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Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Little Big Planet em sua edição Game of the Year. Eu, video game player as the good time of Atari 2600, Master System, Nintendinho (NES), Mega Drive and Super Nintendo (SNES), always been a fan of platform games, that made up a good portion of the collection of these games consoles. But when video games with 3D graphics emerged, this category of platform games was gradually being abandoned. So it was a pleasant surprise as I come across a game like Little Big Planet, that rescues the category platform games and adds a lot of attributes only possible in the new generation.

Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition, ainda lacrado

Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition, still sealed

The Little Big Planet is a community-based game with a totally innovative concept. You can play the story mode solo or with your friends offline, and can also play online with other players, so far no news, Many games allow it. But not Little Big Planet you can also create your own levels and share them with other gamers online, playing phases created by other players, and so on, tudo através da Playstation Network.

Capa do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

Capa do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

You control your sackboy or sackgirl and have complete freedom to customize it any way you want. Items that you collect throughout the game, some require collaborative work with more players, these customizations can be used. You also control various movements and mood of your character. Little Big Planet has the potential to please the whole family. Eventhough seem childish, Adults can also have great fun with this game. This is one of the few games that his girlfriend likes to play with me. The game double, with occasional visits to other players online is pretty fun. On Little Big Planet há places to explore, items to collect, puzzles to solve – and it requires reasoning and teamwork.

Parte traseira da capa do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

Parte traseira da capa do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

The Game of the Year version (Game Of The Year) from the Little Big Planet has all the patches up to its launch and more:

  • All packs of Metal Gear Solid;
  • A selection of downloadable content not licensed (animal costumes, spacesuits, etc.);
  • 15 exclusive playable levels made by the best designers in the community;

With levels created by the community, the Little Big Planet is practically an infinite game, with endless possibilities.

Manual e disco bluray do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

Manual e disco bluray do Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition

And at the current price ShopTo okay buddy, only £ 19,85 for the Little Big Planet em sua edição Game of the Year, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 56,00. The English version sold in ShopTo account with texts and voices entirely in Portuguese of Portugal. Who does not question the version Game of the Year may opt for versão original do Little Big Planet, for just £ 14,85, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 42,00.

And we're going to purchase data. It was made in 14/04/2010, posted on the same day, reported as having arrived in Brazil em 30/04/2010, and got my hands on 06/05/2010, near 3 weeks, not bad. Like all other purchases I made in ShopTo, this was also not taxed. The tracking of Post reported only the supposed arrival in Brazil, and to date does not indicate that even came out for delivery.


Pacote da ShopTo com o Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition, não tributado

Pacote da ShopTo com o Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition, untaxed

Data Local Situation
30/04/2010 14:06 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

And I'm ending here, enjoy some other promotions in the week ShopTo:

If you are viewing this article long after the publication is likely that the prices are even lower. Whether any game not listed here? Leave your comment with the link that will answer ASAP. Buying through our links you take advantage of the excellent prices ShopTo and still helps Skooter Blog to continue the air. Wait for the next Playstation reviews 3: Super Street Fighter IV and Modnation Racers.

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send the link of this game to me
Tomb Raider Underworld (Platinum) PS3


I just bought the game ^ ^


What is the difference between British and American games? All run on different consoles (in American English and vice versa)? I thank.


Opa fabricio, tem como postar link do gta episodes from liberty city ps3.


I appreciate the response Fabrício. Always accompany your reviews, they are excellent.

Ricardo Lopes

Also follow when giving a passadinha here Fabricio, without comment all times follow your great work blog.
Almost bought this version of LittleBigPlanet GOTY post, but shortly before closing the deal saw it was available for purchase on PSN for less than 30 I opted for the actual purchase online in HD and Availability (I have Burnout Paradise Complete this way also).
Gee bought 1 month ago the official PS3 Bluetooth Headset from previous post also, arrived perfect as your, just forgot to grab the link here with you to help you….
If you can put the link of Final Fantasy XIII will let us save favorites here and purchase at the end of the month.

Ricardo Lopes

Haa and forgot, Also ask if you do not make purchases of Blu-Ray from Amazon UK also? Saw these days sailing that staff walks up buying boxes of Blu-Rays on Amazon uk and even in American and can not even tax books and movies… Have you ever requested?

Ricardo Lopes

Thanks for the link, already properly saved.
Yes LitteBigPlanet is available on European PSN, that way the game has the option of Portuguese of Portugal as your hard. I just look 2.2GB here has already installed and updated, 2GB download was as far as I remember. My 120GB Slim is not even half occupied… If you are in need of space, the HD exchange for a larger notebook = D

I see you are lucky even to taxation… Right to lock DVDs are region 1 and just as happened with the PS2 our DVD's do not run national. And the Blu-ray as the Brazilian track 1 is the same USA, no problem.
But I found this site now: The staff made a list of Blu-rays that take into appliances UK region 1 and even disks with subtitles in PT! I almost got Halo Legends on Amazon UK (detail: Halo no console, the Sony kkkkkkkkkk) and has up to Band of Brothers Blu-Ray box with very low price, compatible and subtitled, seems a departure for us enslaved by high taxes. hehehe


Allan Rodrigo

Aew fabricio, meu ps3 (40G)is the first, com HD Akele side granão…
Ultimately, can trade without fear! I changed my wheel and it's a beauty!
I put a HD 500giga aki, had no bug / crash…
The procedure is super easy, the system you can download on the sony own site.
has about 200mb, is easier to be installed with pen drive / external hd…
whoever does not have the external hd can back new pro HD>plays a folder on the computer>the new HD formatted poem>picks up the files in the backup folder and redo new pro HD.
I can make those interest, I recommend!
I have on my HD 59DEMOS! beyond my games installed.

Allan Rodrigo

Aew fabricio, I have this game, ja be some time, But another version without the packs of expansion…You could add me to your PSN, for until we play other games, Trofeos there are many that can only be purchased with 2 ~ 3amigos playing together, and one of the trophies in this game it just nescessita! Add it to me then maybe one day we're both online we get some trophies!
Meu ID: Bombonati
All readers of the blog can add me! is difficult to arrange friends brazucas!

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