DealExtreme: Bundled with 10 Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd

Hello Skooter Blog readers. A few weeks ago I talked about the Flash Youngnuo Speedlite YN-468 that did troquei DealExtreme com meus DX points, needs and how I chose to open a request asking for another Bundled with 10 Black Flashlight Keychain 22000mcd, who are always helpful and well baratinhos. It turned out that the Flash Youngnuo Speedlite YN-468 before he was sent in a separate package (and tracking), e so 3 days after the Keychain Flashlight were sent in another package (without a trace), what is a common practice of DealExtreme when a product is missing, so that the customer gets just the products that are available and given a little later that the product was at fault and was sent a few days later.

Chaveiros-Lanterna com LED de 22000mcd

Chain-Lantern with LED 22000mcd

Well, the purchase was made in 16/08/2010 and the Flash Youngnuo Speedlite YN-468 already sent the next day, 17/08, while the keychains were sent in 20/08. The Flash Youngnuo Speedlite YN-468 arrived on 02/09, and the Keychain Flashlight arrived on the day 13/09, declared in a package “LED KEYCHAINS”, declared weight com 80 programs and declared value of $6,69 HKD (Hong Kong dollars). The package was not taxed.

Pacote com 10 Chaveiros-Lanterna com LED de 22000mcd

Bundled with 10 Chain-Lantern with LED 22000mcd

Os Chaveiros-Lanterna com LED de 22000mcd vieram no envelope com plástico bolha e progeidos por mais plástico bolha

The Chain-LED 22000mcd Flashlight with came in the envelope with bubble wrap and bubble wrap for more progeidos

This has the third package Keychain Flashlight that adquiro, so I will not repeat what I said, I point or Article first purchase of the keychain-flashlight for those who want to know more about them. Dessa vez, came with one of keychains problem, I decided to open it but could not fix it. Abri então um ticket no Customer Service Express da DealExtreme, not give 14/09, explaining what happened. No give 17/09 the attendant Chelsea said I could send the keychain to exchange defective or accept a credit $2,00 USD (U.S. dollars two) for my next purchase as compensation:

Hi ,
Sorry for the item being defective.

If you agree ,you can return the defective one to us for a replacement ,ok?

Or you keep it , we give you $2.00 discount as a compensation solve your problem for you well ,ok ?
If you agree,we can keep your money here as your store credit here for your future order ,you can use it add new items to your order at any time.
could you consider my suggestion ?

Best wishes

9 Chaveiros-Lanterna com LED de 22000mcd acesos, e um não quis saber de acender

9 Keychain Flashlight with LED-lit 22000mcd, and one would not hear of light

Of course sending this one back there chaveirinho, because the cost would buy a hundred new chaveirinhos. The Brazilian Post (state government scrapped the PT, that was one of the best post in the world and today is a mess, hanger used for jobs and political favors by “companions”) charge very high rates for international orders (indeed expensive charge for everything, should be to cover costs of corruption). So, I opted for the credit, and has asked that the Chelsea utilizasse to send another product I wanted, a set of 10 Cleaning Pads for Bridge Welder temperature tolerant (Temperature Tolerant Solder Tip Cleaning Pads (10-Pack)). My response was posted at 21/09 and on the same day Chelsea have responded by saying that he had added the 10 Ponta Pads Limpeza Welder in my application:

Ok,I u add one 4683 to your order now.

This order is being prepared for shipment now ,so don’t worry ,just waiting for it patiently,we will ship it to you quickly.
and you will also receive our email notification after we ship.

Any question please feel free to open a ticket to contact us.
Happy every day!

O Chaveiros-Lanterna com LED de 22000mcd que não quis acender

The Chain-22000mcd Flashlight with LED lights that would not

The 10 Cleaning Pads for Bridge Welder temperature tolerant arrived on the day 13/10, but speak of them elsewhere, 'm ending it here. Wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Vc e seus DX points.
It's kind of coisa only u get.
I do not see anyone mentioning that won the DX and the site also is not offering. But congratulations by blog. very good indeed


Opa Fabricio alright? I'm in doubt if I buy a pendrive of dealextreme because of November, Last year the Chinese and the Brazilian post office(pra vary) were in chaos, q I will be your chance to buy this month have received the pendrive?

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