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Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Sports Champions – Move, game that makes use of Playstation Move Controller, control that senses movements in Playstation 3 (the style of the Nintendo Wii). The game comprises 6 Sports modalities: one that blends with Freesbies Golf, uma arc-and-arrow, one sword fighting, one volleyball, one of boules and table tennis.

Sport Champions - Move na caixa ainda lacrada

Sport Champions - Move the box still sealed

The Sports Champions – Move is probably the best game to demonstrate Playstation Move Controller yet, so that was chosen to write the American version of Playstation Move Starter Pack, which also includes a camera Playstation Eye and an Playstation Move Controller. But in the English version of the Sony opted to put only Playstation Eye and an Playstation Move Controller, substituting Sports Champions – Move by a disc with demos.

Capa do Sport Champions - Move para o Playstation 3

Case Sport Champions - Move for Playstation 3

The Sports Champions – Move can be played alone, including 3 tournaments with increasing difficulty in each mode, or can be played in double. Each player can use one or two Playstation Move Controller, in other words, to have the best experience you need four Playstation Move Controller. In terms of freesbie, bocce and table tennis only one is needed; because you will use it to launch the FreeSBIE, the balls or hold the racket, respectively. In the other three modes you can play with only one Playstation Move Controller, but with two gets more fun. In the fight with swords you use a Playstation Move Controller for the sword and one for the shield, if you can only use a button to switch between the two functions. No volleyball each Playstation Move Controller corresponds to a hand, and optionally can use only one control. Finally the bow and arrow you use a Playstation Move Controller to control or bow and arrow outro to control, with only one experience is not so much fun.

Parte traseira da capa do Sport Champions - Move para o Playstation 3

Back cover of Sport Champions - Move for Playstation 3

I initially bought two Playstation Move Controller (I will speak of them in a future article), who arrived shortly after Sports Champions – Move, in other words, I was a few days with the Sports Champions – Move without being able to play it. So when game alone use both Playstation Move Controller, and when playing with his girlfriend each gets a, but already ordered two Playstation Move Controller to get the full experience.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Sport Champions - Move para o Playstation 3

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Sport Champions - Move for Playstation 3

Sports that I liked so far are the ones that give the most complete experience thanks to its features: the FreeSBIE, the bow and arrow and the boules. When you finish a tournament can “perpetuate” the moment a picture with augmented reality. For example: holding a bow when the mode is the bow and arrow (actually holding the Playstation Move Controller which is changed by the arc on the screen. At the same time already appears the option to publish the picture on Facebook for pay the monkey publicly show the feat to friends.

The Sports Champions – Move is the only game that uses the Playstation Move Controller I thought it was worth a buy so far. I took the demo The Shoot, but did not convince me. You may be more fun with the accessory that turns the Playstation Move Controller a pistol, as eat because Hubb, them from Crown, them by Venom and Grab this the. On Sports Champions – Move even play by yourself is fun, we may even miss the grace when I run out goals, which are basically win 3 each mode trophies – There are also items to be unlocked, but as there is no possibility to create own avatar (we have to choose between some predefined) This is boring – but it's all right to play it again from time to time, at least in the two-player mode when the show Playstation Move Controller for someone.

As the inevitable comparison with the Nintendo Wii. I can not compare because I have the Wii and played it quite a few times. But who has the two ensures that the Playstation Move Controller is better than the Wiimote to capture movements, even the Wiimote using the Wii MotionPlus accessory. Add to that the fact that the games are high definition, against the default setting (480p) Wii and have a more promising platform in Playstation 3. But the trend is that good games that use the full potential of Playstation Move Controller linger a little out (as has occurred in the Wii).

Games for Move, I also have the Eye Pet Move, I could download for free on PSN for purchasing Eye Pet original. The Eye Pet is a game that has benefited greatly from the use of Playstation Move Controller, replacing that magic card that leaves no nostalgia. Now I understand why Sony held the launch of Eye Pet U.S. version and launched directly Moves. Anyway I do not regret buying the Eye Pet original, because thanks to Playstation Eye that came with it did not need to buy Playstation Move Starter Pack, for she was of the camera.

Note that o Sports Champions – Move sold on ShopTo is the version for the UK and has only English as a language option. As this is a game “for the whole family” It would be interesting to have the Portuguese, but unfortunately Sony is with this freshness to place in the UK Blu-ray only English, although the disk plenty of room. That's probably a strategy to prevent the rest of the European Union to import from England rather than buying in their own countries, which certainly is because the prices of England (and especially the ShopTo) are always lower than those charged in Spain stores, Portugal, and probably other European countries. Inclusive, I was in a physical store of GAME Spain and the prices there were higher than those of site inglês

The Sports Champions – Move is £ custando 24,85 in ShopTo, equal to or less than R $ 70,00, in other words, less than half of what it costs in Brazil. Fiz has pre-compra na ShopTo in 14/09/2010, and have sent the same day, before the official release. A ShopTo now gives two options for shipping, one of £ 2,50 that does not offer tracking number, and a £ 4,80 that provides a tracking number (What was once the only option). I opted for cheaper, without a trace. The package arrived in 30/09, just two weeks after sending, and was not taxed.

Pacote da ShopTo com o Sport Champions - Move para o Playstation 3

ShopTo package with Sport Champions - Move for Playstation 3

And I'm ending here. To buy na ShopTo just click on the product link in that article. Want a game that is not linked to in Article? Leave your comment will reply with the fastest link possible. Buying through our links you enjoy the excellent prices ShopTo and even helps the Skooter Blog to continue in the air.

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Wanting to really buy the kit of the ps move, you indicate me the for the purchase of items of equipment ? Unfortunately I don't have LCD tv, game in a tube with component video cable, I know it's not going to work the color system, But if I buy a HD AV cable in DealExtreme does it work normal ? I thank the help.


Wave, congratulations for the blog
Please send me the link to the proevolution 2011 the items of!

Thank you!

Gustavo Eltjan

Fabricio Olá,
I am having a problem to create an account at shopto.
This happens, I ask you to create a new account, I put all my data, and as I don't want to use the card cancel, but after that, back to the screen where you have to by the name, password, email.
The q q ta going on?
Thank you

Ricardo Lopes

Beautiful buying Fabricio. But what I didn't ask for the weigh ShopTo was precisely the European Starter Kit without the Sports Champion that doesn't pay anything. Of course a view to what is here in Brazil (569 real) compensates, but the American bundle, is expensive. In your case I've ever had the Eye Toy is a big move. I was just going to buy when I had the opportunity of some acquaintance of mine go to America and occurred this week, brought me a bundle sports champion American. And it comes with the disc of demos, Besides the Sports Champion.
Arrived without problem without tracing? After that I had problems with DX without tracking orders stopped to ask how, even paying more dearly now with the items of.


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