DealExtreme: Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 8GB (Sandisk U3 USB 2.0 Flash/Jump Drive (8GB))

Today I speak of Sandisk Cruzer 8GB Pendrives (Sandisk U3 USB 2.0 Flash/Jump Drive (8GB)) of DealExtreme. I bought in order to use them for function ReadyBoost no Windows 7. Such a function is to use flash memory devices as cache to improve performance of the operating system, taking advantage of the speed of these devices, especially in shuffle, that is the weak point of the hard disks, that are best read in sequential.

Pendrives Sandisk Cruzer USB 2.0 8GB

Sandisk Cruzer USB pendrives 2.0 8GB

I would buy two 8GB Pendrives, for use in different machines, but to enjoy the lowest price with the BULKRATE, resolve to take three of them. A Sandisk has been my favorite brand of flash drives for some time, my pendrive current daily use is also a Sandisk Cruzer acquired in, and the former was also a Sandisk Cruzer, that is now used to ReadyBoost on a laptop. Recently in girlfriend also was in need of a pendrive and used my DX Points to exchange for a Sandisk 4GB version in. A DealExtreme also has versions of 2GB and 16GB.

Parte traseira da embalagem dos Pendrives Sandisk de 8GB

The back of the pack of Sandisk 8GB USB Keys

This flash drive does not come with the software Sandisk U3, but I believe you can install it without problems, did not do it just because with them in the U3 ReadyBoost function would have no utility, and still occupy space that could be used by ReadyBoost. The product code Sandisk site from north-American e SDCZ36-008G-A11, and the stick that is received SDCZ36-008G-P36, but there is reason for concern, O is for exactly this code contained in site by Sandisk chinesa. The packages are written in English, and there is only one Chinese stamp on the front, and another at the rear of each. The guarantee is 5 years and apparently goes worldwide.

Pendrive Sandisk 8GB, com seu conector retrátil

Sandisk 8GB Pendrive, with its retractable connector

The Sandisk Cruzer flash drives use a retractable connector, a better solution than the caps present in other models, that eventually are lost, leaving the connector without any protection.

Pendrive Sandisk 8GB com o conector retrátil na posição externa

Sandisk 8GB flash drive with retractable connector in the external position

The request was made in 30/03/2010, sent em 07/04/2010, recorded as received in Brazil 22/04 and delivery by mail in 27/04. the package has not been taxed or stamp of the IRS. The declared value was $40 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), equivalent to just over R $ 9,00. The product description on the package is "MEMORY CARDS / USB DRIVES”. The tracking on the site of the Post Office is shown below:

Data Local Situation
27/04/2010 16:58 CDD REMOVED – REMOVED / SP Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
27/04/2010 10:44 CDD REMOVED – REMOVED / SP Out for delivery
22/04/2010 10:32 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil
Pacote da DealExtreme com os três Pendrives Sandisk USB 2.0 8GB

DealExtreme package with three USB Sandisk Pendrives 2.0 8GB

And I'm ending here. Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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These flash drives are as fast as the Sandisk Cruzer Micro?

Allan Rodrigo

let me see if I understand, each pen driver you paid this 9 real?
o_O That bom…..


Friend, I just get a product from DealExtreme, however bought a pen and Touch Screen TFT LCD Google Android 1.6 Tablet, however the envelope, so came a commodity and even the same envelope so to really give the pen and Tablet, mensionado came in the envelope with his weight and everything else! porem only been pen!
You know how I should proceed with this situation?
Thank you!


Grande scooter, as will ?

Seen and Mexe u speak of these DX Points and pra mim that is equal to Saci: Never seen although it is part of the folklore .. hehe

What is needed for them to be passed for purchases that do ?
I've made several purchases and no points appear to me. E pau no website ? The trouble is with me or what ? Ultimately, a light on how these Chinese rip as they dreamed points to help the next shopping.

Thank you and congratulations for reviews.

Tania de Oliveira

Hello, tbm I always buy a few things in DX and wanted to know one thing, a palette of makeup I ever bought just got out of stock, I think that's. Is there still a chance they renew her stock? I ask because I had a few others that I've never seen available on site, I think after we exited the stock never renewed. Damn so wanted to renew because I do sell this item here in my town and there was the place that I bought cheaply and with screening and had everything right, if I buy now will be more expensive on ebay. I tried to contact them, but I can not, u have some email that I can talk to them about it? Through the website does not know which of the thousand options tighten and do not have login and password tbm, but I still can not talk, if you can help me thank mto!

Bruno Viana

as to the value stated in note… know I always say if the declared value will be less than $ 50…because above this value we have to pay taxes…
if necessary… you requested that the declared value was less than 50 or this is a standard procedure???

Andre Nobrega

Hello, I realized that you never opts for envelope “gift” da DX. Is there any particular reason for that? Thank you


My dear algun benchmark could do with these pendrives. Just to get an idea of ​​their performance. I am in need of small pendrives, near 8GB. I bought a kingston in the deal for my dad. But I found it very slow compared to my Corsair Voyager. But, fast sulficiente to play MP3 music without pauses between tracks.
Programs like HDTune and HDTach can make the measurements I'm talking about. To compare this Corsair Voyager I told you about has an average read rate in order 34 MB/s. O Kingston marcou 20 MB/s. No. condemn the Kingston it cost me less.
Generally people observe only the size and construction of pendrives. However a device for 8/16/32 GB is right to try to upload large files like HD videos em. And to transfer these, Speed ​​is essential. If it is possible to add the velocity measurements, I am sure that would help me a lot and we.
Thank you my dear. Much has helped me. Thanks to this blog I took courage to buy the deal, and now I'm addicted.
A hug and forgive me the long text.


Hello, I wonder if you ever had problems with loss. I ordered two months ago and so far nothing (produto não tem o tracking number).
I think you already get in touch with them?
Thank you and congratulations for the blog.

Joao Vitor

There is some possibility of my product be traced, asked a capture card EasyCap and am awaiting my order arrive, and how many days it takes the product to be delivered??

I bought the DX thanks to their advice!!


I would greatly appreciate your opinion, if you can help me of course. I made my first purchase at DealExtreme. Sent day 28/05 and give 06/06 Brazil was already in my order. The case is so far not given me over the post office and gave me no satisfaction. The tracking code is RB317562723HK. After a month of waiting I decided to do the PI (post office) and then the STATUS of tracking changed. I perked me up, but… are now more 20 days and nothing's changing status or postal someone know something. What should I do? this delay is common? I appreciate comments !


E scooter, ja remember having read in your blog q vc already received defective product from DX and they give you a credit
Happened to me to receive a radio defective “partial”, namely, the only sound comes from the headset plug, the speakers it does not, dai complained and talked q then I could accept a return or credit of 6 dollars, thing that I accepted.
But now I do not know how to use this credit, you tell me?


Opa, valeu column ajuda scooter

I ended up finding the answer in the DX forum:

I had to buy another product, PAY and now I have to wait they give refund on paypal


sandisk cruzer blade usb flash drive 16gb is best bendrives

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