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ShopTo: ModNation Racers

Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the ModNation Racers. This is a kart racing game PS3 exclusive that blends elements of several classics like Mario Kart, where items that can be used during the race to reach the opponents, with elements of classical Little Big Planet, that offers great customization possibilities lot of stages and characters. On ModNation Racers you customize everything, seu piloto, your car, create your own tracks and share them by PSN, etc. Has option to play alone in career mode, play up 4 friends with split screen, play online via PSN, among other options.

ModNation Racers do PS3, na caixa ainda lacrada

ModNation Racers PS3 do, the box still sealed

The possibilities for customization are endless cars and drivers, you can choose to settle in some presets or simply setting out all, entitled to set up their own stickers to put on the car, select from thousands of types of eyes and mouths for your character, etc. Create new leads can also be as simple as going running indicating the path and let the game itself put all the elements randomly, as personalized as the point of choosing where each tree will be.

ModNation Racers do PS3

ModNation Racers PS3 do

But you do not want to create anything? No problem, the ModNation Racers it is still an excellent racing game, easy and accurate piloting. I'm not a big fan of games that abuse drift so you have to use it in every curve. The ModNation Racers has a system of drift quite natural and necessary, it is not necessary in the great majority of the curves, but adds points to a marcardor right corner of the screen, that can be used to drive a turbo or to create a temporary shield against attacks from adversaries. Speaking of attacks? Here come the missiles, pumps, rays, and all the paraphernalia that was successful in Mario Kart and has been copied by games like Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, among others.

Parte traseira da caixa do ModNation Racers do PS3

The back of the box of the ModNation Racers PS3

In career mode you control a character named Tag, but you can use any mod and kart you want to create any, and these will be incorporated into cut-scenes you will see during the game, which are rendered in real-time. Are 28 races, being that you must meet to advance a major goal (normally get at least third) and two optional secondary objectives, which also serve to unlock new items. Every race also has some hidden tokens that can be used to acquire authoring tools.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do ModNation Racers do PS3

Manual e disco Blu-ray do ModNation Racers do PS3

Regarding multiplayer, you can play on two persons sharing the screen in half in better style Mario Kart, Top Gear, etc. Or even 4 people dividing the screen into four. You can also play online racing by allowing 12 players (You and more 11 players online), and can even combine the site with online multiplayer, where 2 players divide the screen and to compete with more 10 players online. In online mode you can make casual or racing in XP mode, where you earn experience points and will increase their level. One downside of this game is that, unlike Little Big Planet, apparently the second player has the option of selecting your profile Playstation 3 to be able to use their mods, and in online races only the first player will add experience points. The career mode is also restricted to a single player, then throwing his girlfriend to the split screen just missing some bigger challenge than just playing individual races.

The ModNation Racers is £ custando 27,85, which equates to just under £ 74,00. The same game costs £ 180,00 a R$ 200,00 Brazilian stores like Saraiva, Ponto Frio, Extra e Walmart; in other words, you can buy two ModNation Racers in ShopTo and still have change, all thanks to the absurd taxes that Brazilians pay (And yet the president has an approval over 80%! It's something you can not understand, Brazilian pay tax greater than that of first world countries, and in exchange has health, security, education, etc. worse than many third world countries. But that's another story…). In any case you have to pay import tax (never happened to me in the shop ShopTo, but it's a risk you run), yet the total cost would be much lower than what is paid in Brazil.

The purchase was made in 06/07/2010, consists arrived in Brazil em 15/07, and on day 19/07 already out for delivery. Prazo excellent, Less than two weeks. Nor was hoping to come so fast and was traveling when he arrived, so there was the three delivery attempts at times that there was no one to receive. With that my girlfriend ended up having to go get the distribution center. No trace appears that the central agency was, but it actually managed to catch him still in CDD. O de carimbó “To Sender” should have been placed by mistake, since he would only return to sender even if I stayed a month in office without being searched. Like all my shopping ShopTo, this was not taxed and there is no stamp of Revenue.

Envelope da ShopTo com o ModNation Racers do PS3

Envelope da ShopTo com o ModNation Racers do PS3

24/07/2010 10:36AC (Removed)Delivered
Recebido by (Removed)
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Address: (Removed)
21/07/2010 17:59CSD (Removed)Recipient Ausente
Referred to internal delivery
21/07/2010 11:55CSD (Removed)Out for delivery
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There will be a new delivery attempt.
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There will be a new delivery attempt.
19/07/2010 10:44CSD (Removed)Out for delivery
15/07/2010 09:22BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XXAwarded
Received / Brazil

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