speak of invidualmente products in separate articles in the coming days. I take this opportunity to clarify a common question: DX Points can be used to exchange for any product in store, and not just those available in specific section. The difference is that this must be done manually. You must have an application open (not sent) to add the products. It is advisable to make a purchase and then immediately submit a ticket requesting to add products. There is a specific option for that, then recommend using the “Change items in order” that is processed quickly and thus there is no risk of the package being sent before the products are added. Be clear in your request, no bullshit, something like: “Please add sku.xxxx to my order using my DX Points. Thank you.”, because employees have hundreds of tickets to meet daily, some do not speak English, and may be confused if you write a text too long or convoluted. Remember to replace 'xxxx’ by sku number of the item you want.

When the request, was done on days 19/01/2010, sent on 21/01 and arrived on 20/02. The package came without trace as already mentioned, and was not taxed by the IRS. Content description: “PROFESSIONAL TOOLS/BIKE ACCESSORIES” and declared value of $40 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), equivalent to approximately R $ 9,45. Unfortunately the package was very mistreated, almost tore, and with this acrylic toolbox just breaking, perhaps some impact on the roll of 90 fio meters of weld, which is quite heavy. The toolbox came open and had tips scattered throughout the package, even within the housing of the speedometer, but fortunately it was only join all, estojinho put in and see that not disappeared and neither were all in perfect condition. I contacted the DealExtreme to know what can be done about the broken case, but still got no answer.

Pacote da DealExtreme com os três produtos, não tributado

DealExtreme package with all three products, untaxed

And I'm ending here, wait for the review of the three products in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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