DealExtreme: Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano

Hello everybody. Today I speak of Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano (Flat to Round Power Plug Converter) acquired na DealExtreme on the Order 7 items, 6 DX Points acquired them with what I said in another article. The function of this adapter is to convert power plugs in the North American standard (without earth, Type A) that uses two pins in parallel planes, to the European standard (also without the land, Type C) using two round pins.

Adaptadores de Plug de Energia de Plano para Redondo

Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano

These adapters were also purchased for the trip to Spain I have mentioned in previous articles. Although Europe does not have a single standard for the use of land, Round plug that has no ground should work in most of Europe (except UK). At least in Portugal and Spain, using the plugs type C and type F (also called Schuko, clip to ground) I can say that work. With these Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano I could connect some essential equipment in travel as the source of laptop power, the battery charger of the camera, and the charger Dingoo A-320 the Spanish and Portuguese taken.

Adaptadores de Plug de Energia de Plano para Redondo

Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano

Curiously, those Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano can also be very useful in Brazil thanks to the stupidity of ABNT (Brazilian association that creates and sold technical standards) to create a standard incompatible with almost everything. Before this stupid idea be imposed on all of us, our commonly accepted taken both plugs with round pins (European standard, Type C) as plugs with flat pins (U.S. standard, Type A). Many products that people already have at home using the US standard, ABNT but ignored it and created the incompatible taken. Consequently, to connect such equipment in new outlets are needed adapters, and these Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano must also provide for it, because it already has the hexagonal shape of the sockets. Note that if the US standard plug (plan) have the ground pin (Type B), he will be disconnected, on the outside of the adapter. In other words, the land will be useless, but probably not prevent the connection in Brazilian or European outlets (Type C and F). Of course there are already specific adapters for the new Brazilian standard, but they are sold to the absurd £ 6,00 in stores where I found the.

The Power Plug Adapters for Redondo Plano seem to be well constructed. On one side there are inscriptions in what appears to be Japanese (There are some characters that are not ideograms, I believe hiragana or katakana be). On the other side is written in English: “ADAPTER NOTICE Before using make sure the voltage 6A 125V / 250In”. At the bottom, de onde saem os plugs redondos está escritoJAPAN” and “6A 250V”. Then, apparently adapters are manufactured in Japan and support up to 6A.

And I'm ending here, wait for the reviews of other products. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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