FocalPrice: Bundled with 20 3.0V CR2025 lithium batteries

Today I talk about a purchase in FocalPrice de to Bundled with 20 3.0V CR2025 lithium batteries (CR2025 3.0V Lithium Cell Battery (20-Pack)). These lithium batteries are used in small electronic equipment, as remote control of some CD players automotive brand Pioneer. They are slightly thicker than the CR2016 and finer than CR2032. The package with the 20 costs $3,23 USD (USD) in FocalPrice, with shipping already included, or equivalent to $0,16 per battery, in other words, only 28 Real cents (R$ 0,28) by battery.

Pacote com 20 baterias de lítio 3.0V CR2025

Bundled with 20 3.0V CR2025 lithium batteries

As CR batteries 2025 came well packed in a plastic blister pack with individual space for each battery, and the pack is covered with clear tape, that prevents the batteries leave the place. All batteries were facing upwards, except one who was with the written part up, what should be purposeful to facilitate identification of the type of battery that is on the card, when in stock.

Bateria de lítio 3.0V CR2025

3.0V lithium battery CR2025

Two batteries were taken package, no multimeter measures, presenting voltage slightly above the nominal 3.0V (as expected) and were immediately put to use, be functioning perfectly.

My order was placed on 16/04/2010, sent on 18/04 and got em 25/05, little more than a month later, one of the longest time I've had this year, and then I learned to be related to a delay of Hong Kong Post, occurred due to lack of cargo space on flights destined for Brazil. Apparently this problem has been solved. The package has the description “Electronics” (seems to be standard in FocalPrice), declared value of $5, Retired currency that it comes. It was not taxed by the IRS, nor received any stamp. What are trying to buy com lower value $20 USD there is no tracking number.

Pacote da FocalPrice com as baterias CR2025, não tributado

FocalPrice package with the CR2025 batteries, untaxed

Parte traseira do pacote da FocalPrice com as baterias CR2025

FocalPrice back of the package part with the CR2025 batteries

Wait for the next review. If you also want to shop in FocalPrice, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

CR2025 3.0V Lithium Cell Battery (20-Pack)

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Allan Rodrigo

Fabricio Ola, I was looking to buy the Focal, but still afraid…
I wish u tell me best will respect freight, Estimated delivery time, value / maximum size that u recommended buy to not be taxed, RECOMMENDATIONS, etc…

The product I'm interested in is
this one also…
In addition to capes of silicones for PSP and xbox control, that they are not sold in ShopTo…
Thank you.

Allan Rodrigo

Ola Fabrio, I am looking to buy the Focal already will some time, however still fear for rates…
I wish u tell me more about rates, voler freight, delivery time, among other value recommendations / maximum size that can be bought and not be taxed….

I'm interested in the product:
and in:
In addition to silicone capes to control Xbox360 and PSP…
Thank you

Allan Rodrigo

I'm sorry for double post!

Allan Rodrigo

U think is risk of +

Fla me one thing is the US dollar or Hong Kong dollar (HKD)?
I presiso post before pra vc recommend, how you ask to do in ShopTo? (Thing I have not done 'cause I had not attack to your request) In the next purchase on ShopTo I tell you before!
Thanks again Fabricio.

Allan Rodrigo

OKz! thanks again!


Hello, I bought a webcam 5.0 mp by USD10.00, I was bought 12/10/2010 and was sent day 13/10/2010, but to with a dúviida in relation to the package.
The package that turns out to be stamped "Electronics", who arrived at his house, It came with declared value $5, but this money is declared than ?
The buyer pays ?
Thank you.

allan rodrigo

Fabricio Aew, tell me something, with 40 days like this my order ”conferred in Brazil” , ja claimed in telephone postal, what do I do now?
I expect more 1 little or enter with RMA in FocalPrice requesting reimbursement, or send another product?

Allan Rodrigo

good, I will try to find out what the term, but still tb I think will come! I will wait a few more 20 at least days…
Fabricio Vlw.


Thanks for the trouble.

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