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DealExtreme: package with various products purchased with DX Points

Today I talk about a package of DealExtreme a request for 7 items, which 6 were acquired with DX Points. I needed several cheap products and a request normally would for each, but as he had quite DX Points available I decided to use them. So I made a purchase of just one of the products and opened a ticket asking to add other, and they did. This are the items ordered:

1 x Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede (Network Retractable Cable)
2 x Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano (Flat to Round Power Plug Converter)
1 x Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Black (Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (Black))
1 x Silicone Layer Protetora for Dingoo A-320 (Protective Silicone Case for Dingoo A320)
2 x Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano (Round to Flat Power Plug Converter)

Limpador de Ponta de Ferro de Solda, Capa Protetora de Silicone para o Dingoo A-320, Cabo de Rede Retrátil e Adaptadores de Plug de Energia de Plano para Redondo

Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip, Protective Silicone Case for Dingoo A-320, Shrink wrapping and Cabo de Rede Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano

How are various products, I will make an individual article for each of the next days / weeks / months with pictures and everything else. But I will speak briefly about each of them next.

It is the second Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede I buy. The the first has not yet acquired in 2008 and was very helpful to time I lived in Canada and used wired in an accommodation where I stayed for a few weeks. With the use he ended up breaking the lock of one of the plugs. It still works perfectly, but with the price of only $1,81 I decided to order another to take a trip to Spain, where we already knew that we had included Internet, Wi-Fi in public areas, but only in rooms.

The Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano were also acquired for the same journey, allowing the conversion of laptop power plugs and camera battery charger, both plugs using the US standard, for the round plugs, that are used in Europe, and also quite common in Brazil. These plugs will also be very useful in Brazil thanks to ABNT imbecility to create a standard incompatible with almost everything, since this adapter also fits the new Brazilian plugs. Note that if the US standard plug (plan) have the ground pin, he will be disconnected, on the outside of the adapter. In other words, the land will be useless, but will not prevent the connection in Brazilian or European outlets.

The Cleaner Soldering Iron Tip Black is a compartment that stores a steel sponge used to clean the tip of the soldering iron, something often necessary when working with welding.

A Silicone Layer Protetora for Dingoo A-320 is a highly recommended item for any owner of a Dingoo A-320. I bought it also for travel, seen five or Dingoo A-320 is an excellent companion for anyone to go spend many long hours on a plane. I spent several hours playing these Mega Drive in the PicoDrive Dingoo A-320, with Protective Silicone Case properly placed to give extra protection to a possible fall, and helps the unit to not slip of the hand, since the hood is entirely suitable for that texture.

Finally, the Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano did not come in this package, they were missing. Eventually sent in another package 3 days after, but ironically the post both packages come together. Eu had already acquired adapters round to plan in DealExtreme, which were very useful to connect the Brazilian mobile phone charger, the blu-ray drive and other devices with plug sockets round the flat of Canada, resolved to acquire more over these to leave saved for an upcoming trip, since they have a better quality, what is visible through the photos on the site and DX was confirmed in practice.

O famoso papelzinho da DealExtreme avisando que um dos produtos estava em falta e será enviado depois

The famous piece of paper from DealExtreme warning that one of the products was missing and will be sent later

The purchase was made in 03/06/2010, the first packet sent in 08/06 and the second em 11/06. Both came on 12/07, Without Registration (rastreamento number) and none was taxed. Description in the first package: “Networking, Plugs / Adapt., Gadgets, Professional”, Total declared value $12,96 HKD (Hong Kong dollars), or equivalent to R 2,92. Description in the second package: “Plugs / Adapt.” and declared value of $0,99 HKD, or equivalent to R 0,22.

O pacote da DealExtreme com os quatro primeiros itens

The DealExtreme package with the first four items

O pacote da DealExtreme com o produto que faltava

The DealExtreme package with the product missing

And I'm ending here, wait the full reviews of products. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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