ShopTo: Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition

Continuing the articles on cheap Playstation games 3 Direct from England with ShopTo, speak today about the Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition. Batman Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of the year 2009, and so earned this special edition that features six new maps and TriOviz 3D technology, both na versão de Playstation 3 As na de X-Box 360. Both versions are attached two pairs of 3D eyeglasses (I would say a pair of 3D glasses, but for some reason I know not a single glasses is already a pair of glasses in Portuguese).

I tried the Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition in Brazil to make the traditional comparison, but not found in any store, probably because the US version will only be launched on 11 May. A traditional version (without 3D and without the new maps) is costing £ 199 Submarine no. In ShopTo the traditional version is exhausted and the new Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition now costs £ 26,85, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 73,00, as always less than half the price in Brazil. In the free market could find a game version of the year, but prices around £ 150,00, double what the ShopTo is charging, and much more expensive freight even via CAP, as freight from ShopTo is to always, only £ 3,50.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - ainda lacrado

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - still sealed

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - a bela capa com efeito 3D

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - the beautiful cover with 3D effect

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - parte traseira da capa 3D

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - 3D back cover

The six extra maps are not exactly new, they were already available for download for those who bought the traditional version, then the novelty here is just the 3D technology TriOviz. Who do not question it can also opt for the interesting edition collectors, accompanying a Batarang (the Batman boomerang), a notebook of 48 Physician pages of Arkham Asylum, DVD “behind the scenes”, among others. The Batman Arkham Asylum – Collector’s Edition is also on sale at ShopTo for £ 32,85, equivalent of less than R $ 90,00. In the Submarine collector's edition price is “only” R$ 499,00. Remember that the next elections, for guilt you know who is.

TV de brinquedo

Toy TV

But back to version Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition, beyond the box and the traditional cover all game Playstation 3, it comes with an extra layer of cardboard surrounding the box, this case has a very cool 3D effect, which can be viewed without special glasses. Unfortunately you can not show the effect here, because you can not capture it in a photo. The secret is a plastic layer with fine grooves which provide a different image depending on the viewing angle, and so each eye sees a different image, allowing the three-dimensional effect. This effect is not exactly a novelty, since in my childhood there were some toy TVs with a small handle that moved one “movie” made of paper behind the screen that was made with this plastic with fine grooves, thus providing a primitive animation. Beside you the photo of the toy, removing a ad on eBay

Below the 3D cardboard box has the traditional box, have in the manual and the two pairs of 3D glasses made of cardboard. Unlike traditional red and blue glasses with lenses, the technology TriOviz uses magenta and green colors, which is part of the technology that they claim not to have loss in colors, unlike traditional 3D with red and blue glasses. Unfortunately in practice it is not so, yes there is loss of color when using the 3D glasses, and worse than that, the effect is quite disappointing. Rarely get to see something, and when I saw was something far short of the technology of liquid crystal glasses, technology that was already used in the Master System at least 20 years ago and consists of a glasses that darken each lens alternately at a frequency of 60Hz (so we do not realize blink), while displaying different images to both eyes, getting a decent 3D effect, seen effortlessly, with the disadvantage that darken the image a bit, since in practice is 50% light within. Moreover, some current advanced technologies are similar, with the advantage of using 120Hz TVs and monitors that allow for a more comfortable viewing. But back to TriOviz technology in this Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition, it can be even worse than a Master System game played on emulator with 3D glasses lenses blue / red. Perhaps this is due to the effect become more evident in games with simple graphics and 2D Master System than in Batman already has complex graphics and 3D. But in brief, I did not like 3D, the effect of cover is much cooler than the game. Fortunately you can turn off the 3D effect and play as in the traditional version, and that's exactly what I did after 15 minutes with the 3D glasses. Moreover, 15 minutes with these glasses have cause me a little sick strange, do not intend to re-use them anytime soon. Those who follow the news on the Playstation know that just came out a firmware update to support three-dimensional games and movies, for TVs with 3D technology that begin to appear. Fortunately such technology is more decent and has nothing to do with 3D TriOviz. Perhaps the Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition has been a test to measure people's interest for 3D games, first using an inexpensive technology that works on any TV (High Definition, LCD, Plasma, tube, what ever, works on all) and then try to convince them to buy a 120Hz TV that supports the latest technologies. Attention: do not confuse the cardboard glasses with red lenses / blue or magenta / green with cardboard glasses with polarized lenses cinemas, which is a totally different technology which depends on the projection with two projectors with polarizing lenses, and has no way be obtained in televisions.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - a caixinha tradicional sob a capa 3D

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - the traditional box in the 3D case

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - parte traseira da caixinha tradicional

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - back of the traditional box

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - o manual, os dois pares de óculos 3D e o disco Blu-ray

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition - the manual, the two pairs of 3D glasses and Blu-ray Disc

But 3D effect bad apart, just turn it off and the Batman: Arkham Asylum it is still the big game that was already in the traditional publishing. With the price of the special edition being practically the same as the traditional cost (in ShopTo, é clear) before exhausting, those who have not had the traditional compensates soon buy the edition Game of the Year and well played, by extra maps without download and also by its cover with beautiful 3D effect. The game received note 9,3 of IGN and 9,0 from the Gamespot, excellent grades. And as the review of Gamespot, you either need to be Batman fan to enjoy this action game in the third person. I am not as Batman fan, never had the slightest interest in comics (always preferred Disney and Monica's Gang that superhero), But like the TV series of the 60. The films found all more or less bad, with the exception of the last two (Batman Begins and Batman: The Dark Knight) they are excellent.

The pre-purchase was made in 31/03/2010, the game was recently released and sold out in the first days, I decided then to pre-order to get the next batch, only 2 days later (02/04) the game was sent. Appeared as received in Brazil 14/04 (Wednesday), and on day 17/04 (Saturday) delivered. And once again, it seems that the package passed by the IRS before appearing as received in Brazil. Total time in transit 15 days (only 10 days), and once again was not taxed, nor has stamp of IRS.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition no pacote da ShopTo

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of The Year Edition no pacote da ShopTo

Data Local Situation
17/04/2010 12:57 CSD (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
17/04/2010 10:37 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
14/04/2010 09:47 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

And I'm ending here, enjoy some other promotions in the week ShopTo:

Whether any game not listed here? Leave your comment will reply with the fastest link possible. Buying through our links you enjoy the excellent prices ShopTo and even helps the Skooter Blog to continue in the air.

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allan rodrigo

has audio in Portuguese? Pt-Pt

allan rodrigo

You have trouble buying in consecutive days?
type the last 20hrs bought EyePet and today 24 hours after fexei Batman…
some of zica will?

Ricardo Lopes

Great Fabricio my guru import. hahaha Wow thank you even for your help everyone here is in the tutorials, is after receiving the product and how not, helpful here in questions. It has a time but do not comment on the problem last post I had with the password actually had to ask really to send a new password. Is a tip pro personnel by the looks of this problem occurs in the register. The regret one thing only Fabricio, when I finally placing the madness in completing the purchase made the request for my Uncharted 2 without the link skooterblog… A pity, right after you said in a post about. As for Batman, very good, I will ask this GOTY this weekend even (and this time with skooterblog the link properly saved). I wonder Fabricio, if not too much disturbance, the next: I am looking to buy Super Street Fighter IV there in ShopTo, still in pre-sales, this can only be purchased directly on the credit card? Because if so, I think I'll wait to end because I've heard many card cloning reports on ShopTo when passed directly on the site, You heard about? It… Read more "

allan rodrigo

Look at that strange day 22-04 I registered with card , it was tested, efeituei buying, purchase posted on royal mail.
Day 23-04 to buy again (I'm sinking) I noticed that the cardholder name was another… to waiting to see whether it will be approved or if I have to do re-registration card.
The question is has my name =, international card = my father's name 1 day everything ok.
2º = my name card…. change was made alone (card name happened to be the account holder's name in shopto…
If the friend quizer take pictures of the whole process to tb blog post…


I tried to buy the shopto, but my mastercard requires tecnogia 3d check, q has in Brazil, and my aims, H at the time of completion after asking all possible security numbers and codes, the communication error, I tried to contact them, but they were a little sketchy, then just stayed with the desire to buy, if anyone has had this problem and managed to solve, please me ajude.obrigado


Please put the partnership link with shopto pro Assassin's Creed 2 PS3, what's on sale this week. Thank you.


Hello ! I'm enjoying this very site and their tips.
In ShopTo prices are as competitive as the and ?
I would link to the FF XIII and Forza
Thank you !



I forgot to mention that the games would be for X360

Forza 3 and the Final Fastasy XIII

Taking advantage of the post, I ask you:

You have a problem as the game region ?
Games sold in the region has ShopTo UK they are compatible with American consoles ?

Thanks again and congratulations on Blog.

allan rodrigo

I wonder if anyone knows

If someone already bought it, to make delivery in Brazil, and especially if it is as described in most products FREE DELIVERY.
Following the Blog already bought 2 PS3 games on ShopTo, however I would have more options, especially if they come out more will be cheaper….
I would buy NEED FOR SPEED – SHIFT and shopto this costing about £ 22. I on this costing £ 18 with free shipping. It has many games coming out 1, 2 pounds more but will have free shipping, so it is still cheaper than in ShopTo.

If someone already bought or know of someone who bought notify us, if u Skooter who has more experience it is to buy notify us please, up cuz this site there are many products that do not have to do with games…


olá.descobri this site while I was looking for a place to buy an Xbox 360 with a better price, for here in our country prices are criminals and we blame even after all….that's what's the worst…but okay.
I found this site and saw that is also how to buy original games at half price.
one thing I liked this site, in the shopping section made, It is that it is done as a narration of experiences(practically 100% successful so I could look in the field).in other words, as a step passo.gostei sure I will read other subjects that interested me as a movie, Computing, games.
I was wondering if this ShopTo is safe to buy an island, as it is safe to buy jogos.ou has problems?
also I wanted to know where you bought their consoles('cause if it was not in ShopTo it must have been in a good location too).
p.s.:I tried to sign up to be a “registered commenter” but not getting to.


Surely buy in the United States is really well advantageous to buy the console but unfortunately do not have that opção.Você know where I could buy at a more affordable price?in the free market which is already cheaper it is around R $ 1.000,00.você know any website or other way to achieve a console for a more affordable price?and is that portable consoles is to be purchased for this site, since it is far less?
About error, here it appears that my password WordPress is wrong and I can log into the WordPress site.


I imagined getting disguise the product enter the package in Brazil would be quiet and the product would not tributado.é why I cheer for the initiatives to create sites to bring people together and see if caem.acho tax rates only me left to go get someone in the United States or buy on the free market that has the best prices I found.
About login I'm not finding the place to cadastar.abre a box to enter name and password but nothing to register.

allan rodrigo

Fabricio or Skooter, I saw the site I posted? I wonder if it is possible to bring products of this site…
Only pra record, for those who have not used the ShotTo, I bought Batman and EyePet, both came without charging and 14 calendar days…SP/Capital.

allan rodrigo

Ok, Thanks again.


Very obribado the answers, Skooter.
I will sign up and follow the site because I found interesting.

allan rodrigo

Pow Brother u will not buy any more? we look forward to new accounts of their purchases abroad. I already bought 2 (Batman e EyePet) and I think I made a KGA….., I bought more 2 (Drangon Age e Dirt) the problem was that I bought on the same day, both were posted on the following morning together, to now with (the) in hand to be billed… that will be the problem pacates two at once?
I'll wait right, station soon reached with tariafa or not…

PS. Buy two games in the same basket does not diminish the freight! Freight is charged separately for each game…
and there Is a tip (Unchanterd 2 – Platinum)

allan rodrigo

Sorry about the new Post, but just to guide those who have a doubt I've ever had. Here are the differences between the various versions of games released for Playstation 3 G.O.T.Y: – original game with extra content free (PSN content or disk). – Box has transparent color. – It comes in a gray cover with the name Game of the Year Edition. – This version is released games that have sold much in the world. – Play does not have price reduction. Greatest Hits: – The disc is the same version of the original game, but the cover is different – Box has red (to normal transparent inves). – There is a red stripe on the cover with the name Greatest Hits. – This version is released games that have sold a lot in the US. – The price is lower than the normal versions. Platinum: – The disc is the same version of the original game, but the cover is different – Box has silver color (to normal transparent inves). – There is a yellow band on the cover with the name Platinum. – This version is released games that have sold a lot in Europe. – The price is lower than in versions… Read more "

allan rodrigo

Ahuahuaha , They will not taxed nothing! Year Cup, tax are more concerned with goose and neymar ahuahauha.
Se der poste o link com Lithe Big Planet (special edition), if you have good price I sell my (standard edition) and bring each other to me.

allan rodrigo

aEW Sr. Skooter, not wanting to be boring, but already, I'm with a doubt in two other selling sites.
I wonder if they deliver in Brazil (even with higher freight)

It's this one

My other doubt is pq has two values…

We buy Preowned? It has cheapest game in shop-to… an example I've seen is the White Knight Chronicles (PS3), I almost bought in but was ShopTo 36 pounds and this site is 23 pounds…
Thanks and aew disculpa for being boring dinovu.

allan rodrigo

So Preowned mean that is used!?

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