DealExtreme: AAA 750mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, 1.2In, preloaded, GS Yuasa Enitime (package 4)

Today I do a review on another package 4 AAA 750mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries, 1.2In, preloaded, GS Yuasa Enitime (Gsyuasa Enitime Pre-Charged 750mAh 1.2V Rechargeable NiMH AAA Batteries (4-Pack)) acquired on DealExtreme. Already the fifth package, being the first review the and the three others are available at Skooter Blog, and so I will not repeat the information already contained in them. This is the first package of AAA batteries since GS Yuasa changed the packaging. There was suspicion that could be false because of different packaging, but my conclusion is that they are genuine.

Despite the different packaging, cells remain unchanged, to good finish and everything else, This can be seen in pictures of the first review. The batteries come with load cells as expected from low self-discharge (low self-discharge, LSD), Initial voltages, com or measures La Crosse Technology BC-9009, were 1.24 V, 1,25In, 1,24V and 1.23 V for each of the cells, respectively. After u and u download full load was measured in download capacity, resulting in 790mAh, 751mAh, 793e mAh 789mAh, respectively, in other words, all above the minimum rated capacity of 750mAh, and below the nominal capacity typical of 800mAh.

Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh na nova embalagem

Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA 750mAh NiMH LSD to nova embalagem

Verso da nova embalagem das Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh

Verse of the new packaging GS Yuasa Battery 750mAh AAA NiMH LSD

Voltagem das Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh no carregador La Crosse BC-9009, assim que retiradas do pacote

GS Yuasa Battery Voltage AAA NiMH 750mAh LSD charger La Crosse BC-9009, once removed from the package

Capacidade das Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh medida na descarga no carregador La Crosse BC-9009

Ability of Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh extent download the porter La Crosse BC-9009

Based on the test results and physical analysis conclude that the batteries are genuine, one of them has been designed to clock / thermometer / hygrometer Also acquired in DealExtreme, and whose original battery (zinc carbono comum) is esgotou. The characteristic of low self-discharge is ideal Ness case, because the power consumption of clock / thermometer / hygrometer is very low and certainly common rechargeable batteries lose much more energy for self-discharge than feeding device. Of course I could put another pile more common and last one or two years, perhaps even more, but the price of this pack is rechargeable NiMH as low ($ 8,39 U.S. dollars two, equivalent of less than R $ 15,00) that would to just buy one pack of Duracell or Rayovac alkaline, in other words, with two or three refills these NiMH they are already having a better cost-benefit.

As a buy, was made in 22/02/2010, posted at 01/03 and got em 23/03. Packages without tracking, declared value of $45 Hong Kong dollars (R$ 10,11), Content and declared “BATTERIES”. It was not taxed.

Pacote da DealExtreme com as Pilhas GS Yuasa AAA NiMH LSD 750mAh

DealExtreme package with GS Yuasa Batteries AAA 750mAh NiMH LSD

And I'm ending here. Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Face. They are very good your revies. Tb am a frequent buyer from Deal Extreme.
Give me a hint. I have also asked this AAA battery kit and already have a charger for Sony AA / AAA. You feel good to use these batteries in charger or buy another recommends? Is sim, may indicate that the DX case perfectly with these batteries?

Vlw and congratulations for the work.


Good morning. I love reading your reviews, are quite complete and contains information relevant to the decision to purchase the products. Congratulations and thank you for providing this public utility. No doubt the view buyers is information to be reliable but in relief at the time of purchase decision; if you did not like a product you complain and ready. I went to buy the DX after knowing your blog and others and see that it is an honest trade and quality, This has given me great pleasure and opportunity to buy products that do not have conditions to acquire traditional market. I just have one question: You as the buyer longtime, never had major problems with the Internal Revenue, in other words: If a product is taxed, alright, you paid the tax and're resolved. But, there is no possibility of revenue to keep a record of everything that is imported to your name and address and then want to charge tax on everything that was imported, packages including individual whose values ​​do not reach the value for taxation, or even have to provide clarification to the recipe in order to… Read more "

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