April 04 2010

ShopTo: Help with buying our Skooter Blog links

Hello everybody,

I was happy with the positive feedback we have received after Skooter apresentei to ShopTo or Blog. People who did not know the site made their first purchases, and people who already knew the site but had never bought decided to buy after the positive experience reports.

At the end of each article on ShopTo put links of the best deals of the moment and games for Playstation 3. Whoever enters through these links will not only directly to the game page in question in ShopTo, but also returns to Skooter Blog for the tip, because when our links are used can get discounts on future purchases.

The problem is that you can not include every game here, and I also know that many people click on a game, but end up buying another, or returning the store later directly using the website address, and so Skooter Blog gets nothing. So I would like to place an order: if you knew ShopTo by Skooter Blog, if you like the Skooter Blog and want to give your support, when making a purchase in ShopTo Use our links.

If the game in question is not on the lists, or even a set of other systems than Playstation 3, como X-Box 360, Wii, PC, etc. Just leave a comment on this article Skooter Blog and as quickly as possible will respond to you with the link Skooter Blog for the game in question. Then you can click the link, and a day ShopTo and make your purchase. The price you will pay is exactly the same, não há nenhum acréscimo, but you will have helped the Skooter Blog to get discounts and so do more reviews, pay the hosting costs, domain, etc.

This also applies to pre-orders, remembering that it is interesting to do some pre-shopping because ShopTo ensures that even if the price increase until the release, you will pay the price on the day of booking. In many cases they send the game even a few days before launch, and your credit card is not charged until sending is done.

So I close here, just leave the name of the game you want and the system as a comment in this article that answer with links and current prices. I count on the cooperation of all, especially those who knew the ShopTo aqui no Skooter Blog, lembrem-se de nós antes de fazerem suas compras 🙂

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