DealExtreme: Speedometer, Bicycle Computer with Wireless Display 1,4 inches (Wireless Bicycle Computer with 1.4-inch Display)

Today I will talk about the Speedometer, Bicycle Computer with Wireless Display 1,4 inches (Wireless Bicycle Computer with 1.4-inch Display) that did troquei DealExtreme com meus DX points. I spoke of the exchange and the package in the previous article here at Skooter Blog, so today I'll talk specifically product.

At speedometer bicycle was one of the first products I gained na DealExtreme, in May 2008. Now, almost 2 years after, he is still on the bike and running, although eventually some button pressing alone in impacts. Still decided to acquire this wireless model to leave the reservation, not least because it is priced at $8,55 USD (U.S. dollars two) which is already a good price, but not cost me anything because I used the DX Points.

Velocímetro-Computador de Bicicleta Sem Fio Sunding

Speedometer, Bicycle Computer Wireless Sunding

The manufacturer of the speedometer is Sunding, the same brand of modelo com fio. The Chinese company has bike accessories as its main products, including speedometers and lanterns. The model is SD-548C, and appears to be the only wireless. It marks current speed, average speed, speed, Ride time, distance ride, with total distance odometer and clock. You can set the wheel diameter and thus have a high accuracy in measurements. The measures can be configured for miles or kilometers. The clock accepts the format hours 24 e hours 12 hours. The speedometer has a scan function which vai aleternando sequentially between the various measures that the computer offers. The odometer has value configurable to start the speedometer, thus there is no loss in an eventual exchange of battery.

Braçadeiras, magneto, bateria CR2032, tranmissor/sensor, computador, suporte e manual

Clamps, magneto, bateria CR2032, tranmissor / sensor, computer, support and guide

The packaging has a sturdy plastic to leave the computer on display, while other parts come in a cardboard box (what is inside this plastic bag). In the packaging have the computer (that is removable to try to prevent theft), the part to be fixed on the handlebars (where the computer is coupled), the sensor / transmitter that is attached to the fork, Magnet (magneto) which is fastened on one of the spokes of the front wheel, clamps to attach the transmitter and support the handlebars, a bateria CR 2032 that powers the computer, a 23A battery that powers the transmitter and instruction manual in English.

Embalagem plástica que deixa o computador à mostra

Plastic wrap that leaves the computer on display

Or Viewer 1,4 inches is large enough to be seen with ease during the day. The computer automatically turns off when the bike is stopped for a few minutes, and then proceeds to show only the time. The two buttons seem quite firm, probably will not be the problem of being fired unintentionally when walking on flat land less. The display always shows the current speed at the top, and the bottom may show the clock is, average speed, speed, distance, elapsed time and odometer, You can choose any of these or choose SCAN that switches between them all in sequence.

O computador com visor de 1,4 polegadas

The computer display 1,4 inches

A bateria CR 2032 comes in a plastic bag, properly protected against short that could jeopardize their life, and not be pre-installed is not discharging unnecessarily. A 23A battery (TOMO Brand) comes pre-installed on the transmitter, but the most likely transmitter design is made such that the battery is only connected at the instant the beam with the magnet passes the sensor, thus consumption is zero when the bike is stopped, unlike the computer that is always waiting for a transmission. The 23A is the same battery used in remote controls electronic gates, and despite being triggered more often, the transmission power to be much lower, so I suppose that should last long. Both batteries came with their loads measured on the multimeter with values ​​slightly above the nominal, which are 3V and 12V batteries CR 2032 and 23A respectively.

O sensor/transmissor utiliza uma bateria 23A pré-instalada

The sensor / transmitter uses a 23A battery preinstalled

Hopefully there is some protection that prevents streaming if the bike stop the magnet exactly in front of the sensor, although the chance of this happening is small. I unlikely that there is any transmission code that allows more than one such speedometers can be used simultaneously. So these two bikes with speedometers walking together can cause interference, which should be reflected in a marking speed unstable and above normal. But that's just my guess, there may be some code or some way to avoid interference. The manual does not tell you how often used for transmission, so I can not estimate what kind of device could cause interference.

Embalagem com o computador por fora e as demais peças dentro da caixa de papelão

Packaging with the computer and out the other parts inside the cardboard box

I'll ending here, wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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There is a measure of the distance (no raio) that should engage the sensor or should I just engages you in the end? Thank you.


The transmission of the sensor to the computer is not protected. When passing another bicycle along, with another transmitter, speed doubles, If you put the computer near a magnetic source (eg a notebook) the computer starts counting, as if on speed.


Olá Skooter!

Did you pay any import tax? Thank you!


Hello, someone with more experience can help me, velocimentro SUNDING bought a Model SD-536A and do not know the correct position within the sensor and was wondering if anyone has a manual translated, 'm half donkey, and do not understand much English.
thanks to all.


Hello I bought a wireless speedometer those installed on the bike and after he shows no change in the speedometer while I'm pedaling, all instructions were followed to the letter in the installation, respecting the distance between the transmitter and speedometer, installation of the magnet within, finally everything the manual said was done. Is there any specific detail that can not be causing the operation of the speedometer? I appreciate if someone can help thanks!!!


I'm having the same problem graze Assima. I research and I think that we have to inform the SD-548C to circurverencia Tire. Once you resolve post the solution here.


Friends, shopkeeper and am seeing and install above this level, place the sensor on the fork seals and securing with the bow so that it passes 0,5 ima cm that is trapped within, the sensor had been sideways, shake up the times stop working so give it a light tap on, the closer the sensor be the speedometer on the handlebars that works best, earned.


this speedometer and have lost the manual with the programming codes will be that you could send me a copy by email.??
and he is also presenting a defect even walking slowly it sometimes mark 40 or 80 km / hr Wed'm actually just 10 km / hr oque is this happening.??
I await a response.


probably the wheel size is set wrong.
The manual can be downloaded at :


wave, I lost my manual does anyone have a copy to send me by e-mail, [email protected]


Mine was acquired in early 2012 and is the following problem. Keeps running even after stopping the bike, my caught on speed 3,6 km / h already took the battery and reinstalled and nothing to solve, I believe it is due to many wireless signal in my neighborhood. Someone has to help me in my problem. Grateful Jorge.

Nathanael Albuquerque

Same thing. My latch 3,6 km and is for days.. Suddenly unlocks. But it only works if you are less than 50 cm do sensor, which in my bike is impossible. Its address? Have I changed batteries, cleaned, and nothing.


When I ride and al all right, tightening right and begins to mark everything right. Ai for example I stick the tire or stop to do something else the computer cycle after a while enters standby mode, displays hours and(all right so far, because it automatically turns off). Only I did not like that I have to press the right button again to start scoring it and every time I forget ie I get straight without scoring because of it. You know if you have any setting that lets him scoring direct or increases the time for him to go into standby mode?


Yes the same SD-548c model. Must have some setting it.

Adriano Salvio

Hello! Mine started to present the problem of getting scoring 3.6km / h even stopped.
Someone found a solution? I researched quite the same in English and nothing.

Chris Kelly

I realise this is nearly 3 years late, but the only other place I found the answer was a Russian page, so this is for the next searcher. A constant 3.6km/hr or 2.2mph on the display with the “wheels” rotating in the top left corner, even though neither the bike is moving nor even the computer is close to the transmitter, means that the computer battery needs to be changed. I was fooled into thinking it couldn’t be the computer battery because the display was still very strong and readable. Give it a new 3032 coin battery and voila, the problem was resolved. Hope this helps the next person with their Sunding 548c problem.

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