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ShopTo: Fifa 11 (PS3)

Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Fifa 11, The classic football game that received its 18th edition, that has gone through dozens of different systems, Also since the Master System classics, Mega Drive and Super Nintendo to the current generation of consoles with Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, Windows, Nintendo DS and other.

Fifa 11 (PS3) ainda na embalagem lacrada

Fifa 11 (PS3) still in the sealed bag

You should not make radical changes in the team that is winning, some? So Electronic Arts chose only improve Fifa 10 alguns em aspects, but without moving much in gameplay, so anyone who has played the Fifa 10 will not have any difficulty with the Fifa 11.

Fifa 11 (PS3) com a capa na versão inglesa: Kaká e Rooney

Fifa 11 (PS3) with hood in English version: Kaka and Rooney

The positive developments include a new system of passes and the ability to play as a goalkeeper for the first time in series of games. The way Coach was replaced by the Career mode, where the player can play the career as coach, player, or both at the same time. The cover of the English version, available from ShopTo, has photos of Rooney and Kaka.

Parte traseira da caixa do Fifa 11 (PS3)

Back FIFA case 11 (PS3)

Licensed Brazilian clubs are: Atlético-PR, Atletico-MG, Botafogo, Corinthians, Cruise, Flamengo, Fluminense, Guild, Palmeiras, Santos, Sao Paulo and Vasco. The others are with names like I. Porto Alegre (International) or C. Northeast (Ceará).

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Fifa 11 (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Fifa 11 (PS3)

Now the bad points, which are not few, Electronic Arts once again screwed up and ignored the Brazilians in the stories and comments. Brazilians will have to settle with the narration and commentary of the Portuguese Hélder Conduit and David Carvalho, the same as those Fifa 10. And that for those who buy the game on English version (being sold in ShopTo), for who buy in Brazil in addition to paying the triple will have to settle with the narration in English. This is the respect that Electronic Arts has by Brazilian, in other words, no.

To make matters worse, the game has a bug that does not allow online play with the game in Portuguese and a PSN account ID with the country set to Brazil. Doing this, the game can not load the terms that must be accepted before play online, and the only option that appears is to not accept, in other words, you can not play online. As a solution, there are only two options: select the English language to start the game, and live with menus in English; or create / have an account in English PSN and play with it. Both options have their drawbacks, with the first you will not have menus in native language (despite the terms in Portuguese of Portugal) with which we are used. The second option has the drawback that their trophies will be in another account, and your friends will have to be added in new account.

And there is a possibility of this bug be fixed? If Electronic Arts had some respect for Brazilian I would say yes. But as they have not, I believe it is impossible to. Also because, for eles, the Brazilian version is the US, that does not have the Portuguese language, and so the bug will never occur in this version, because it will automatically with the first solution (use the game in English). Apparently what the game does is look for the term in the language in which game is and PSN ID region. If the PSN ID is English and the game is in Portuguese, the game search terms in European Portuguese. If the PSN ID is Brazilian and the game is in English, he seeks the terms in American English. But if the PSN ID is Brazilian and the game is in Portuguese, he seeks the terms in Brazilian Portuguese, which simply do not exist.

Another annoying thing is that to activate the online mode you must enter a code that comes with the game. This code must be sent with the PSN ID English in the case of the English game, but from there you can play with PSN ID from any country you can play online (except the case that causes the bug). The boring is that if you sell the game, the buyer will have to pay to play online, because the code has already been used on your Playstation 3. And the same applies if you buy Fifa 11 second hand, you will have to pay to play online because the previous owner probably used the code on the Playstation 3 his.

Ultimately, the note from Electronic Arts is zero disregarded Brazilians again. Is not it funny that you have to buy the Fifa 11 in England to have Portuguese (even if it is Portugal) because the Brazilian version is in English only? That's right, in England where English speaking you have the option of putting in Portuguese, but in Brazil where they speak Portuguese you only have English. Trophy Joinha to Electronic Arts! And all this happening in the same year that Konami released PES 2011 with narration Silvio Luiz and Mauro Beting comments, giving due weight to the participation of Brazilians in the video game market, especially at football games.

It's a shame that game by game, the Fifa 11 is even better than the PES 2011, although the latter showed improvements in recent years (I'm sorry fanboys of PES). But of course this is just my opinion, as many preferred the PES 2011. It also has its virtues and disadvantages, but I will speak of them in a separate article on the PES 2011 coming soon. But already advance that got mine PES 2011 in eStarland (US store, game in the American version), and that he is here and has the account of Silvio Luiz and Mauro Beting comments, as expected. In most, many do and sincerely hope that the PES 2012 is better than FIFA 12, or at least Electronic Arts, that “betrayed the movement of games in Portuguese in Brazil, bro”, again include the native language in the FIFA series.

And let the data of purchases. I pre-order the Fifa 11 not give 27/09/2010, and the next day the ShopTo has done sending, three days before the official launch in Europe, which was scheduled for 01/10. No give 13/10, only two weeks after, I already had the game in hand, what surprised me. I opted for the cheapest shipping and no tracking code. The package was not taxed. At least so far, more than a dozen packages ShopTo, none were taxed.

Envelope da ShopTo com o Fifa 11 (PS3)

Envelope ShopTo with FIFA 11 (PS3)

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