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FocalPrice: 12 cases for storing AA or AAA

In 30 June 2009 I did the first review on a FocalPrice, the purchase was cases for storing AA and AAA, I find quite useful. Since then acquired several other batteries and needed more cases, so I decided to visit FocalPrice again, which has a price better than DealExtreme for this item. The price is $2,49 USD (U.S. dollars two) to 4 Cases, with progressive discounts for larger quantities, so I opted for logo 12 units (3×4) where the price drops to $2,24 USD for each 4 units. Then I used a coupon discounts obtained with my Focal Points and the price of 12 units down to $6,72 USD.

12 estojos para 4 pilhas AA ou AAA

12 estojos for 4 pilhas ou AA AAA

Purchase made in 22/02/2010, posted at 23/02 and got em 16/03. Total 21 calendar days, a good time. There is no tracking code for shopping with values ​​below $20 USD FocalPrice. The package was to big boy, but fine, sent for all 12 checkboxes next within it. It was not taxed. The description came as “Eletronicse o valor declarado era $12 USD, but has a rebooking made to the pen (to $10,30?). No stamp of IRS.

Pacote da FocalPrice com os 12 estojos, não tributado.

FocalPrice package with 12 Cases, untaxed.

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (13/05/2011): Link to the cases for storing AA or AAA batteries at FocalPrice.

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