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Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Playstation Move Motion Controller, control that senses movements in Playstation 3 (the style of the Nintendo Wii). I did pre-order one of the ShopTo before release, and the other bought shortly after launch.

Caixas dos dois Playstation Move Motion Controlllers

Caixas dos dois Playstation Move Motion Controlllers

As I already had a Playstation Eye, Playstation's camera 3, that came along with my Eye Pet, did not need to buy Playstation Move Starter Pack, which is composed of a Playstation Move Motion Controller, a camera Playstation Eye and a Blu-ray player with game demos that use the accessories. Thus, I opted for the purchase of two Playstation Move Motion Controller. The two games I have at the moment are: the Sports Champions and I bought at ShopTo already talked here on Skooter Blog, and the Eye Pet Move, I could download it for free on PSN UK, because it was offered for free to everyone who already has Eye Pet. Both games that I do not need the Playstation Move Navigation Controller, thus postponed until his purchase really necessary.

Lateral da caixa dos dois Playstation Move Motion Controllers

Lateral da caixa dos dois Playstation Move Motion Controllers

Do Sports Champions I've talked a lot about it in the article, so I will not repeat myself. Regarding Eye Pet Move, this was much better with the Playstation Move Motion Controller than with the magic card that came in Eye Pet original. It seems that the motion control was what was needed to convince the game. As I said in Article from Sports Champions, I now understand why Sony took the release of Eye Pet U.S. version and launched directly Moves. Anyway I do not regret buying the Eye Pet original, because thanks to Playstation Eye that came with it, did not need to buy Playstation Move Starter Pack.

Parte traseira das caixas dos dois Playstation Move Motion Controllers

The back of the box dois Playstation Move Motion Controllers

Also I downloaded two demos: The first is the The Shoot, but he did not convince me. You may be more fun with the accessory that turns the Playstation Move Controller a pistol, as eat because Hubb, them from Crown, them by Venom and Grab this the. Or perhaps it is the case of technology Playstation Move Controller be more suitable to detect even movements, instead of knowing exactly what point you're aiming at the screen. Mathematically, I believe it is possible to know exactly where the person is pointing using the position of the colored ball Playstation Move Motion Controller (As peels Playstation Eye) The slope and the Playstation Move Motion Controller (measured by the), but the fact of getting moving a crosshair on the screen to know where you're pointing to the idea that business is not as accurate so. Suddenly the technology of Light Phaser Gun Master System is still better for this particular type of application, But it does not work on LCD TVs, and even in CRT she was no longer perfect, because in my Sharp TV the years 70/80 she already had a certain displacement, always right (site targeted to where the shot actually appeared).

O primeiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, sua alça e seus manuais

O primeiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, his handle and his hand

The other demo that was downloaded Kung Fu Rider, I could hardly play because I could not navigate the menus. O DualShock 3 does not function to control menus, maybe it compulsory to wear Playstation Move Navigation Controller, which is weird, because the games released before Playstation Move Controller and that updates have to support it, like Heavy Rain and the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, there are reports that work perfectly with DualShock 3 instead of Playstation Move Navigation Controller, just being more uncomfortable to handle the DualShock 3 with one hand, while Playstation Move Navigation Controller is specifically made for this purpose.

Dois Playstation Move Motion Controller, e suas respectivas alças e manuais

Dois Playstation Move Motion Controller, and their handles and manuals

Ultimately, I was very pleased with the Playstation Move Motion Controller, mainly by Sports Champions which is quite fun and makes excellent use of controls. No doubt this will be the game that you will use to demonstrate Playstation Move Motion Controller, at least until the platform to consolidate and begin to appear more well-crafted games, because the first wave seems to have been done hastily through to enjoy the launch and has many bad games. But the same thing happened to Wii, the first games were modest and only appeared after the games that really explored the full potential of motion control.

Lado a lado os dois Playstation Move Motion Controller

Lado a lado os dois Playstation Move Motion Controller

But let the data of purchases. The first qualifying purchase Playstation Move Motion Controller eu fiz em 14/09/2010 and got a good buddy of £ precinho 27,85, what amounted to about U.S. $ 75,00, a great price, especially considering that here in Brazil the same Playstation Move Motion Controller custa absurd R $ 230,00. The transmission has been done on days 15/09, before the official launch in the UK and North America. No give 16/09 already ordered the second Playstation Move Motion Controller, now with the price a little higher, £ 29,85. This was sent on the same day. I opted for shipping without tracking number in both cases. Both arrived in 13/10, little less than a month. Interestingly arrived more than a week after Sports Champions, that stood on that account and could not be tested until the day 13/10. Until F1 2010, that was sent after, ended up arriving before, which is quite common in international purchases, diga-se of passagem, but I always like to remember because often new buyers are desperate to buy one or two weeks delay. Both you Playstation Move Motion Controller were not taxed, even the box is a little big.

Os dois pacotes da ShopTo com os dois Playstation Move Motion Controllers

The two packages from ShopTo with two Playstation Move Motion Controllers

And it seems that Sony underestimated sales Playstation Move Motion Controller, and he ended up missing shortly after launch. I decided to buy a couple more for power play Sports Champions two people, each with two Playstation Move Motion Controller, which is not obligatory, but it makes the experience more fun, and I ended up having to wait a long time for sending the other two, who now are on the way. But even now in November the Playstation Move Motion Controller are not as easy to find, production due to low demand and high.

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And I'm ending here. To buy na ShopTo just click the link of the product that is in Article. Want a game that is not linked in article? Leave your comment with the link that will answer ASAP. Buying through our links you take advantage of the excellent prices ShopTo and still helps Skooter Blog to continue the air.

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Wave,Achei seu Site por so,and liked him well…
I always shop at dealextreme!!

mas never used shopto,he and secure it???
kind of wanted to buy the kinect xbox,I found a good price 129,99
vc recommendations???think qa chance to pay higher taxes due and the price and size???

Allan Rodrigo

Aiolos, ShopTo not send products to large…
Only some games and accessories, as control!
Sim a ShopTo é 100% safe!, you have the option to pay via paypall, and have the option for registered freight, what do prevents much being lost, but if you happen, Deal as well as, I believe that you can be reimbursed….
Now you want to buy Kinect, esprimenta á
In another related blog will only games, one member bought the call of duty 2 com or Oculos to see not escuro, and the box was pretty big….
But he opted for the more expensive shipping, $100…
For questions regarding the obvious and not Skooter Blog post the blog where it happened….
But I'm sure they send to Brazil. The risk of being taxed is 90% …

PS. Fabricio case you do not want links from other stores, I apologize, and please turn off your comment.


And to the people blz? I have a doubt about the shop the shop to. I wonder if you guys already had some purchase taxed and if I bought several games at the same time a chance to be taxed would be greater. A hug and congratulations for the blog


Thanks for the answer!!!
and q true even ShopTo not send large products,pq po .. more??
I read there that products based on the weight and larger,to send???
q but they will be send freight is expensive for a kinect??

and that estarland,tbm and reliable,I did not “risk of being taxed is 90% ”
as well


Allan Rodrigo

I was never taxed on ShopTo….
Na Focalprice ja tive iten extraviado…
The chance to be taxed when a product is always very large increases, even in countries that claim to value shipping, or is 100% sure u will be taxed, but if I were to buy the Kinect anywhere, I already deixadia extra money to pay taxes….
to be reliable about this shop, try google people reporting their experiences…

Felipe Pragana

Kung Fu Rider for work or, puts the moves with id 7 settings.. is a bug in the game..


Felipe Pragana

So I was wrong, the pattern is 7 and q has to change 6. I thought it was the opposite..
tries there and then tell me if able..
the game is too crazy..


face, vc is not taxed on any purchase through this site ai?


Hello Fabricio. I would like to remedy a doubt: which method of controlling recharging? I know I have to buy a charger separately, but no other way? I thank!


Opa, Fabricio earned! Another economics!


I tried to register on Sendto but he asks to provide a credit card. Predendia use Paypal on future purchases. I was afraid to provide data from my card. The Sendto is reliable?


Queia corrigir, Sendto but is not ShopTo.


Ok Skooter,
What I found odd is the fact that the initial registration have to provide the data card. Way to go?
I thank your attention.


Thank you for the clarification.


venal scooter… Once again congratulations on a job well done on the blog…
let my doubt ????

MAKE time you want to buy the move, but with these prices in Brazil impossible. I want to buy a pack – cam, move + sports champion – and also a second move to play versus. What do you recommend for me:

pack or buy the items separately? I am now without access to ShopTo(I'm at work and is blocked), but I think the value will be around $150,00, convertendo hoje R $ 250.00. Great price. Now if taxed'll pay a few more $ 200.00, reaching R $ 450.00 and there is infeasible, since the same package with the $ 500.00 in stores SP (Santa Iphigenia – logical), package with prompt delivery and installment. Oh yeah one more doubt, parceling them no paypal? and what do you think of the store open the box and send me items separately?

Face, I thank the help!!

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