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Continuing the articles on cheap Playstation games 3 Direct from England with ShopTo, speak today about the Fifa 10, that virtually no introduction. FIFA series is among us since the early 90, still in the Super Nintendo. I played all of FIFA 96 to 2004 no PC, time when the series was unquestionably the best football games, since competitors can even be fun (include here the Super Sidekick series), but they were far from being a good football simulation.

But as EA Sports walked giving a tripped and Konami went on to win the football fans with the Pro Evolution Soccer series (Winning Eleven in Japan), and these were preferred in recent years. Until EA Sports has managed to overcome, at least in video games, because the PC Fifa was despised by EA and is long overdue. In a dispute with Fifa 10 X PES 2010 both competitors did a good job and the choice between them ends up being more by personal taste. But Fifa 10 seems to have gained in several reviews and the opinion of many players, not both Playstation 3 as for other systems.

Fifa 10 para PS3

Fifa 10 PS3

My opinion is that both are fun, but the closest simulation of real football really is the Fifa 10. Add to pros the fact that I can play with my São Paulo Futebol Clube with its two official uniforms, all players with their real names and updated, and could hear the singing of the tricolor fans during games. The PES 2010 gave much attention to European clubs, but almost none to Brazilian clubs were represented exclusively by Internacional de Porto Alegre. Of course, not everything is perfect in Fifa 10, not all Brazilian teams have their real names, Corinthians eg, is called “C. Sao Paulo” and not have their official uniforms, but twisted the corner (“Here's a bunch of crazy”) is there. Other graduates are: Palmeiras, Flemish, Cruise, Botafogo, Coritiba, Atlético-MG and Atlético-PR. Santos and Barueri were with original names because they are the names of their cities. The rest were with names like Goiania (Goiás), Savior (Victory), G. Porto Alegre (Guild), I. Porto Alegre (Inter), F. Rio de Janeiro (Fluminense), S. André (St. Andrew), A. Florianópolis (Avai), N. Reef (Nautical) and S. Reef (Sport).

Parte traseira da capa do Fifa 10

FIFA back cover 10

The menus is that the Fifa 10 Pisa was the, are less intuitive than those of PES 2010, one thing that sucks is that often when trying to play online connection is not realized, but the game takes a long time to realize and then just going back to the main menu and requires multiple selections again. I played a few times online, but did not have major problems with lag, only minor crashes of hundredths of seconds on some occasions. There is an option to receive statistics for each online game by email, which I thought was pretty cool.

I'm currently playing the way you can create a player and play his career. I created one with my name and my characteristics, added my face in it through EA Game Face, a very cool feature that allows you to use a photo of your face (or two, with a front and profile) to generate a 3D model that you can import into the Fifa 10 and other EA games. You can play controlling only their professional, but find it kind of boring, then I choose to play by controlling the whole team, but with the statistics and measures for professional, having your goals, learn new techniques, etc. He started as a reserve of São Paulo, I played a few games, but I know he must go to the starting lineup to play well, may receive offers from other teams, etc. It is a very interesting game mode.

Manual e Blu-ray do Fifa 10

Manual e Blu-ray do Fifa 10

There is narration in Portuguese, but is the Portuguese of Portugal, unfortunately there is no option Brazilian Portuguese this year, even to download, and EA Sports has already warned that there will be. The version of Fifa 10 sold by ShopTo includes all languages, including the Portuguese of Portugal, the only exception is the Mexican Spanish, which can be purchased by the PSN Store.

As a buy, was made in 27/02/2010 (Saturday), posted in 01/03 (second), delivered in Brazil 05/03. Appeared in the tracking 13/03 (Saturday) and left for delivery in 17/03 (fourth). It was once again clear that only appeared as received in Brazil after passing by the IRS, it was delivered only 3 working days after appearing. Check the trace below:

Data Local Situation
18/03/2010 17:49 CSD (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
18/03/2010 11:15 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
17/03/2010 18:59 CSD (Removed) Recipient ausente
There will be a new delivery attempt.
17/03/2010 11:12 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
13/03/2010 09:43 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

The package is the same discreet package ShopTo unnamed store, sem declared value, uninsured product, what I think great, a pity that only the Royal Mail allows it apparently. And the package was not taxed, nor has stamp of IRS. Arrived at a total of only 16 calendar days (12 days), a great time.

Pacote da ShopTo com o Fifa 10 do PS3

ShopTo package with FIFA 10 do PS3

Want to buy your Fifa 10 in ShopTo also? So enjoy, just choose your system:

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Whether any game not listed here? Leave your comment will reply with the fastest link possible. Buying through our links you enjoy the excellent prices ShopTo and even helps the Skooter Blog to continue in the air.

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PS3 fan

Hello! Good afternoon!
My ps3 is connected in an American regular tv, It's not HD. I recently read the article on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, in acknowledging that it was a PAL games that worked well on any tv. European games can be played on American ps3 without prejudice of the image? What other games are those?


could someone let me know if the items of also sends consoles and/or accessories for Brazil?


You know tell me if this compatibility list you posted goes for the Xbox360 also?
I'm afraid to buy a game on and he didn't run on the items of my Xbox360 American.

There items of Web site when you click on the product, appears the region as “UK” for most games, and some pops up “UK” and “PAL”.
Do you have the region as UK are compatible? The PAL I presume are not.

I'm wanting to get the Final Fantasy XIII, and items of this cheaper than in eastarland and play-asia. I'm only in doubt on the question of compatibility.


allan rodrigo

When we carry out the purchase, the shipping is calculated automatically, or should we include more 3,50 pounds?
I noticed that the first two purchases should come in the credit card address…

allan rodrigo

When 1 produtu this described as ´ ´ ON SALE ´ ´ but does not have instock ´ ´ ´ ´ if I buy I will receive? I don't quite understand that divão of categories….
InStock/OnSale SellTo/2for10/2for20//2for25.
Can you explain better? some option I should not buy?
Any item I should buy for very large size for shipping?(freight value changes in accessories?)
I've seen saying we shouldn't buy video game, but those batteries/guitaras/Djhero? This is bigger than the video game…
PSP/DS can buy that comes?
Sorry for the huge text, but I have many doubts…
Who buys it could leave aki the registration email it to us even we write each other and win 1 Libra who we indicate purchase…


Fabricio, congratulations for your patience to help everyone and also for his contributions to the reviews, your blog is great to read and has a great content, keep it up.


Hey Buddy I have a xbox and I need to buy the European nhl game pal as façompra to buy the items of?

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