Revisiting the Refill HP 45 and do HP 78

It's been two years since I wrote a series of articles about refilling cartridges, made on that success here in Skooter Blog, but was left out in the articles section for shopping. I still have the old HP 930C printer, then still do the refilling of cartridges HP 45 and HP 78 a manner similar to that made in 2008. I recommend reading the original articles for later reading what changed in the process:

  • Instead of capping the cartridge HP 45 with hot glue as before, I bought some Allen Parafusos are more practical and can be used many times. In the first recharge remove the original sphere, Put 40ml of ink and I put the Allen screw in place of the sphere. Remove a small amount of air / ink by the print head to pressurize.
  • Passei to use Sensient inks gives both non HP brand 45 As no HP 78. The Sensient is considered the best paint market, and is still mistakenly called by some vendors Formulabs. The Sensient bought Formulabs and no longer uses the old name. Comprei Sensient original color na FVInk e na Elaser. Be careful not to buy fake inks or paints universal, the ideal is to buy the right ink for each cartridge type.
  • No HP 45 'm using pigmented ink PDJ-9800, latest release of Sensient, which can be used in bulk-inks of new models, but also serving on all HP cartridges that use pigment inks, including HP 45. This is an excellent ink, can notice on the packaging that it runs completely transparent walls, quite thin and quite escura.
  • No HP 78 I'm using dye inks Sensient specific to these models, which are IJD-5726 (magenta), IJD-5744 (yellow) and IJD-5766 (Cyan). Remove the caps and place 6ml reservoir of ink of each color, with a syringe needle thickest, but without the boring sponge.

With these inks and m having these procedures excellent results, quality printing both text and in pictures and photos.

Now I'm looking for a good ink for HP series 8000/8500, since Sensient inks have not yet released for this model, and paints which are so often clog the printhead. If anyone has tips inks that work well, are welcome. 🙂

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I have actually two tips: the needle to fill 78 must have 8cm long, I bought in paints and MEC Sao Paulo. need to step up their phone numbers


Mto good idea to screw alen Skoter(and if it gets loose only a strip of sealing boot thread), same because we do not want a lot of balls inside the cartridge, alias may even disrupt the flow of ink….To getting the hang of refilling the colorful hp 17, it should be pareceido with 78…. This sieve not know, already got open a card hp / 800 and had no vision. Vou take care. About'm using dye ink q bought in ML, I do not know if this q vc has quoted an affordable price but it'll pay attention, q watery ink mto think not anadamento facilitates internal cart. If I hit straight'll open a thread telling detail of the black and colored. Ta crazy, the personal internet opens halfway topic, explains not right, leave…. That's nobody indicated alen p.ex, and is best mto. In Store 1,99 you buy the sauce and and key kills dick. The service is less mto aporcalhado. Was isso


Its ink to make buk 870 cxi?

Jose Mauricio

I bought ink for my Officejet Pro 8500 in FVInk and we are now clogging problem in printheads. I'll have to switch heads, no way. Does anyone have any tips of another company that sells really good paint and do not give problem ?

Luis Henrique

Today 24 Maio 2020, Good morning! Eu ainda tenho Impressora HP 930 C Funcionando e tenho ” some” cartucho HP 4, cartucho HP 78 being, vedado com cola quente. Achei muito interessante esse método de fechamento com Parafuso Allen. Você pode Passar a medida do Parafuso e o tamanho da agulha da seringa para abastecimento do Cartucho HP 45?

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