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Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Formula One 2010 (F1),the first game of Formula 1 to take advantage of high-definition graphics of the current generation of consoles. O F1 2010 is an official game of World Championship Formula 1 from 2010, FIA licensed peels, in other words, included all equip as ele, drivers and circuits of the season 2010.

O F1 2010 ainda lacrado

O F1 2010 still sealed

The game modes include Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial, a way online multiplayer where you can test your skills against other pilots, and the most interesting, Career mode, where you start as second pilot of a small team, and slowly evolving career can go up and get the larger teams have chances to be the champ. Furthermore, Can the car go evolving throughout each season, and the first pilot has priority in choosing the improvements, so it is always good to overcome it.

A capa do F1 2010 (PS3)

The cover of F1 2010 (PS3)

The graphics realism and sound of the game is very good, with great fidelity to the slopes of real racetracks. A dynamic control system atmospheric conditions, and possible rain make all the difference in the response of the car. The races include the training and classification. The car has many configuration options, but who does not understand the differences can use some suggestions engineer depending on atmospheric conditions. The pit stops and the compulsory use of two types of tires are also present.

Parte traseira da caixa do F1 2010 (PS3)

Rear Box F1 2010 (PS3)

Drive the car of Formula 1 is not easy, but there are a lot of aid that can be turned on and off for easy riding, according to the player's experience. This includes everything from the best indication of the track layout, even items like traction control and automatic brake.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do F1 2010 (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do F1 2010 (PS3)

On Formula One 2010 (F1), The player also must face the press and answer some questions at the end of qualifying and the race, which also influences how the team treats the pilot.

The sound of the engines seems very well worked. The soundtrack is also very interesting, não empolga to do as much as CLÁSSICO Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II do Mega Drive, but fulfills its role well and fits well with the style of play.

Running all 19 League races already ensures that the game will last for a long time. Whereas the career mode offers career opportunities 3, 5 or 7 seasons, have to run to 133 great prizes to complete it. By default, each race has a duration of 20% the size of the real racing, but obviously you can choose to increase or decrease that time even to the full extent of the race.

Por fim, this is not a show you want to review all aspects of Formula One 2010 (F1), then recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the game's look at the reviews of IGN and by GameSpot.

The Formula One 2010 (F1) on sale at ShopTo has option of multiple languages, but the Portuguese is not among them. Therefore, it is advisable to know a little English (or Spanish, Italian, German, French) to understand menus, adjustments, etc. and messages that the engineer through the radio. Note that no Portuguese version of the game even in Brazil or Portugal, then there is no point in looking for another store.

No Brasil, the Formula One 2010 (F1) is costing in the range of U.S. $ 150,00 a R$ 200,00. In ShopTo the price is £ 31,85, equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 90,00. Fiz has pre-compra na ShopTo not give 17/09/2010 and on day 20/09 the game was sent, 3 days before the official release, as usual. A ShopTo now gives two options for shipping, one of £ 2,50 that does not provide tracking number, and a £ 4,80 that provides a tracking number. I opted for the cheaper, without a trace. The package arrived in my hands the day 11/10, about three weeks after sending, and was not taxed.

Envelope da ShopTo com o F1 2010 (PS3)

Envelope da ShopTo com o F1 2010 (PS3)

And I'm ending here. To buy na ShopTo just click the link of the product that is in Article. Want a game that is not linked in article? Leave your comment with the link that will answer ASAP. Buying through our links you take advantage of the excellent prices ShopTo and still helps Skooter Blog to continue the air. Unfortunately many people knew ShopTo através do Skooter Blog, but do not use our links, and so the task of writing the articles not just compensating. As there is enough time to do all reviews (see that this is already dating a month late since the arrival of Formula One 2010 (F1)), we are considering prioritize reviews of other shops and leave the ShopTo to the end of the queue or even not make them.

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