DealExtreme: Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede

Hello everybody. It's been a while since I put a new article here, but for lack of time. Today I talk about Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede (Network Retractable Cable) acquired on DealExtreme on the Order 7 items, which 6 of them were purchased with DX Points I said in another article. This is a retractable cable networks, ideal for travel, well then takes up less space than a traditional cable with the same size.

Cabo de Rede Retrátil

Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede

As I said in the previous article, this is the second Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede I buy. The the first has not yet acquired in 2008 and was very helpful to time I lived in Canada and used wired in an accommodation where I stayed for a few weeks. Using the first cable ended up breaking the lock of one of the RJ-45 connectors. It still works perfectly, but with the price of only $1,81 I decided to order another to take on a trip I took to Spain, where we already knew that we had included Internet, Wi-Fi in public areas, but only in rooms. And the new Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede fulfilled its role very well.

Cabo de Rede Retrátil

Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede

Note that this Shrink wrapping Cabo de Rede it is flat, in other words, The wires are all parallel to each other, he does not use twisted pair as required by specification. But being a short distance probably no problems, or if any, the performance degradation does not seem to be significant. With a cable tester I found that the connection is perfect in every 4 pairs (8 fios), so (theoretically) this cable can connect up to Gigabit Ethernet without problems.

Cabo de rede retrátil passando pelo testador de cabos

Retractable network cable through the cable tester

Cabo de Rede Retrátil cumprindo seu papel

Retractable Network Cable fulfilling its role

And I'm ending here, wait for the reviews of other products. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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