ShopTo: Jogos Playstation 3 Direct flights from England

Although Sony is slowly starting to sell Playstation games 3 no Brasil, prices are still too high for Brazilian standards, easily costing twice what you pay for the same game in the U.S. or Canada. Buy games in the U.S. or Canada while traveling is a great deal, but buying online is a complicated task, because most stores do not send to Brazil, and sending a freight charge very high, since the price of USPS (Belt of the United States) are high and courier services (Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.) are still more expensive, addition to virtually guarantee a tax fine salt.

A DealExtreme, old acquaintance who accompanies Skooter Blog even has some Playstation games 3, but they are few and prices are not the best. There are specific games stores in Hong Kong, but speak of them elsewhere. Today I will talk about ShopTo, a store specializing in games UK, More specifically England, you send to Brazil charging a freight only £ 3.50 (pounds sterling), or equivalent to R $ 9,28 Quote for today.

Besides the freight comrade, a ShopTo also has games with very good prices, smaller than those in the USA and Canada. And if the regular prices are already good, promotions that the site makes are even better. O catálogo do Playstation 3 has several games every week in deals in which some games can cost less than £ 20,00. The site also features games X-Box 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, E PC PSP.

I decided to do some searching and saw that several Brazilians buy the site and are satisfied. Once convinced of the suitability of the site, I decided to make my first purchase. I choose the game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, whose price £ 17.85 (R$ 47,33) is less than half of what it costs the same game on Sony's website (R$ 119,00). As for freight, in ShopTo is always £ 3.50, Sony na serious cerca de R $ 7,94, difference of only $ 1,34 m favor of Sony in Brazil. Blame it should be the price of Postal in Brazil, 's ridiculous that costs cheaper to send a package from London to Brazil, than a PAC (e nem SEDEX, only one PAC) any Brazilian city to a nearby town or even the same city. In short, the freight ShopTo is pretty cheap for a international freight, is rare for a national purchase cost less than that.

Purchases in ShopTo can be made in Pounds Sterling or Euro, the price in Pounds Sterling always cheaper after converting to real, then I suggest opt ​​always for him. Payment is by credit card international, and can be done directly to the store, or through PayPal. I chose the latter because I may opt for conversion in real time made by PayPal, and receive the billing invoice in real unsurprisingly due to exchange rate variation. Buying directly at the shop will be worth the price of the British Pound the closing date of the invoice. Note that for games in pre-sale is only possible to buy directly paying to store, they only debited when the game is shipped, that there is no way to do via PayPal.

The choice of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is due to several factors: First is an old game and already has a naturally lower price, it was released in the series “Greatest Hits”, that Europe is called “Platinum”. How was the first purchase did not want to risk a more expensive launch. But of course I wanted a good game and he was really interested. The Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, What is the sequence of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, caught my attention for being chosen the best game 2009 in several awards. But did not want to start the second game of the series, I think the ideal is to get the first, Then I read the review of it in IGN e na Gamespot, where the reviews were very good, I ended up convincing.

I will not do a review of the game here because gaming review sites there are already several (it's not like review sites for products DealExtreme or FocalPrice wherein the Skooter Blog is one of the few, but the only), as IGN and GameSpot already quoted, there are people far more qualified to make them (and being well paid for it). Unfortunately I can not point to any national website with the same quality, they KNOW waste only from Outerspace, What is so bad it needs chupinhar texts of Skooter Blog and refuses to remove them, eventhough handheld devices with orders. So I'll just talk briefly about my opinion of the game.

The Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is an adventure game that blends action with parts of shootings, exploration of the territory, scenes with vehicles, etc. The closest that he ever played was Tomb Raider, But in Tomb Raider (at least the ones I played) the difficulty is immense, jumps need millimeter precision (or would pixélica?) and any mistake you make back half an hour ago in the game and have to play all new. On Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune everything flows better, you need not be 3 hours looking for something in the scene to continue the game, the game gives several tips on how to proceed and it is rare to get hung up somewhere for more than a few minutes. The checkpoints are close to each other, so no need to get back in the game after half an hour because missed a jump. Play the parts shot with a joystick is news to me, I'm more familiar with keyboard and mouse. Clearly aiming with the mouse is easier, but soon got used to the joystick. In moving the left analog stick makes the function of the keyboard and the right does the mouse function.

The game has about 8 the second hour reviews, had já joguei 8 hours and am in 75% completed, what I consider very good for the first time I'm playing. I have no patience for game where you have to spend hours looking for a way out, I find it very frustrating when it happens and I tend to leave the game away and never play, up because they rarely play more than an hour a day, Game and rarely more than two or three times per week. No wonder that 20 days after the game I just played be delivered 8 hours.

But let's talk now of buying in ShopTo, at day it was made 07/02/2010 and shipped the day following. The ShopTo is reputed to be very fast to send, and so it happened. O Royal Mail (Straps UK), indicates the following: “Your item, posted on 08/02/10 with reference RJ000000000GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in BRAZIL.” (Numbering removed). And Strap Brazilian states the following in tracking:

Data Local Situation
25/02/2010 20:03 CDD REMOVED – REMOVED / SP Delivered
18/02/2010 11:33 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

As can be seen, delayed 10 days for the package appear as received in Brazil, and thereafter was only a week to be delivered. Total transit time of only 17 days, what I consider excellent, it seems that finally ended the tremendous backlog end of year. There is no information of intermediate steps, but the impression I have is that the package passed by the IRS before appearing as received in Brazil. The package was not taxed and has no stamp released, then I do not know if it went through Pinhais – Curitiba or not.

The package ShopTo is very discreet, brings no information content or declared value, is basically a cardboard box that involves Blu-ray. The packaging process is fully automated, I've seen a video of how it's done. The Blu-ray box came sealed and in perfect condition inside the package. My conclusion is that it is well worth the purchase ShopTo, prices are unbeatable compared to Brazil's, no Brazilian store or Free Market vendors who can overcome them.

Pacote da ShopTo, com rastreamento e não tributado

Packet ShopTo, with tracking and untaxed

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, ainda lacrado

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, still sealed

Parte traseira da caixinha do Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The back of the canister Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Manual e blu-ray do Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Manual and blu-ray do Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

I leave just a warning: games sold by ShopTo are the European versions (or even specific pro UK), thus in some cases (as the Heavy Rain) no dubbing / subtitles in Portuguese, and other (as the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010) you can only play online with people who also have the European version. Furthermore, remember that European games are PAL, while most Playstation 3 marketed in Brazil comes from the U.S. market and are NTSC. O Playstation 3 has no lock for regional games, you can play European games (region 2) no American consul (region 1) smooth. Only the color system may be a problem, who have the console connected to a HDTV by an HDMI cable probably will have no problem, since the HD resolutions (720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i) are equal worldwide. But who uses default (480p, 480i), normally associated with flat-tube cable or composite, may have problems. If you have a Playstation 3, one HDTV, but not using HDMI cable is losing much, and strongly recommend purchasing a HDMI out na DealExtreme.

I close here leaving some of this week's deals ShopTo, several for less than £ 10, which gives less than $ 28,00, check:

Until next time.

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Each day that passes I get more fan skooterblog, hauhauha… Not to mention that because of the blog and hooked on dealextreme FocalPrice, sa me and now appear that ShopTo… hauhauha

Congratulations blog, I'm waiting for more reviews and news.


Hey Fabrizio…

Thanks for the tip…

In June I'm going to New York and want to buy a PS3. Now I know where to buy the games…



Ótima say! After I read went straight to ShopTo and bought the FEAR 2. And congratulations for reviews. I wanted to take and make a suggestion. At the end of the review you could put a summary table with type information: price, delivery time, Product Evaluation, etc.


To the days surrounding the ShopTo to buy xbox games 360, single doubt that my eh trrava region, 've seen some lists out there and the q did the vast majority of known games are region free or run on xbox ntsc, but always get that.

prices compared bionic has a comand for less than 30 real, Tekken 6por 54 Actual delivered to your home, out other best account yet

very good materia



Friends, has anyone had the audacity to ask for some or accessory bundle, tipo guitar hero 5 dj hero with guitar or with accessory ?

I'm itching to buy the guitar hero 5 but I'm scared to be a very large packet…

Hug !


Sensational seu blog, congratulations ! 🙂

edson palms

congratulations to the site that I have followed for a long time, but this is my first post, is becoming a real super shopping guide.

'll go on record by own experience that the best site for buying games ps3 is already 25 games there and all arrived 100%

By coincidence purchased my first game there was uncharted tbm.

Each kit comes in a different package even when buying more than one game and is the only one in europe / usa sending with tracking number.

just a tip for those who receive their packages via Pinhais because with the new packaging (this cardboard) it is 90% guaranteed tax.

when it goes through there they are the only ones that are correctly registering the entry

joystick / EyePet and other massive package comes in a white that has passed without taxation.

obs: but even with further tax offsets.

take this opportunity to let more reliable in some stores already realized purchases (England)
hkofferhouse ( hong kong)
deepdiscount( USA )


earned very good. too bad I do not have card

Cassiano 1978

Very good blog!!
I'll talk a bit about ShopTo, I just bought my 15 jogo'para PS3, well worth it, he even, however have to be careful with taxation, bought a assassins creed 2 and was labeled, took over 10 days and had to pay $ 27,00 Besides that the game had paid £ 58,88.
The only thing is that, I am seeing in the mail that another game will be taxed, happened to someone? We know it's a big lottery, but I'm thinking of spending another card with another name to watch!!
I just read on the internet that ShopTo, has a great risk of being labeled!!


depends on your region many packets are passing through the checkpoint fiscal Pinhais, The most affected regions are south and inland of sao paulo , Brasilia, Belo Horizonte.

no point in changing the name, because this new package was endorsed by ShopTo be more flashy and standardized.
then the tax does not need to have a lot of work to identify the same.

but as has been said is a lottery.

rio de janeiro and sao paulo capital cities are eg percentage superbaixo taxation.

I myself only got taxed twice, anyway coz my package arrived in Curitiba before being shipped to Rio January


First of all congratulations on the blog and reviews…succinct and objective !! I'm from Curitiba and bought the ps3's 3 weeks…

Yesterday (19/06) I made my first purchase ShopTo and comments from all of you I am very calm with respect to the receipt. I bought Red Dead Redemption already with shipping by 41,35 pounds (fell 108 real). If he falls in revenue, taxing would 60% also ?



Galley, I read in a forum of UOL Games (June 2009) several people who had bought at that store credit card cloned.

It would be good to verify that you did not do anything wrong.

And aí? Be reliable?

Matheus Mendes

I finished the checar … I 2 Shopping on dates with interval 1 week ( My 6th and 7th at ShopTo ).. the first was a PS3EYE EyePet and the second was the bioshock.
I just saw on the website that bioshock was taxed, ta being forwarded PR pro and then give myself vain talk and pay the amount you owe…. the camera already arrived home today ( bought days 21/06 a room and give 27/06 o bioshock).

And tbm never had problems with card today.



Congratulations for blog, 'm QSE adiquirindo my PS3, almost there, but the doubt is….I have to buy a game at a time and wait at least a week to make another purchase? problem of not having to be taxed or can get three games at once?

Thank you, Hugs


skooter should be getting this week the new prince of persia special edition that're promoting ShopTo.

if you want I can send you to a review


Hello friends Skooter Blog, o blog é show, I would say indispensable, for anyone wishing to purchase games on foreign sites !!!
My question is as follows: I'm from the state of Alagoas, and would like to know the probability of being taxed in this region, and what the store with less flashy packaging to ficalização. From já, thank you all

john son

Friends …
ves is my first blog …
very good by the way …
efetuei two purchases on ebay … skate3 to “shopto” coming from england and PES in “rodywong” that sends direct hongkong .
both were sent on the same day … and to the same address …
ShopTo to the already arrived in my normal house without tariffs on …… and the other was sent to the parana … acho that vai be taxed …. that saks viu …
more okay ….
is good for us to learn ….
have to buy very cheap … se nao … can not compenssar !


Skooter como vai, I take a doubt efetuei a purchase on ShopTo a week but I received the order not located the tracking number to the email site search. Can you tell me where I find this number trace ShopTo, already searched the site but only shows me the order. Thank you!

Congratulations for Blog.


Thanks for the trouble, but I think during the purchase did not see this option, really (FIRST CLASS) was my 1 purchase and not take attention to this detail. Thank you.
And once again, Parabens!

Marcelo Verdão

Good afternoon staff
I wanting to buy the PS3 with move included on ShopTo more to fear
pq only saw people who buy game play and not have someone there who can give a know for certain that arrives . And how big the package and they can charge tribute

Fig no aguardo

And VCs blog ta Parabens!

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