DealExtreme: Fio de Solda 0.6 mm, 90 meters (0.6mm Solder Wire (90-Meter))

Today I will talk about the Fio de Solda 0.6 mm, 90 meters (0.6mm Solder Wire (90-Meter)) acquired on DealExtreme. I spoke in a previous package here at Skooter Blog, so today I'll talk specifically product, which is manufactured by LodeStar, invented name of the Chinese company Shenzhen LodeStar ST Co., Ltd., manufacturer of products such as meters (multimeters), Oscilloscopes, soldering stations, Welders, power supply, glue guns quente, magnifying lenses and other equipment that category. A LodeStar is the same manufacturer solder paste that I acquired in May 2009 and that proved to be a good product.

Carretel com os 90 metros de fio de solda da LodeStar

Reel with 90 meters of weld fio da LodeStar

The welding wire has as product code L301206, are 90 meters of welding wire with 0.6 mm thick. Manufacturer's specifications and are'm believing them, therefore will not conduct and measure the whole wire. The wire is thinner than the ones I usually use, and therefore believe that the thickness is correct. In glued to the spool seal is no indication that the alloy consists of 63% of Estanho. Little further down there is no indication that 2% flow, component which prevents oxidation of the materials to be welded, therefore prevents the formation of oxides with high temperature, In addition to helping the solder to spread better in the parts to be welded. The other 35% Alloy packaging does not say what is, but probably lead.

Visão lateral do carretel com fio de solda LodeStar

Side view of the spool of welding wire with LodeStar

Fio de solda LodeStar com 0,6mm de espessura

LodeStar welding wire with 0.6 mm thick

I'll ending here, wait for the review of the final product This package (Speedometer, Bicycle Computer with Wireless Display 1,4 inches (Wireless Bicycle Computer with 1.4-inch Display)) in coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Wave, mto follow the site vcs.
I wanted to ask you guys some help, I bought a product on dealextreme and it came with defect. I contacted them and after +- 1 eles weeks responderam. Spoke to send the product back at cheaper price. Anyway should have been a standard e-mail them. Vcs already gone through this? They sent the parcel where?

Anyway if you can help me thank.

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