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Many people have suggested writing an article about shopping in Canada for those who will be traveling or living there for a while. After much time procrastinating I decided to write to give some tips. This article will probably be the first in a series on Canada, discuss where the main differences and curiosities. I begin with this article about shopping in online stores in Canada.

If your trip is short, you probably will not buy the Internet, then be restricted to local trade. So look for stores like Best Buy, London Drugs, The Source, among others that have a good variety of products available in stores, in many showcase to be tested. Also be sure to take a look at Sony Style and The Apple Store.

The Source, se você vai ficar pouco tempo, não deixe de passar por uma delas

The Source, if you will get little time, be sure to stop by one

But if your trip is longer, in other words, if you will stay long enough in an address to buy things over the Internet and receive, then the first thing you should know is that your international credit card issued in Brazil not served at online stores, with rare exceptions that are the stores that send to Brazil. This is to prevent fraud, because the stores have no way to verify if the card is even valid since it was not issued in Canada. If you have no account at a Canadian bank you can hardly credit card, then the solution is to opt for a prepaid card, options are gift cards that are very interesting, an option that is created to give as gift, which in practice is a fully functional Visa card that you can buy for yourself and use both in local stores and online. I opted for a Visa Gift Card do Royal Bank of Canada. Just go to a bank branch, where there will probably queue, as banks in Canada do not usually have queues, quite different from Brazil. You choose the desired card, pay for ele (something like C $ 4 – Canadians U.S. dollars – I do not remember exactly) and choose how much you want to put credit (from C $ 25 to C $ 500). I recommend putting a high value because it is not possible to reload. Parenthetically, I opted here for calling Canadian dollars of C $ because that is what the Government of Canada recommends itself, but there are several other common names (CND $, CAD$, CA $, etc.). There is also sold these cards in supermarkets and convenience stores, where the procedure is basically the same.

Once the card in hand, you must enter the site indicated overleaf ( in the case of the bankcard RBC) where you must register your details. This step is essential for online shopping, because you need to provide a billing address (many stores that require it to be the same delivery address) and they will check this data with the data from your card, which are precisely the data you will put this site. If you do not do this register is restricted to shopping in local stores. Please note that your card will not come out with his name written, will there be a generic name, in my case is “VANCOUVER 2010 FAN” I opted for the card because of the Olympics in Vancouver, but when making purchases on the site and request for data on the card is the name you put on the registration site you must provide, and not the name that is actually printed on the card. The validity and security code are all there as a common card. It is worth remembering that the billing address you will need to register to be the address where you will receive your stuff, in other words, Canadian address.

Done all steps of registration, you're ready to use your Visa Gift Card not only in coffee cake from Starbucks, As with any online store in Canada, like a normal credit card issued in Canada. The only exception is that you can not use it to pay for services that make recurring debits. I tried to put credit on prepaid cell and did not work (talk about mobile phones in Canada in another article). Note that unlike Brazil where the price you see on the site now includes all the numerous taxes that make it cost triple what should, in Canada the price you see usually do not include taxes, that will depend on the province where you are. For example, in the province of Alberta the only tax is the GST (goods and services taxes) as é 5%. In other provinces you also get the PST (Provincial Sales Taxes) aliquot depends cuja da província. Finally, in some other provinces the GST and PST are combined into a single tax called HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). In short, the price you see on the website will be increased such taxes when you make checkout (end to own). Obviously there will be freight, except in cases of free shipping.

Online stores that are bought and recommend:

Other famous shops that have not bought, but they are also quite you recommend:

Freight available depend on each store, and include Canada Post (Canadian mail) and various courier services (Fedex, DHL, Purolator, UPS, etc.). The NCIX has a grade range of freight to customer choice, including an express freight that next day delivery is inexpensive and (only C $ 10,00 in various products). The NewEgg and send U.S., but there is no risk of taxation because they already collect the Canadian tax (GST/PST/HST, as explained above). Amazon Canada unfortunately does not have the same variety of products Store U.S., but it is also a good option.

If the product you want can not be found in stores Canadians there are also some U.S. stores that ship to Canada besides NewEgg and I have already quoted, but few. A is one, but unfortunately it does not send products to Brazil it also does not send to Canada. Note that some of the shops that ship to Canada does not collect the taxes Canadians, and in this case there is a small chance of the package being taxed. In this case the value will normally only taxes the province corresponding (very little compared to the abusive 60% that charge in Brazil). Beware, however, to always choose the shipping via USPS (U.S. mail) in those cases, because if there is tax you pay only the tax rate and a small (I do not remember exactly how much, but is less than C $ 10,00) Canada Post to collect the service tax. If you opt for a courier service they will collect the tax for you without you asking, but delivery will want to charge a high value by having it done this “favor” (note that this also applies to imports by courier in Brazil). Ah, the tip also applies to purchases from other countries, como Hong Kong.

In return to Brazil, remember that unless you have been more than a year in Canada (or any other country), you will have a limit 500 U.S. dollars of which can trace, Anything beyond this is the need to pay a tax 50% the value of the product. The inspection, to tolerance, how is the sampling of people supervised, etc. varies from airport to airport, I will not go into these details. The only tip I give is that you keep the invoices for the case to be inspected, especially if you got a good promotion, because in the absence of the tax invoice will research the value of sites and shops there may arbitrate a value greater. Another tip is to ask if separate invoices buy products with accessories. For example, if you bought a camera, a spare battery, a memory card and a pouch, Cole um invoice only for the machine and one for the other, and so in the event that you probably pay taxes will pay only for the value of the machine.

And I'm ending here, I hope to make other articles talking about shopping in supermarkets (despite being simple, there are several useful tips), differences in transit, security (in Brazil there, lá are), food, climate, housing, costumes, etc. They come out as I am taking time, there…

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Very nice article on this Internet Shopping in Canada. I'm planning to spend some time in Canada and I'm sure are useful information. I await the next.


Really these shopping tips are excellent in Canada!
I will spend the month of July there, Interest will be much these tips…

Congratulations blog, I'm waiting for more tips…


Hello friend, it's not worth it to buy and bring to Brazil right here, was seeing prices and I was tempted to buy, but unfortunately will not go to Canada, would be cool if send forth,

Abraços 😀


Oiiii,'d like a hint his,My husband will be 15 days,and could not fail to ask for gifts .. as I am use too much makeup makeup artist,but here in Brazil buy many things from people who will be buying it out that I can better account there???


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Elias Angelo

Good Day, skooter you have knowledge to inform stores that refer to Brazil that sell musical instruments like guitar and guitars?

Now appreciate the tips


Good Afternoon,

My brother is living in a university in Canada. I want to make a request from the U.S. to deliver amazom in college where he is, but I'm afraid at the time of delivery charge tax (as has happened to me here in Brazil). As an employee of the college who receive, and not my brother, I'm afraid of losing the product. You know if it is possible that some tax is charged on product delivery? Thanks for your help.



Skooter, I have no experience with buying outside Brazil, then I'll ask if the procedure is the one I am thinking. I purchase on amazon, they ship to Canada and send me a code to track your order. My brother goes to Canada Post, pays the tax cut and the product. To certa?

Thanks again


Hello, see if you can help me with these questions…
My uncle ended up traveling to Canada and will be there each 20 days. Would you buy a Ps3 for me at Walmart. How he will bring things for him and the children stay with the following questions:
If it is taxed at airport, taxes are levied only on goods that exceed the $500 U.S. dollar?
If he send me via mail, which the maximum tax will I pay, 60% the value of Nf (the price of the product on the store site is $230 U.S. dollar)?
Thank you

Rachel Lora

Please , estou querendo comprar no ebay um produto que esta nos EUA e enviar para o canada paa um amigo trazer pra mim p Brasil .. O imposto que poderA ser cobrado la no Canada é em torno de apenas 10%? Thank you !!!


Thank you !!!!!


or, I have to buy in any store online canada and send you some warehouse in use?


obrigada 😉


Does anybody know if there are any orders redirector in Canada?


Hello, congratulations. very good. I want your help, você conhece redirecionador de encomendas no Canadá?


também estou a procura de um redirecionador no canada??? tem muitas coisas q acabam rápido
no EUA os brinquedos por exemplo!

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