DealExtreme: Another package 10 Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd

In April last year I had asked for a Bundled with 10 Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd (Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd 10-pack) in DealExtreme. These chaveirinhos were successful and have been very useful, I put one in every set of keys and distributes some. I decided to ask one more packet of ten, this for my mother who also wanted a keychain LED to a friend. I will not speak again would be redundant because of the designs and just repeat the previous review, so I recommend reading that article.

The new application was made in 22/02/2010, sent em 24/02/2010 and got em 05/04/2010. The package was slower this year, with 40 calendar days. The package has no record (rastreamento number) by trying to purchase is valued at less than $15 USD (U.S. dollars two) and was not taxed. The description of the package DealExtreme is placed “LED KEYCHAINS” and the declared value was $29 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 6,60, close to the actual price of the product, that cost $ 4,47 USD, equivalent to approximately R $ 7,90. How are 10 keychains cost of each is only $ 0,79 (frete included), impossible amount of taxes in Brazil.

Pacote da DealExtreme com os 10 chaveiros LED

Packet with DealExtreme 10 chaveiros LED

Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Very good these chaveirinhos! Already bought a pack of ten and have to buy the second, because they were all installed in keychains or distributed to friends.
One I dismounted, to use the “spare parts”, especially the batteries in other devices.


tell me one thing you bought on dealextreme , you paid a fee, tax away the appliance or product alfandega these things or just the product and how long to arrive?

I await your response grateful

José Antonio

Galera'm in doubt, it fill the shipping address ex:Rua Airton Sena, New Harmony Garden, São Paulo / SP, pocket: 08342000
Otherwise as put?

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