FocalPrice: Lithium Battery CR2450 3.0V and RMA successful

Today I talk about a purchase in FocalPrice from 5 3.0V lithium batteries CR2450 (CR2450 3.0V Lithium Cell Battery (5-Pack)). These lithium batteries are used in sensing the presence of some motorcycles, including Honda Biz. A single such battery costs about £ 18,00 in authorized Honda. In FocalPrice you take 5 these By only $3,39 USD (frete já even), equivalent to only 68 cents por bateria, or about U.S. $ 1,19. In other words, at the price you purchased a single battery you purchase at Honda 15 in FocalPrice.

My order was placed on 16/04/2010, paying $3,26 U.S. dollar (subiu few hundred from that comprei), and was sent on 26/04, a relatively long term because they were out of stock. No give 24/05 the packet arrived, but I checked and there was a mistake, sent 5 CR2477 batteries that, despite similar and same voltage, have slightly different dimensions.

5 Baterias CR2477 da FocalPrice. Mas opa, não foi essa que eu pedi :)

5 CR2477 batteries from FocalPrice. More opa, não foi essa que eu pedi 🙂

Na parte traseira da bateria podemos confirmar que se tratam de baterias CR2477

On the back of the battery can confirm that these are CR2477 batteries

O pacote da FocalPrice com as baterias CR2477, não foi tributado

The FocalPrice package with the CR2477 batteries, was not taxed

O outro lado do pacote, com a declaração de conteúdo e valor: Electronics, $10.

The other side of the package, with the content and value statement: Electronics, $10.

As soon as I noticed the error took the pictures of the product and the package and went to open a RMA request. In the description of the RMA request tried to be as clear and direct as possible and wrote: “Ordered five CR2450 batteries. Got five CR2477 batteries.”. For some error in the system FocalPrice unable to send the photos, and so the clerk asked me for them:

Dear customer,

To verify the actual wrong problem, would you pls add some pictures for the envelope and products you actually received from us.

We”ll reply you once the symptom is confirmed.

Sincerely yours’

Then put the images on ImageShack, but she asked to try sending again by the system and did not work to send an e-mail account. As failed by the system, sent by e-mail. That was on the 25/05 and since the following day (26/05) tive a resposta de que o RMA estava sendo processado peloengenheiro de produtose que eu deveria aguardar dois dias úteis:

Dear customer,

Your RMA application is now under processing by our product engineer.
To ensure the problem you are faced can be solved in time, we need our product engineer to analyze and propose professional solution. Please spare us two business days or less and well contact you proactively.

Sincerely yours’

As I was taking longer than the time I decided to speak out, and on day 31/05 asked if I had any open application for the batteries to be included:

Dear customer,
Sorry for the mistake and delay reponse due to the weekend.
Do you have any new unshipped order?
How about we resend the right item with it.
Sincerely yours’

I replied that I did not have any open application and the very next day confirmed that they were sending

Dear customer,

Please be advised that we have issued a RMA order for your RMA request. The order ID is (removed).

It is now awaiting for delivery and an email notification will be sent to you once its shipped.

Please come toMy Order List—RMA orders listto track the status”. Thanks!

Sincerely yours’

The system of FocalPrice separating the normal order of RMA, but as I did not know that I was not giving the system. Only on 07/06 am I notified shipment and entered the site to see the system and could give, to my astonishment , that there was a new misconception, na descrição do pedido estava escritoCR2477 3.0V Lithium Cell Button Battery (5-Pack)“. In other words, although I have been very clear saying that asked CR2450 batteries and received CR2477 batteries, they sent CR2477 batteries again.

Thus answered again on the same ticket RMA and received the following response the next day (09/06):

Dear customer,
Sorry for the mistake.
Pls make an unpaid new order for EB131S. Then advise your order number, we will mark it as paid.

Sincerely yours’

I did as they asked, created a new request with the correct product, as CR2450 batteries, but not made the payment, so that the application was in the system as unpaid. Unpaid claims can be paid or removed by the customer at any time. Replied the ticket saying he had already done as asked, on the same day 09/06 already answered me that they had placed the order as paid and he would be sent:

Dear customer,

Ok,your new order in paid condition now and we will ship out soon.

Sincerely yours’

No give 10/06 the new order has been shipped, was now only wait. No give 12/07 arrived two package FocalPrice, both the correct batteries, as CR2450, as the wrong batteries, as CR2477. Despite sending on separate days come together.

None of the three packages was taxed, todos foram declarados como “Electronics”, first (CR2477) com declared value $10, second (CR2450) with value $3, and the third (CR2477) with value $5. Interestingly values ​​are higher than actual, except in the $3 U.S. dollar, Low values ​​probably random. None has stamp of IRS.

Pacote da FocalPrice com as baterias CR2450, também sem tributos

FocalPrice package with the CR2450 batteries, also without taxes

As baterias CR2450, agora sim as que eu pedi :)

The CR2450 batteries, agora sim as que eu pedi 🙂

Parte traseira da embalagem das baterias CR2450

Back of the packaging of CR2450 batteries

Conferindo de perto podemos ver as inscrições CR2450, confirmando que são as baterias corretas

Close to giving can see the CR2450 entries, confirming that they are the correct batteries

Pacote do RMA errado com mais baterias CR2477, também não tributado

RMA Package wrong with more CR2477 batteries, also not taxed

Parte traseira do envelope do RMA errado, com a descrição e valor declarado (Electronics, $5)

RMA envelope back wrong, with the description and declared value (Electronics, $5)

Mais cinco baterias CR2477, não precisei devolver nenhum dos packs

Five more batteries CR2477, did not have to return any of the packs

Uma das baterias do pack vem com o lado escrito para cima, assim devem evitar novos erros

One of the pack of batteries comes with the written side up, so should avoid new mistakes

Because of the mistakes of FocalPrice took almost 3 months for me to receive the batteries that really wanted. If not for the mistakes would have been just one month, but just in case always recommend buying well before when batteries are really using them. Despite errors, a FocalPrice honestly acted in RMA, was quite fast in the responses in all communications. I did not have to return the batteries made in error, then just “gaining” ten CR2477 batteries, for which I have no use at the time, but let kept here, one day appears a device that use :). Note that two mistakes were probably committed by different departments, the first was to pick up a product in stock different from what was in the application, This may have occurred because they were all turned down batteries, which did not happen with the second package, que tinha uma delas virada para cima deixando o modelo visível. O segundo engano foi ao criarem o pedido de RMA com o produto errado. With the problem solved and my CR2450 batteries in hands, I recommend now FocalPrice considering, addition of the item delivery, The item also RMA.

Batteries CR2477 batteries come in a generic plastic bag, no tag information, except in Chinese text that does not know what it means. As CR2450 batteries são da marca chinesaHui Feng”, or “Shenzen Huifeng Battery Co. Ltd.”. Have not yet been tested, so I can not say anything about the ability, but for the price, if only half the load of the mark will still be a great deal.

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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