FocalPrice: And Movie Case for Nintendo DS Protetora

Loss oi do Skooter Blog, I'm Vando. Already follow the blog for some time, Fabricio helped me a lot in the matter of international purchases so I decided to contribute to the blog. Bom go the, I'll be posting a review of my latest purchase in one FocalPrice Soft Protect Case Cover Pouch Bag and an NDS Lite Screen Protective Case Filter Film, both no value 69 cents .

The purchase was made on the day and 27/12/2009 without a trace, I was giving as lost but came on 23/02/2010, Almost two months later. Came declared value of the package 10 U.S. dollar, slightly higher than the actual product.

Despite the case having a low value is good quality and protects against scratches and Nintendo DS sleeps well, worth buying this case.

And the film Hori to keep it from DS, although in Japanese manual be not seem to be difficult to apply, I bought her to leave saved for when I need to replace the housing it.

Well folks I will stop here, and if you want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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I bought this same film for my ds! 😛

the bad is that it came as electronic, I do not know why it fou, but the package was taxed at $ 25, despite the total purchase have stayed at $ 19.

the declared value on the package was $ 12 or at least I understood it.

the package was opened, but it all came, except one item that was changed, ordered a Mario and Luigi plush and came 3 Mario and Luigi keychains plastic! My husband liked it more than I actually bought.

esperei a 2 months to come.

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