DealExtreme: NS-K330 – USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client

Hello friends Skooter Blog, today I speak of NS-K330 – USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client (Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer/UPNP Sharing Network LAN Server) acquired on DealExtreme. I have already spoken of purchase details in the last article, then today speak of the details of NS-K330.

As I said in another article, the NS-K330 is a mini-computer with network 10/100Mbps ports and two USB 2.0. It can be connected to a network directly into a router and take a series of functions. One is the role of NAS (Network Storage Attached), that allows him to connect one or more external hard drives, flash drives or other storage devices so that they are shared by all computers on the network. It also makes the function print server, can share a printer with all PCs on the network, this is one of the features that made me buy it. For anyone who does a lot of downloads torrents but regrets having to leave the computer turned on only for that (eletric energy spending), it also has a built-in BitTorrent client for downloading and can get the files to a hard drive or flash drive that is connected to it, leaving the PC free to be turned off.

NS-K330 - Servidor USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Impressão/UPNP/Compartilhamento + Cliente de BitTorrent

NS-K330 – USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client

The original firmware NS-K330 é quite razoável, offering a range of options, among which all that are cited in the article title. But almost all people who acquire NS-K330 choose to install SnakeOS, an operating system independent developers especially made for NS-K330 (and other compatible devices). I did the upgrade on the first day, then hereafter are the characteristics that describe the NS-K330 to SnakeOS installed. The SnakeOS appears to be quite robust, at the time of writing this article it is already connected to 33 days without restart. Moreover, since installed and configured it never needed to be restarted.

Parte traseira da caixa do NS-K330, mostrando algumas de suas possibilidades

The back of the box of the NS-K330, showing some of its possibilities

The NS-K330 with SnakeOS connected to the router will obtain an IP address if there is a DHCP server on the network (normally há), and you can access it by IP address or simply acquired by snake. In the browser type http://snake to access its web interface. The hostname can be set, so you can change the name snake by whatever suits you best. In the original firmware is the name at the.

I'll try to mention all the resources, and to avoid forgetting some will follow the order of the menu options SnakeOS. The second option is to change the administrator password, in the current version (1.2) still can not change the username. In LAN options you can set up the SnakeOS will get its IP from a DHCP server. You can also configure IP, Netmask, Gateway and DNS servers manually. The first three octets of the MAC address is fixed, but the other three are configurable, so it is guaranteed there will be no problems using various NS-K330 the same network. The web interface runs on port 80 by default, but it can also be modified to taste. Date and time can be ajustamente manually or automatically synchronize with an NTP server.

O NS-K330, com fonte, cabo de rede, cabo USB e manuais

O NS-K330, with source, After rede, USB cable and manuals

The USB ports you can connect pendrives, hard drives or other storage devices to be shared on the network. You can even connect a USB hub and connect multiple devices to it, Then although there are only two USB ports, you will not be limited to two devices. For the web interface you can give a name to each disk, format them and share them.

Now to the menu of services. In it we have the DDNS client. This service is extremely useful for those who have no fixed IP on your internet connection (virtually all home users) but want to have a way to access your PC remotely. You can create an account in DDNS services like No-IP, DynDNS and ZoneEdit (Supported by three SnakeOS). Thus, each time your IP changes, Snake warns that the DDNS server and updates its table. When you want to access your NS-K330, seu PC, etc. remotely using just the address that you created in DDNS service, something like, for example.

O pequeno, mas poderoso NS-K330

The small, but powerful NS-K330

The NS-K330 with SnakeOS also has an FTP server, as anonymous as AUTHENTICATED, so that you can download or upload files to the devices in the storage connected to NS-K330 qualquer using FTP client, both on the local network or remotely.

File sharing on the local network is done with SAMBA, and you can also configure using anonymous access or login / password. The workgroup name can also be specified.

Also available is a server SFTP / SSH to transfer files and access to the island safely. The SnakeOS is based on Linux, so anyone who has knowledge of basic Linux commands will have no difficulty with the command line terminal.

A parte inferior do NS-K330, a etiqueta contém informações úteis (válidas para o firmware original)

The bottom of the NS-K330, the label contains useful information (valid for the original firmware)

With the help of a busybox com o Ether-wake I could create simple commands to send packages Wake-on-LAN (WOOL) for PC. And what good is a WOL package? Explain. All motherboards and modern operating systems have an option of “suspend” (also called “sleep”), placing the computer in a standby state, so that it consumes a very small amount of energy, can turn off almost everything (HD, processor, etc.) keeping only the RAM powered. Thus, when returning from standby, or micro will be ready for use, without requiring a new boot, because the RAM was active and kept the state prior to suspension. You can configure the computer to exit the suspended state by clicking the link or even with a key or a mouse click. But what if you need to access your computer remotely (via internet) and he is suspended? You will call home and ask someone to turn it on? Some network cards offer options to monitor traffic even when the computer is in suspended state, waking him under certain conditions, can be receiving a magic packet (Magic Packet) or certain patterns.

As portas USB 2.0 do NS-K330

The USB ports 2.0 do NS-K330

The choice of patterns is problematic, it is common for other computers / network devices sending packets that end up turning down your computer unnecessarily. The magic packet works, but unfortunately this option only works in local network, because the magic packets are sent over the network for broadcasting, containing the MAC address of the PC to be agreed. The micro identifies this pattern and wakes. And why not an IP packet addressed by? Because the IP address is a logical, and the computer keeps not suspended, most routers do not forward them an IP packet to a micro suspended even if your IP address is explicitly associated with the MAC address. The MAC address, on the other hand, is a physical address, and the router forwards packets to the corresponding network card whenever it is connected (and she keeps the connection with the same micro suspended). Then you can send a magic packet to activate a suspended micro via LAN, but not over the Internet. Internet routers do not forward broadcast packets, for the sake of traffic safety and, so it is impossible to send a packet WOL via internet. A few routers (especialmente with alternative firmware) allow you to configure a specific port that will accept magic packets and forward them by diffusion network, so you could send the packet to the MAC address of the destination and micro-valid IP address of the router, but this option is restricted to a few owners of those routers.

Porta LAN, botão de reset, conector da fonte e LEDs de funcionamento do NS-K330

LAN port, reset button, power supply connector and LEDs operating NS-K330

But with NS-K330 this problem can be solved easily. He can stay connected all the time because it consumes very little energy. Thus, needing to remotely wake up a micro suspended, just connect to or NS-K330 via SSH (remembering to set your router to forward port 22 for the NS-K330) and send the magic packet on the local network with the Ether-wake. Soon, the micro leaves the suspend mode and you can connect to it.

Tela inicial da interface web do SnakeOS

Home screen of the web interface SnakeOS

And now we continue with the features of NS-K330, still in the service menu you can configure a swap file (swap) a storage device, to be used as virtual memory, thus adding 256MB of virtual memory to 32MB of RAM NS-K330.

The standard Syslog messaging is also supported by NS-K330. You can specify a path location or IP address. There is also the Telnet service and a Web server, which can be quite useful for those who want a small website without having to pay for hosting or use free hosting. Not very interested by the Web server at the moment because today Skooter Blog is hosted on a good hosting service U.S. (HostGator), but for a long time it was hosted on a web server that I even had on your old, I had to stay connected all the time. At that time the NS-K330 would certainly be an option to be considered.

O menu com as partições dos dispostivos de armazenamento conectados ao SnakeOS

The menu with the partitions of the connected devices in the storage SnakeOS

The last item of the menu is the service Transmission, the Torrent client which has its own web interface, accessible by default on port 9091 from the NS-K330. At the interface SnakeOS You can do some basic configuration, as the folder to store the torrents, download speeds and upload, and the days and times that the customer must be active. Still not used much Transmission, but he seems to have everything a good torrent client needs.

O terminal do do SnakeOS

The terminal of SnakeOS

Then comes the sharing menu. The first option is to share printers. Simply connect them to one of the USB ports. The form is used to sharing the same one used by HP printers on your network (RAW data on TCP port 9100), so is relatively simple. The only difficulty I had is that Windows does not automatically detect what the driver needed, therefore it was necessary to specify it. The printer that I installed was an old HP Deskjet 930c, that grace the NS-K330 become a network printer and requires no active micro connected as a print server (in fact the NS-K330, that is always on, is playing the role of print server).

Compartilhamento de impressoras no NS-K330 com o SnakeOS

Sharing printers in NS-K330 with SnakeOS

Also in the Share menu you can define multiple folders shares on specific storage devices, setting up shares will read and write or read-only, It specifies that the share is available to everyone or only for some specific user.

And the last menu item sharing is what enables you to include, change and delete users, that apply to the sharing via network, as for FTP. You can specify the directory home each user in FTP.

Monitor de sistema do SnakeOS no NS-K330

Monitor de sistema do SnakeOS no NS-K330

Then, have the system menu. In him we have option to save a file with the settings (for backup), restore a settings file, and restore default settings. The second option shows the device status, with information such as kernel version, IP, RAM total and free, swap Total and free and uptime.

Although the menu systems have an option to view the log, a system monitor which graphically shows the use of RAM, from the swap, the CPU load and the use of disks connected. Finally, the last menu option is used to update the system firmware.

I can conclude that the NS-K330 is an excellent device with many possibilities. For now I'm mainly using the print server and Ether-wake. The file server I already have available in router, but if it had not undoubtedly be using the NS-K330 also, which is one of its main attractions. I'm sure other users will also find much use in the torrent client and other functions.

And I'm ending here, if you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (12/05/2011): added a video showing NS-K330 – USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client (Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer/UPNP Sharing Network LAN Server):

[YouTube width =”490″ height=”390″][/YouTube]

Update (13/04/2012): Added busybox_with_etherwake the request Fabio. For use, unzip the file somewhere in the file system of the NAS and use the command:

./busybox_with_etherwake ether-wake 00:00:00:00:00:00

Replace 00:00:00:00:00:00 the MAC address of the network card of the equipment to be agreed. To facilitate recommend putting this line in a text file and run the file just created.

Update (10/07/2012): My NS-K330 – USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + De BitTorrent client (Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer/UPNP Sharing Network LAN Server) has completed more than one year uptime. He is currently bound by 383 days without restart, as shown in the screen below. Stability impressive hardware and OS Snake.

NS-K330 com mais de um ano de uptime

NS-K330 with more than one year uptime

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Friend, first I congratulate the blog. It is not today that I have also bought the net from other countries, and we exchange these is quite interesting to know that experience to people across the world has a far greater credibility than 'joe the corner'. Incredibly, the largest spill happened was via open market, I've had cases until a seller of India.
But I wonder qto paid for this NAS ? And what value has caught taxing income tax ?
Hugs and thanks.


Olá friend, would like a suggestion for a low but many files by torrent, q need some support chains eD2k, That (eMule, eDonkey, Overnet, etc) you may know me and some q be sold on DX?



Hello, congratulations on the blog, you can do a tutorial explaining how it INSTALLING The Snake ?


Hi good evening, this function to wake up the pc and using the fantastica, q will be you could help me set this up or at least send me a busybox modified MatthewLiong. Nao understand anything linux mas sou curious enough. Already set up the no-ip and know enter in through putty ssh. however think ta q q missing some detail that would be modified busy, pleasure from ja

Carlos Mentioned

Opa, blz? You changed the font? My came with defect, could mend a trail, but I'm not very safe to keep this original source.




Opa blz?
Face, I'm thinking of buying one of these to connect external hard drives.
It transmits enough power to run good if I connect 2 HDs? I researched some print server in Brazil and most need extra energy to function properly.
Welcome, a hug

Elias Angelo Costa

Good Night followed the tip from the site I bought one because my intention is to let him performing downloads via torrent and keep it off note besides connecting it to my two external hard drives of 1TB. But I do not know how to configure the router and called typed (http://nas) the browser and nothing. Could you help me?

Paulo Alves

tb I am with this problem, o meu ns k330, not connect the door to my pc very least with my router.

Elias Angelo Costa

Already I had forgotten this device in the bottom drawer proved to be a useless purchase. Today I tried again to set it up but I can not access the program by typing the IP configuration or written on the bottom of the unit. I read in an article that the trick is to connect the network cables and the last thing is to turn the power but also did not work with me

Elias Angelo Costa

Today I have disabled the DHCP server on my router and NAS still can not be accessed by the browser . Does anyone have a tutorial?

Elias Angelo

Unable to access the configurator used a router and my cousin has it on the menu the sub menu DHCP client list and there was the IP of the NAS upgraded to SNAKE installed packet transmission in order to download torrents stopped there and I can not configure it ?

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Olá skooter!
the source of my burned in K330, which source you recommend me to buy the DX? with plug size equal to or using a converter as shown in this video

Elias Angelo Costa

Behold, after more than a year this topic back to move and my NAS is still completely stopped. Can someone help me with a tutorial?


Thanks for the suggestion skooter
bought one with connector 3.5 x 1.35mm hope it works

Elias Angelo Costa

Good Day Skooter u could help me use the NAS already made several appeals and have not had anyone return. My application would be simple only make downloads via torrent to keep the note off and access my external hard drives via network

elias angel coast

Its remove the snake OS and return to the original system?

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