DealExtreme: Package c / 100 Mini Colorful Dice (Super Mini Dice (Colorful 100-Pack))

Hello Skooter Blog readers, Today I talk about Package c / 100 Mini Colorful Dice (Super Mini Dice (Colorful 100-Pack)) acquired on DealExtreme na purchase reported in the last article and which also included a Rádio HT Quansheng Walkie-Talkie Multi-Banda VHF/UHF, Dual Frequency, VOX com, Lanterna and FM radio (Dual Frequency Display Multi Band Walkie-Talkie with VOX/Flashlight/FM Radio (VHF/UHF)) acquired with DX Points.

Pacote com 100 mini-dadinhos coloridos

Bundled with 100 mini colorful dices

As I said in Another article, there no distant 2008 I had purchased a package of these for my girlfriend. How are these dices baratinhos (only $2,20 USD - U.S. dollars two), and the whole package is small enough not to add volume in package Rádio Quansheng HT, I decided that would be the ideal product to order necessary to add a product with DX Points (they only open added in order).

Os 100 mini-dadinhos no pacote em que vieram

The 100 mini dices in the package it came in

The dices have only half a centimeter side, in other words, are too small for practical applications. You can not play Monopoly, ludo or (enter your board game that uses data favorite here) them, they are small, light and fast, and easily lose. So I believe that the best use for them is the spruce. As I said in Another article, perhaps leaving them scattered among the toys I'll have in a display in my home in some distant future. Since it is a hermetically sealed display for filling powder and give the most trouble to clean; or even open, but in a country where the windows are closed almost all year because of the cold and the dust does not enter.

Tamanho dos 100 dadinhos quando comparados a uma moeda de R$ 1,00

Size of 100 dices when compared to a currency £ 1,00

On the other hand, the dices may even be useful in practice. Você sempre tem aquele amigojoselito sem noçãoque resolve jogar os dados bem em cima do tabuleiro, fazendo com que todos os peões, houses and hotéizinhos your Monopoly leave flying. In this case, small and light dices would minimize the damage. There are also reports of who put them in aquariums, because interestingly (word exists?) they can sink or float, and to switch between states as fish movement.

Os 100 dadinhos em 20 grupos com 5 dadinhos cada, para facilitar a contagem

The 100 dices in 20 groups 5 dadinhos each, To facilitate counting

In one of the photos you see the 100 dices next to a currency £ 1,00 to have size notion of them. In another you see them in small groups of five dices each, confirming that really came 100 dices. The other time came 102, vieram dois de brinde 🙂. The colors are assorted and count how many dices came from each color is as an exercise for the reader. 🙂

For the geeks readers, I suggest also count on how many photos are data each side (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) facing up. As my housekeeping was random, é esperado que hajam 16,6666… (simple periodic tithe) data in each position, in each of the photos. Values ​​that escape much of this may mean that the dices are addicted. It, finally, you can also calculate whether a correlation exists between the colors and the face shown. It, please, share these and other useless statistics in the comments. 🙂

Here E shut. Wait for the review of Rádio Quansheng HT in the coming days. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Skooter… tenho um uso interessante para esses dadinhos
tem um tipo de nó que se faz com um pedaço de corda chamado monkey fist.. mas para ficar bonitinho, normalmente se usa uma base dentro, um dado, uma bola de gude, uma bola de golfe, depende do tamanho que vc quer..

e esses dadinhos me parecem perfeitos para isso!

a propósito, vai ficar com todos eles? não quer repassar alguns? =D


Acompanho sempre seus posts. Muito bons.
I have a doubt, talvez voce possa ajudar.
How do I know the amount of DX points that a product requires,
You cite that waited to have enough points to buy the Radio.
Where has how many points are required for each product


Thank you.


how do I buy?

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