DealExtreme: USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + BitTorrent client Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola)

Hello friends Skooter Blog, Today I talk about a purchase in DealExtreme de to USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + BitTorrent client (Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer/UPNP Sharing Network LAN Server) and an Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola) (Araldite 5-Minute AB Epoxy Adhesive (Super Glue)).

I found some time this gadget USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client we will call the NS-K330, model, for encurtar. The NS-K330 is a mini-computer with network, may be connected to a router and take a series of functions. One is the role of NAS (Network Storage Attached), that allows him to connect one or more external hard drives, flash drives or other storage devices so that they are shared by all computers on the network. It also makes the function print server, can share a printer with all PCs on the network, this is one of the features that made me buy it. For anyone who does a lot of downloads torrents but regrets having to leave the computer turned on only for that (eletric energy spending), it also has a built-in BitTorrent client for downloading and can get the files to a hard drive or flash drive that is connected to it, leaving the PC free to be turned off.

Servidor USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Impressão/UPNP/Compartilhamento + Cliente de BitTorrent e Adesivo Epoxy AB Araldite 5-Minutos (Super Cola)

USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + BitTorrent client Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola)

Besides all this, You can further expand the possibilities using an alternative firmware, made by independent developers, called SnakeOS. With it have DDNS client, Web server, FTP server, etc. in addition to sharing with samba, the print server, etc. The SnakeOS is based on Linux, so I can connect via terminal (SSH) and even use it to “wake up” my computer with Wake-on-Lan (WOOL) when I need to use it remotely and it entered into stand by. Wake-on-lan packets can be sent locally (the vast majority of routers do not forward the), in order to have the NS-K330 always connected to the local network and accessible via the Internet offers this and other possibilities.

But enough about the NS-K330 for the time being, for he will have a more detailed review in the coming days. Today I will speak just buy the DealExtreme. To buy it I decided to use my DX points accumulated over the more than 2 shopping in years DealExtreme, obtained with photos, reviews and videos sent by DealExtreme, beyond the indirect collaboration of you, the Skooter Blog readers. How can only purchase products with DX Points having a pending application (not yet sent) I decided to buy and pay Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola) to have an open order and be able to use DX Points to order the USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client (NS-K330). A Araldite glue I have not had opportunity to use, and I hope not to have, since no one is happy to have something broken :), but I will do a detailed review when to use it.

The purchase was made in 03/08/2010, I sent a ticket asking to add the NS-K330 on the same day, and so did. Shipping was done the next day, 04/08. Despite the price of cola only be $4,70 USD (U.S. dollars two), and it was just that the total I paid, sending was done registered and received a tracking number. Formerly the DealExtreme only put tracking the actual amount paid was above $15,00 USD, but now seems to also consider the value of the product, even if he has been resgtado with DX Points. The Hong Kong Post indicates that the package left Hong Kong for Brazil in 09/08. No give 11/08 he was already shown as received in Brazil by mail, and on day 16/08 it was delivered. I think this has been the fastest package I have ever received the DealExtreme, they were just 12 calendar days of total time, only 8 days. Day 11/08 as received in Brazil appears to be correct, it left Hong Kong only 2 days before and we have to consider that the flight is not direct. And from there were only 3 working days to deliver at home, in other words, was a release in record time by the IRS, and the mail did his part forwarding the package quickly to my city.

Data Local Situation
16/08/2010 18:10 CSD (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
16/08/2010 08:59 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
11/08/2010 11:35 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

Despite being somewhat beefy, the package was not taxed and there is no stamp of revenue. A DealExtreme now puts the description of the individual items and values ​​for each. A cola came as “PROFESSIONAL” and the NS-K330 came as “NETWORKING”. The value of cola came as $7,43 And the HKD NS-K330 came as $90,84 HKD, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 1,05 and R $ 20,23, respectively. Even the individual weights has been written, 59 grams to cola and 371 grams to NS-K330, a total of 430 grams, that is over-written with a pen as 440 grams. The package also has something written in ink, I managed to decipher “NAS” and a date “12-08-2010” whose number 2 was overwritten with a 6, turning “16-08-2010”. I do not know what that means.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o Servidor USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Impressão/UPNP/Compartilhamento + Cliente de BitTorrent e o Adesivo Epoxy AB Araldite 5-Minutos (Super Cola)

DealExtreme package with the USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + BitTorrent client and the Epoxy Adhesive AB Araldite 5-Minute (Super Cola)

And I'm ending here, if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Allan Rodrigo

Fabricio, I have a doubt here, I have a paypal account, and when I connected the credit card with the account, $ 4 was charged and refunded to the paypall account, as well, I would like to use this R $ 4 ($2,30) to buy any crap, and I don't know how… Could you explain to me how I do this?
Today I bought another product at dealxtreme and $3 and instead of using the money already in the account and paying the rest on the card, paypall charged everything on the card.
I still get a little confused with paypall, so it is best to ask for help for those who understand right.

Allan Rodrigo

Hello Fabricio again, hj got my first package of FocalPrice, 3° purchased product.
Or curious, is that of 4 packages you sent me this was the last will be dispatched…. Dai I ask, this is normal? I can still get others 3 packages?
My other question, after 30 days shopping,I can open such RMA, stating that the product has not arrived and asking them to resend another, or reimburse, even the product concerned not containing tracking?

Another curious detail, It is that you buy $9 (two clocks), shaft as described ”eletronics- $ 3”
There is no stamp of any RF!

Allan Rodrigo

Ok, It is too early to even complain, but the fact is that I can even in cases which have no record!?
How to get the rest of the packages I notice, of course if u unfazed by my posts!
ABCs and thanks again!


Skooter I was looking to buy a device that would most like to know if it accepts download and if I could install a Donwloads tipow management program FREE DOWNLOAD Maneger. ^^


Skooter, estou ansioso por um review deste servidor! Estou tentado a comprar mas vou aguardar os seus comentariosse não for pedir demais tem como vc testar se o download de torrents funciona de verdade?

Dragão da Montanha

o ns-k330 faz downloads tipo megaupload sim. Depois que vc tiver instalado o snake-os, baixe o pacote chroot-debiandepois instale um programinha chamado plowshare. O rapidshare mudou o sistema, e esses dias deu uma parada, mas o resto tá lindo.. e o megaupload e seus zilhões de xxx.. aqui tão baixando a milhão 😉
Qq dúvida, Google é seu amigo 😉


Ow Skooter, like goin download speed torrent of this white box? He comes across your connection? Considering it a good torrent, é clear!


Thanks Skooter.. I'll think more about 'cause if this is the only feature of this NAS there for me. If by some chance u do a test with torrent (it would be great if u do! hehe), u could post here ?


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