Head and Neck Massager that Relieves Stress and Promotes Blood Circulation

Today I speak about this product DealExtreme with that name rather long and pompous: “Head and Neck Massager that Relieves Stress and Promotes Blood Circulation” it was the best translation I found for the English original created by DealExtreme: “Blood Circulation Promote Head Scalp Neck Stress Relax Massager”. I have seen similar products being sold in Brazilian mall stores for a few dozen real, then the price of $2,96 USD (USD) seemed quite attractive. Product attributes according to DX are:

  • Relax you from stress, removes tension from your muscles and tiredness, and also increases your blood circulation
  • Gently massaging pressure points and sensitive nerves in your head, forehead and neck
  • User friendly, very effective and super comfortable
  • Very light, suitable for use at home, travel and office
  • Ideal for health and stress relief
  • Great gift for your family members and friends
O massageador de cabeça e pescoço

The head and neck massager

I believe that at least part of all this is true, because the massager really offers a relaxed feel, and decreases the voltage. My girlfriend also wanted a, so I decided adqurir two. I did order a single massager, and then asked to add another massager and a USB stick (of which I have spoken here) meus using DX Points. I did not ask all with DX Points because you have to have an open request to add the exchanged products, and I had no. The request was made in 27/02/2010, and immediately opened the ticket asking other products. The stick was sent first to 03/08, the massager was apparently missing, then sent him only 18/03. For some reason unknown to sent only one and the other was sent in 26/03. A package arrived 20/04 and the other in 22/04, in other words, a period of just over one month for both. None were taxed. The package rather large made DealExtreme use two bubble envelopes together, in both cases. The packages come completely crushed, but none occurs to give the product. The description of both packages is “HEALTH / BEAUTY”, declared value of $18 HKD (Hong Kong dollars),l or equivalent to approximately R $ 4,19, close to the real value of the product. Interestingly both packages have scratched weight and changed the pen, from 0,64 Kg 0,08 Kg.

Os dois massageadores iguais, lado a lado

The two equal massagers, abreast

Although both products were identical, the package is totally different. The first came in a blue package with text in a language I could not identify, the second shaft in a green packaging with most English texts, and others in another language unknown to. Apparently it's the same manufacturer, and the packages were originally designed for different countries. As to DealExtreme sent the two apart are certainly different lots, possibly by different vendors, but the product is exactly the same.

Embalagem do primeiro massageador

Packing the first massager

Verso da embalagem do primeiro massageador

Back of the package the first massager

Embalagem do segundo massageador

Packing the second massager

As duas embalagens juntas

The two packs together

As duas embalagens dos massageadores juntas, outro ângulo

The two packages of massagers together, another angle

The construction seems good, com12 stems quite thick and resistant, being 6 and higher 6 children, alternately. At the tip of each stem has a rounded tip to not hurt your skin or scalp. I do not know exactly how the tips are glued, but seem firmly. The only negative point is for the golden cord that is pointed at the top, could be more rounded.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o primeiro massageador

DealExtreme package with the first massager

Pacote da DealExtreme com o segundo massageador

DealExtreme package with the second massager

And I'm ending here. Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Boy, get the name and address of the image!!!



I made a purchase on the website of china hkofferhouse and finally when my product came down in Brazil and I could see the screening the following message appears

Date Venue Location
In transit to POST-DIRECTED EMIS NTS / taxed / XX
31/05/2010 16:30 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

can someone explain what this means “Taxed”.


Oh in that case how Faso to pay this tribute?

Allan Rodrigo

Aew Eduardo, post game was and the taxation value please, just to have an idea if it does equal to us.
Maybe that's why it's the best items of, because packaging is discreet and no declared value…


as soon as I receive I post, the game was GRID: Reloaded worth $ 33.39 will wait to see how much will I pay tribute ^^

Allan Rodrigo

Ok, obrigago.
I'm asking because I bought (lost planet 2 + t-shirt) and this taking longer than usual to appear in mail system, What makes me think of taxation already, and so I would have reports to know how every procedure. Searching, already read that if the values are absuvos (above 60%+ IOF) We can ask for review, the problem is how to prove the amount paid…(I don't know where to enter this step. Anyway I'm waiting., and good luck on the values it = D


This stuff is pretty easy to find in Bahia. They call “denguinho Bahia”.

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