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Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Super Street Fighter IV. As a fan of Street Fighter since Street Fighter II of my childhood, when it came out in the arcades in 1991, and no rear Super Nintendo. From Dai, appeared sequences and versions for many other consoles. No Playstation 3 eu já tinha o Street Fighter IV, I acquired along with the console in the U.S., e o Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, adquirido na Playstation Store, and interestingly the only one of three with Full HD (1080p). But it could not also acquire the Super Street Fighter IV, which is practically an update of Street Fighter IV, with several enhancements, addition of new characters.

Super Street Fighter IV do PS3, ainda lacrado

Super Street Fighter IV do PS3, still sealed

The Super Street Fighter IV is out with reduced price, probably to defuse criticism of those who thought it unfair to pay the full price for a game that is almost an update of Street Fighter IV, they had acquired at regular price. Critics preferred an update for download, what Capcom considered unfeasible. In practice, criticism has both ground, whereas in the old consoles updates always required to purchase a new cartridge, and even Playstation 3 the sports games (como Fifa e Pro Evolution Soccer) receive annual updates and always at the normal price.

Capa do Super Street Fighter IV do PS3

Capa do Super Street Fighter IV do PS3

But lo and behold, although Super Street Fighter IV have been launched with lower price in first world countries. In Brazil the lack of shame is so, that large stores are selling the game for the price of any normal release. R$ 179,90 is the price it is costing the Extra, Submarine no, in the US and at Walmart. Shoptime opted to charge $ 199,90. The ShopTo o Super Street Fighter IV now costs £ 21,86, or equivalent to approximately R $ 59,60, in other words, here in Brazil are charging triple!

Parte traseira da capa do Super Street Fighter IV do PS3

Back of the cover of Super Street Fighter IV PS3

I avoided the pre-sale where the game was sold with a free T-shirt Dhalsim, first because I thought the ridiculous shirt :), would only make the package volume and increase my chances of having taxed package, yet never have happened with packets coming from ShopTo; and secondly, For he looked slightly better prices a few weeks after launch, especially when the shirt promotion was over and the game has passed to be sold without the toast as attractive.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Super Street Fighter IV do PS3

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Super Street Fighter IV do PS3

And we're going to purchase data. It was made in 08/06/2010, posted on the same day, reported as having arrived in Brazil em 23/06, and arrived in my hands on 28/06, near 3 weeks. Like all other purchases made in ShopTo, this was also not taxed.

Pacote da ShopTo com o Super Street Fighter IV, não foi tributado.

ShopTo package with Super Street Fighter IV, was not taxed.

Data Local Situation
28/06/2010 16:30 CSD (Removid0) Delivered
28/06/2010 10:27 CSD (Removid0) Out for delivery
23/06/2010 16:20 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

And I'm ending here, enjoy some other promotions in the week ShopTo:

If you are viewing this article long after the publication is likely that prices will be even lower. Whether any game not listed here? Leave your comment will reply with the fastest link possible. Buying through our links you enjoy the excellent prices ShopTo and even helps the Skooter Blog to continue in the air. Wait for the next review of Playstation 3: Modnation Racers.

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Ricardo Lopes

Great buy, I bought it at launch and the shirt came, that will be properly kept kkkkkkkkkkkk
You can put the link to Batman for me Fabricio?

Ricardo Lopes

Yeah, well I wanted the GOTY edition, including the times I expect it to go into stock, but it doesn't seem to sell anymore. So I'm going to buy the common one that has a good price, I just hope that the price remains low and in stock for a few more days because I am going to be able to pay the day card bill 22. Tough college guy is complicated… kkkkkkkkkk
Thanks and hugs

allan rodrigo

Really cool huh fabricio! I'm selling my LBP to buy the full version like yours.
who wants to add it on PS3 to play together, my ID: Bombonati
I have good games to play online…
LBP / LostPlanet2 / Modnation, pod eme add la who has similar! Froide not having friends with PS3 to play together = x
Whoever has Resident Evil 5 and want to zero in cooperative I also accept! Hugs and congratulations again for the posts Fabricio.


Friend the declared values ​​of the purchase of the game for ps3 are already included the value of the post?



In this ShopTo, the package comes as the sender the company or name of a person? Declared lower value? Come with logo, store ads?


allan rodrigo

Sender comes as shopto yes!
quite small, but nothing that says etc…

allan rodrigo

Anyone know how to tell me, if games like Resident evil / Heavy Rain and Eye Pet, can be updated to support the new control? Or whoever has these games will have to buy them back? because I have Heavy Rain and I paid + of R $ 150 aki in SP at the time, so have q sell it for less than R120 which is what it is worth used… and then I still have to buy another one that has Portuguese language…
If anyone knows and can take this doubt away….


How to tell if the game is new or used on ShopTo. I was browsing there and in some games I found comments like “used more in good condition. used more in perfect condition” but in the ad it doesn't say it's used, how to know?


Another thing, I was doing the registration and asked for a credit card, you can't pay by paypal, no card attached?


PS3 will come out unlock TRUTH or MYTH ?

Allan Rodrigo

Face, I found 1 foreign blog that showed it already unlocked, detail, every system works through 1 pen drive, when it is removed the PS3 becomes original again… It's like 1 program that boots the pirated media and makes the reader see…
Another detail that hit me a lot, is the fact that it is not BlueRay, according to the blog the blue ray media makes loading very slow, so they use the same as the Xbox, making loading much faster.
Ultimately, if it is through this system I understand I have curiosity to see how it is, otherwise, a system that changes the hardware or software device I'm definitely out…
prefer to pay more and continue playing online…


Dude I follow your blog mt.
I would like a tip. When you buy from shopto, do you usually buy soh 1 game per pack? Have you tried to buy more than one game? Was ever taxed?
What about accessories, you already bought a game + accessory in the same package and was not taxed?
I always wanted to buy from 2 games and merge tb 1 game accessory. I was in order to order a bluetooth headset in one package, hdmi cable and a game.


Allan Rodrigo

Tadeu, shopto has no option to make 2,3 purchases in the same package, even if you buy 10 products, everyone will go in different packages…separate freight for each 1…
Just to avoid being taxed, already read in other places that you buy until $50 (fifty dollars) are not taxed… I think that's why they send it in several packages.

Fabricio, sorry aew, haven't read the entire blog, only now that i called you ask, stop before we buy, ask you for links to help SkooterBlog. Really bad, on my next purchase I swear I’m coming to ask you to send the link.


I mean if for example I choose the phone + hdmi cable + 1 set they will come in separate packages and each with a specific freight?

allan rodrigo

That's right! but you have the option to pay 2.50(Without Registration) or 4,80(registered) pounds! I've used both,but I recommend registered… gives about R $ 15 more or same…..

Allan Rodrigo

Fabricio Aew, send the link to this game

I bought products at DealXtreme and tb at FocalPrice, as soon as you arrive tell…


I need to register the credit card first on the SHOPTO website, correct?
But this is safe?
I've been reading some things about cloned cards.
I want to start buying games there too, but I'm afraid.
I currently buy on PLAY-ASIA without headache.
Help me ?!
This blog is 10!


Face, I have a question for you but it has nothing to do with the game itself.
Is that I saw in another old post of yours, that you use a keyboard on ps3.
Type, you bought at dealextreme? recommends some?

Allan Rodrigo

ShopTo , now in PORTUGUESE! \The/
Show de bola! this is the power that the Brazilian community has!
We are part of this!
Congratulations to the Skooter blog for being a direct promoter of ShopTo, thanks to you Fabricio! Parabens!

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