Exact Audio Copy closes the dialog file

Another article in the series of problems and solutions. This happens with the Exact Audio Copy, both in its latest version 99 Preben 5, as in previous. The problem comes when trying to access any file dialog, in other words, happens whenever we try to choose the file / directory to be recorded, or MP3 encoder that will be used.

After search on Google for a solution I found an article in Ceekers boarder line and a thread in the forum Digital-in to the cause of the problem. And this is because Adobe Drive, Included in the package Adobe CS4 Master Collection and possibly other Adobe CS4 packages on your version. The solution is to remove the Adobe Drive, which should be no problem to the vast majority of people do not know what it is for. In boardline Ceekers Article is suggested a manual removal because of a dependency with Adobe Photoshop CS4 that preclude removal. But at the facility concerned I could just remove Adobe Drive and own installation tool / uninstall Adobe, without having to mess around with any other software package, including Adobe Photoshop in both of its versions 32 and 64 bits.

Thus the issue is resolved and the Exact Audio Copy returned to work perfectly. I hope that the tip can be useful.

Update (15/03/2011):

I noticed that this solution did not work in Adobe Master Collection CS4, because you can not remove the Adobe Drive this release. The solution was unregister two DLLs with the following commands:

regsvr32 /u “%CommonProgramFiles%AdobeAdobe Drive CS4AdobeDriveCS4_NP.dll
regsvr32 /u “%CommonProgramFiles%AdobeAdobe Drive CS4ADFSMenu.dll

Then, I was in the directory in question, que no meu caso é “C:\Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeAdobe Drive CS4” e renomei as duas DLLs (AdobeDriveCS4_NP.dll e ADFSMenu.dll). Thus, the problem of Exact Audio Copy was resolved.

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