DealExtreme: Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola)

Hello Skooter Blog readers, today I speak of Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola) (Araldite 5-Minute AB Epoxy Adhesive (Super Glue)) acquired on DealExtreme. Eu falei buy here in this blog about a month ago. I wanted to purchase a USB Server / NAS / FTP / SAMBA / Print / UPNP / Share + BitTorrent client (Standalone BitTorrent BT Client + USB/NAS/FTP/SAMBA/Printer/UPNP Sharing Network LAN Server) com meus DX points, and as you can only purchase products with DX Points having a pending application (not yet sent) I decided to buy and pay for Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola) and then use the DX Points to borrow NS-K330.

Adesivo Epoxy AB Araldite

AB Epoxy Adhesive Araldite

Time passed, eu fiz o review do NS-K330, but did not say more Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola), but not for oblivion, but because I was waiting for an opportunity (indeed a need, since no one likes to have something broken collar) of what used. This is an adhesive 2 components, a resin and a hardener, which harden when mixed in 10 minutes. According to the instructions, after mixing the components, one has 5 minutes for the application, in 10 já ele minutes endureceu, can be used in 3 hours, and further 8 hours already reached its total stiffness.

Note that I had already spoken of a two-component glue of DealExtreme aqui no Skooter Blog, a Cola Two-Component Acrylate 302. The difference is that this was an acrylate glue and this is an epoxy glue. What is the difference? This is a good question for which I have no answer. If you have, please use the comments. I'm guessing that the acrylate work in a wider variety of materials and the epoxy is the strongest, more posso be fooled. The difference is observable that Cola de Acrylate Pussy semi-opaque (or semi-transparent?) Rigid after, with a white shade, while AB Epoxy Glue Araldite FICA fairly transparent. Another notable difference is that Cola de Acrylate has a strong smell, while AB Epoxy Glue Araldite has no smell that I noticed.

The Epoxy adhesive Araldite AB 5-Minutes (Super Cola) can be used, second container, em metal, glass, rigid plastics, wood, ceramic and concrete. Cure rapidly at room temperature (18º – 24º), despite the environment here to be a little warmer than that, and heals more slowly at low temperatures (5° C).

In the package are instructions in English, Chinese and other language I do not know (Arabic?). There's an address on the packaging of England (Duxford Cambridge CB2 4QA England), uma URL “”, whose domain is parking and the brand Huntsman, which is the manufacturer of Araldite. In tubes for enrollment “Manufactured in England”. The Englishman's packaging has typos, but it seems natural enough to have been written by a British. All this made me suspicious that this product may be fake. I could not reach any conclusion. I used to glue metal and so far seems to have worked perfectly, so I think there is a possibility of genuine Araldite, but the question is. The site Huntsman staying in the UK. It is possible to check the packaging of the products in different countries, exists in England and one of Araldite 5 minutes with similar packaging (but not equal, maybe a newer version) in that the DealExtreme, The colors of the tubes are equal. There is no expiration date on the package. Then, at best this product is part of a batch old Araldite genuine, and at worst it is false.

Instruções do Adesivo Epoxy AB Araldite

Instructions Adhesive Epoxy Araldite AB

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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