Strawberrynet: over a successful purchase, this time without tax, with free makeup kit

It's been over a year since I wrote here about my first purchase in At that time, the package was taxed and the tax was 100% reimbursed by, as Another article reported that. Since then there had made new purchases, I ended up making some trips because they had the opportunity to buy perfumes abroad for prices slightly lower than the

But as it seems like “missed me” and the first months of 2010 sent an e-mail promotion, Always near the end of the month, offering a discount 15%, plus a free makeup kit valued at U.S. $ 30,00, addition to the traditional discount 5% na purchase 3 or more products and 1 a 10% discount as extra bonus loyalty.

Giorgio Armani Armani Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.3oz

So, in one of these times I decided to take advantage of the promotion. I chose the traditional masculine fragrance Armani 100ml (Giorgio Armani Armani Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.3oz). The kit is the makeup of toast Pretty Fashion MakeUp Kit 62201: 2x Powder 2x Blush 20x Eyeshadow 5x Lip Color 3x Applicator –. With the discount 15% e but 1% Discount for loyalty, The total price came to £ 170,60, a great price, because only the Giorgio Armani Armani Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.3oz in local stores costs about £ 400,00.

The purchase was made on the day 27/06/2010 and shipped the day following. Reportedly was received in Brazil 12/07 and em 15/07 was already delivered, this time without any tax. I was surprised at how quickly positive, because the whole process took about 2 Only weeks.

The box, and the other time, shaft Sweden. In the written statement came contents “Cosmetics”, or declared value “BRL 170”, and reported as “Gift” (present). If the IRS had opted to tax probably believe the declared value, that the actual value is, the charge 60% and I would have to seek reimbursement as did the other time. The good side is to buy assured knowing that taxing the tax will be refunded. And when it comes taxed, better still, it does not have the inconvenience of having to go get the mail and pay, to be repaid only after.

Pretty Fashion MakeUp Kit 62201: 2x Powder  2x Blush  20x Eyeshadow  5x Lip Color  3x Applicator -

The box once again came up with a bow, perhaps to give every impression of being truly a gift, but we know that does not help much when they resolve tax. Inside the box the perfume came with a small box wrapped in gift paper also.

Like the other time, the Giorgio Armani Armani Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.3oz has all the features of the original, so I have no reason to doubt that he really is. He came properly packaged in cardboard box with all the original features, which was wrapped in a plastic, also with all features of the original sealing it.

O kit maquiagens Pretty Fashion MakeUp Kit 62201: 2x Powder 2x Blush 20x Eyeshadow 5x Lip Color 3x Applicator – This was for my girlfriend, we liked him a lot. It has several components, but it's still very compact thanks to the various levels of case.

Below you can see the trace of the post office for this package:

Data Local Situation
15/07/2010 20:11 CSD (removed) – (removed)/SP Delivered
15/07/2010 10:01 CSD (removed) – (removed)/SP Out for delivery
12/07/2010 16:13 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

And finally some photos of package and products:

Pacote da Strawberrynet, direto da Suécia, com registro e a fitinha de presente

Pacote from Strawberrynet, Direct from Sweden, record with a ribbon and gift

Formulário da alfândega preenchido pela Strawberrynet

Customs form filled by Strawberrynet

O Armani 100ml em papel de presente e o kit de maquiagens

The Armani 100ml in gift paper and makeup kit

A caixa do kit de maquiagens

A makeup kit box

Parte traseira da caixa do kit de maquiagens

Back of the box makeup kit

Perfume Armani 100ml embrulhado pra presente

Armani Perfume 100ml gift wrapped for

Perfume Armani 100ml na caixa original lacrado

Armani Perfume 100ml sealed in box

O estojo de maquiagens

The makeup kit

20 opções de sombra no primeiro nível do estojo de maquiagens

20 shadow options on the first level of the makeup kit

O primeiro nível e o espelho do estojo de maquiagens

The first level of the mirror and makeup kit

O primeiro nível do estojo de maquiagens com as 20 sombras

The first level kit with makeup 20 shades

O segundo nível do estojo de maquiagens com 2 pós e 2 blushs

The second level kit with makeup 2 POS and 2 blushes

O terceiro nível do estojo de maquiagens, com 5 batons e 3 aplicadores

The third level of the makeup kit, with 5 e sticks 3 Applicators

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in, click the link and good shopping. Enjoy that new customers are gaining a Gosh Pearl Shine Lipstick free on first purchase, element is U.S. $ 12,50 tim e 10 color options. ;)

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Bruno Nogueira

Speech, dear!

Very good your blog!

I ended up buying the StrawberryNET and I am waiting for the arrival of my perfumes! I confess that I was also suspicious of the price. It, even before I analyze the authenticity of products, pq has not yet arrived, I say that the appearance is almost impossible to distinguish a good fake from an original. I say this because in New York bought a perfume fake just like my original, and I never knew which was which. No final, fixing the fake was smaller, but the box and bottle strictly equal.
When I get my perfumes can give you a grounding on what I thought.
In most, great job with the blog and a great analysis of our taxes, made by you in another post about StrawberryNET. Share their opinions on the PT, its mobsters, our tax burden and Lula!

Is quiser, me add no msn, always show up there: [email protected]

Grateful and sucesso.
Hugs, Bruno.


Ola loss, whether a perfume is fake or not just send a picture with the bar code and lot number and manufacturer for.


I would like to know more about the refund of tax. How is this done exactly?

Excellent blog.



Hello! In this article you quoted had the opportunity to buy perfumes cheaper than Strawberry. Where did you purchased?


Already bought several things in and recommend. Today I did not buy more because they have cheaper sites. Always accompany the your posts. But I would like to comment something I have seen in various forums: the issue of tribute. Many people complain about being taxed and there complains about the government – there they remember what kind of country they live – but good, import without paying tax is crime, so involving the IRS! What often occurs, and it is not news to anyone, It is that not enough people there to check all packages arriving in Brazil and with this many people do not pay tax when they should and, unfortunately, sometimes there are people who should not pay tribute, They end up having to pay, to be something random. We know we have a lot to change in Brazilian tax system, but I do not imagine that this will happen. However, ask paid tax refund is to ask them to stop sending products to Brazil, What ends up happening to some sites, or behold the most expensive product – if you look this site prices to other countries that summer are cheaper. Oh I will speak: It is fair to ask reimbursement!… Read more "

We would like to know what you think, Leave your commentx