DealExtreme: Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano

Hello everybody. Today I speak of Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano (Round to Flat Power Plug Converter) acquired na DealExtreme on the Order 7 items, 6 DX Points acquired them with what I said in another article. The function of this adapter is to convert power plugs European standard (e brasileir0) dois using parallel em round pine (when there is no ground pin, also called Type C) for the U.S. standard (also without the land, called Type A) that uses two pins in parallel planes.

Adaptadores de Plug de Energia de Redondo para Plano

Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano

Eu had already acquired adapters round to plan in DealExtreme, which were quite useful on a trip to the USA and also when I lived in Canada, with them because I could connect my phone charger Brazilian, at blu-ray drive Also acquired in the external DealExtreme to connect the phone charger Brazilian, the blu-ray drive and other devices with plug sockets round the flat of Canada, resolved to acquire more over these to leave saved for an upcoming trip, since they have a better quality, that is visible from the photos on the website of DX and confirmed in practice.

Adaptadores de Plug de Energia de Redondo para Plano

Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano

Those Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano also accept plugs plans. It may seem idiotic plan to convert plug plug plan, but it is a way of connecting plugs U.S. standard three-prong outlets in the U.S. that do not have the old ground pin. With this adapter, The grounding pin is out and allows connection in making old.

On the side there is an indication that these Power Plug Adapters Redondo for Plano support 10A.

And I'm ending here, wait for the reviews of other products. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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