ShopTo: EyePet (inclui camera PlayStation Eye & Magic Card)

Today I will talk about the EyePet, a game of Playstation 3 using a Camera Playstation Eye, accessory which is sold both separately and in conjunction with some games, which in turn also has its separate versions for those who already have the Playstation Eye. The EyePet is a game where you can interact with a virtual pet through their movements, captured by the Playstation Eye camera, de forma que o joystick Dualshock 3 almost not used (Only menus). The Magic Card has multiple functions, to hold it in the camera's field of view he can transform into various objects to interact with EyePet. Ultimately, is a kind of game with a different concept that is worth checking out. A video should explain how it works:

[YouTube width =”480″ height=”300″][/YouTube]

The EyePet was released only in Europe, still in the year 2009. In North America it is on pre-sale, but still no release date, should come out this fall (not sul é hemisphere spring). Therefore Sony Brazil also has the game, and it is very difficult to find in stores Brazilian. In the Free Market can find EyePet the version that came with the camera for around £ 200,00 a R$ 250,00. But what if I pay so dear buy directly at ShopTo without the middlemen of the Free Market? The current price is only £ 24,99 (pounds sterling), equivalent today to about U.S. $ 67,00. Add freight £ 3,50 and the game comes with the camera for less than £ 80,00 (no tax, the package was not taxed). This promotion is excellent ShopTo, for less than it costs for a game usually gives to take the game and the camera, that alone here in Brazil costs more than £ 130,00, Also on eBay. Who ever has the camera can just buy the game for £ 11,86, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 32,00.

A caixa do EyePet, que inclui o jogo e a câmera Playstation Eye

A box of EyePet, which includes the game and the Playstation Eye camera

I can not tell if the EyePet (as é PAL, region 2) provides output in 480i (for non-HD tube TVs), for he does not appear on lists scattered around, then only gives to state with certainty that it works on HDTVs (plasma, LCD, etc.), does whether or not Full-HD, because the game runs at 720p. As a Linguagem, it has support for many, including the Portuguese of Portugal. In games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves I do not question the Portuguese of Portugal, As said in the article in question, because I'm just that game (girlfriend does not like that style games), I understand and better English (I already know the slang) than the Portuguese of Portugal. But EyePet is the kind of game for the whole family, My girlfriend plays, my dog ​​plays with the virtual pet, etc. Thus the Portuguese of Portugal is very welcome, for video instructions with voice (and legends opcionais) are given all the time, teaching how to do the chores and everything else, so who has a child at home can let them play without having to teach all the time.

A câmera Playstation Eye, o manual de instruções e o jogo EyePet

A câmera Playstation Eye, the instruction manual and the game EyePet

The purchase on ShopTo was made in 03/04/2010, delivered to the post office in Brazil 07/03, appeared as conferred in Brazil em 15/03 and two days after (17/03) already out for delivery, proving definitively that it was only after having scanned past by the IRS, Brazilian and then mail in two days he was already in town. Between purchase and delivery were 14 calendar days (10 days), it would be good if it was always like this, within the first world, my Dingoo took just that to get my hands back in Canada. The package has not followed the pattern of ShopTo, nor could it be otherwise, after the box is much larger than that of a common set. So she came in a bubble envelope, and as in no other purchases declared value or description of contents, and this also occurred at another store where I bought in England, It seems that the Royal Mail or (Straps UK) does not issue the declaration of contents, required in international postings made in Brazil, Canada, U.S., China and probably many other. Although the package was not big boy taxed. The limited screening does not say which way he went, I do not know if the personal Pinhais was nice or if my packages are simply not going there. Here is the tracking information (not omit information receiver, they really do not appear):

Data Local Situation
18/03/2010 19:45 CSD (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
18/03/2010 10:23 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
17/03/2010 19:47 CSD (Removed) Recipient ausente
There will be a new delivery attempt.
17/03/2010 10:11 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
15/03/2010 10:24 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil
O pacote da ShopTo com o EyePet e a câmera Playstation Eye, com registro e não tributado

The package ShopTo with the Playstation Eye camera and EyePet, with registration and untaxed

I close here leaving a few more promotions this week in ShopTo, various games for less than £ 10, which gives less than $ 27,00, and several games downloaded since the last list, check:

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How do u know it was delivered to correios! I made a purchase looks and status:
17/03/2010 DISPATCHED
to buy foi not give 17, and was sent on the same day!
Thank you.

Hall Pedrosa Ferreira

Olá friend… I really liked your site… sometimes also buy on dealextreme, ShopTo and did not know nor FocalPrice… I am looking for an av cable for my iphone 3gs… OS found or original Só… I'll take a look at FocalPrice… VLW big hug! congratulations on site… has lots of good information…


Auction life! my ta dispatched as from the day 17! né patience?!?!

old snake

Olá Fabrício and friends. As has already been compravada the suitability of ShopTo, I'm seriously considering buying my ps3 (250gb version would come close to 650 real) no site. vcs feel safe? taxation may occur due to the size of the box? loss? q vcs I RECOMMEND? all abraço.


Fabricio, follow all blog posts… and now you started talking about PS3 games, I further stimulated. Always bought accessories at ShopTo, prices are exceptional. There are other stores that would like to also state (although I think in your searches you should have already seen). é to there are games all Americans (what ends up being a bit more expensive than in estarland), but still is another good option, they even have a page in Portuguese ( Keep it up with your blog, is very good

Ricardo Lopes

True Fabricio think Estarland only pays when buying a used and yet the price has to be very good, I have found that the best price was the same apart from what they say walking tarifando always Eestarland then there is no reason not to buy at ShopTo.
Fabricio Bom, as he said in another post was buying a PS3 and got on Sunday (a reasonable price, at least here, Brazilia) 1.199 12X in the U.S. Blockbuster Express. And yet won 10 leases Blu Ray. 🙂
Now I need to buy a game, just register at ShopTo me and I'm waiting for confirmation of registration… I'll buy Uncharted 2 also. The price of Pounds converted into U.S. dollars at asking price now stands at £ 29.85 + From £ 3.50 = £ 33.35 = front $50,258 dollars = R $ 90,264 real
He spent tens of U.S. dollars… Did you run the risk of being taxed? His was?
Thanks and big hug!

Ricardo Lopes

Ha finally someone to elucidate clearly and objectively the issue of taxes, once again thank Fabricio.
Then I ventured to buy the God of War 3 ou Final Fantasy XIII, I do not know yet… But use the link yes, pode deixar 😀
But worst of all is that Fabricio ShopTo seems not even want me to buy.
Already sent the email with account activation link, and already activated it all. But not login. You know it takes anyway to get log?


Good night.

Face, I really liked your blog, informative content is very same. I was researching purchases in China and abroad in general, and came across your blog, already added to Favorites and intend to attend it with frequency.

My question is as follows, you are taxed with frequency? From what I can gather you purchase a certain frequency from abroad?
Actually I wanted to know about the games, themselves are often taxed, or not. I plan on buying games Xbox360, e vi that nesse website(ShopTo) have a lot and for a very good price.

Thank you for your attention and congratulations on blog.

Isis Maat

Fabricio Olá

I never bought into international sites, but I'm looking to buy EyePet for this site you indicated. Just found something strange, When I'm not logged on the website is the price of the game 24,99, after logged changes to the price 31,99 and the rate of delivery 3,50 passes 4,50. Do you know if this is normal or pq happens?

Very good site, now met when looking for information on how to buy this game outside Brazil.


Isis Maat

Isis Maat

Fabricio Olá

Thank you for the clarification, neither had noticed the two currency options.



Hello… Só confirms pra mim.. O EyePet vendido no shopto, is in Portuguese?


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