eStarland: PES 2011 – Pro Evolution Soccer (PS3)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about my first purchase in eStarland, game store video game that sends the USA through to Brazil. The game is purchased PES 2011 do Playstation 3 (PS3), the newest version of the classic Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer, Also known by his name in the Japanese version: Winning Eleven. A U.S. version of PES 2011, sold in eStarland, account with the account of Silvio Luiz and Mauro Beting comments, while English version sold by ShopTo, English is only. This is why I have chosen to try eStarland desalination vez.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer ainda lacrado

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer ainda lacrado

A eStarland already is an old acquaintance of mine, but had never bought anything there because the ShopTo always be cheaper, both in games and in freight. Thus, a eStarland only worthwhile when the buyer wishes of the American version of the game. This is the case of games like PES 2011, It came out with different stories in different locations around the world. A eStarland should also be useful for those who have XBox 360, who can not use English games because of regional lock, and so is restricted to North American releases. Despite higher prices than ShopTo, prices eStarland still are on average half of what you pay for the same game in Brazil, thanks to absusivos taxes and profits of middlemen.

Purchases in eStarland can be made with good, Old and secure PayPal, or can be made directly with the international credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Recommend PayPal, allowing the conversion into Reais at the time of purchase (Beware of banks dump type Ita that the value for reconvertem dollars for real again after) and prevents any requests additional documents, forming part of the verification process eStarland to prevent fraud.

In eStarland are four types of cargo to Brazil, they are:

  • Brazil – Regular Delivery by $10,00 USD
  • Brazil – Priority Delivery for $14,00 USD
  • Brazil – Express Delivery by $26,00 USD
  • Brazil – Priority Delivery with Tracking by $ 22,00 USD

All freight are made by USPS (United States Postal Service, the United States Postal Service). The first (Regular) delay 7 a 21 days, depending on the customs release. Not have tracking and insurance has the declared value. The second type is the Priority (Priority), who delay 6 a 14 days, depending on the customs release, and there is no trace option, and, insurance is also included to the value declared in the package. Finally, the fastest way is to Express (Express), that cam 4 a 6 days, have tracking and insurance in the amount stated in the package.

In short, everyone has insurance, but only for the value declared in the package, because the buyer has the option of asking for them to declare a lower value. The tracking is only available in the two most expensive freight, express and priority with tracking. Note that the period can be estimated by eStarland, but can take longer, especially at this time of end of year, where post office and customs are burdened.

There is also an option called “Per-Pack Service”, wherein the entire package is customized, handwritten both the package when the customs form, with sender being individual and gift option. All this to try to make the pass package through customs without being taxed. The cost of this service is $3,00 USD to regulate packet and $5,00 USD to express or priority package.

I ended up opting for cheaper freight, “Regular Delivery”, without a trace, and no I used the option “Per-Pack Service”. At the time of purchase is possible to pass instructions to the shop, as the value you want it to be declared, but not filled nothing and let all their criteria.

The purchase was made in 21/10/2010, and sent the same day, and got em 22/11/2010, approximately one month later (first attempt of delivery 19/11), within estimated maximum 21 days. The package was not taxed. Although I did not ask, the sender was placed as an individual, the “Luiz Santos”. I believe they have a list of common Brazilian names and put one of them randomly on every purchase. Then, my little friend, Luiz Santos, stated on the Customs form that the content was a “DVD Movie” (Movie DVD) no value $25,00 USD, this value and description was their discretion, because I did not ask anything. Note that all this is printed on a large self-adhesive label, which leaves the tip of which is an automated process, and probably a store, but still was not taxed. Moreover, yet never had any taxed game, but I can not tell if packets from the United States has more chance of being taxed that of England, or if it's the same thing. Who wants all handwritten and a Type customs form that people catch the USPS and fill in the time of shipment, You must select the “Per-Pack Service” and pay the extra fee. The same goes for tracing options. I have no issue tracking, I think only increases the chances of taxing, but who does should opt for freight that offer.

Pacote da eStarland com o PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

EStarland package with PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

Note that despite regular shipping be without trace, there is actually rather a tracking code in the package, however eStarland does not tell. The “Regular Delivery” is nothing more than the “First Class” do USPS, that have tracking, But enough incomplete. Once the package arrived I took the code and put in the USPS website, and behold tracking:

Label/Receipt Number: 8 LN07— 876U S
Class: First-Class Mail International
Service(s): International Letter
Status: Processed through Sort Facility

Your item was processed through and left our CHICAGO, IL 60688 facility on October 24, 2010. The item is currently in transit to the destination. No further information is available for this item.

Detailed Results:

Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, October 24, 2010, 11:48 at the, CHICAGO, IL 60688
Bullet Shipment Accepted, October 22, 2010, 6:19 pm, FAIRFAX, VA 22031
Bullet Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 21, 2010

In other words, there appears that the package was actually posted on 22/10 and he left Chicago in 24/10, but there is no information that he is destined to Brazil or who left the United States.

Rastreamento do pacote com frete regular no USPS

Package tracking with regular shipping in USPS

The Brazilian Post the package is scanned only when going out for delivery, nothing appears on arrival in Brazil:

Data Local Situation
22/11/2010 20:15 CSD (Removed) Delivered
Recebido by ??? RG: ???
22/11/2010 12:03 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
19/11/2010 18:57 CSD (Removed) Recipient ausente
There will be a new delivery attempt.
19/11/2010 12:13 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery

It is understandable that the eStarland put this as freight without trace, because the tracking is really incomplete. And they probably do not provide the code to prevent more daring buyers become pentelhando them because the package does not appear that left the United States or who arrived in Brazil. Then, in practice, it is as if the package were not tracked, some? Not exactly, not be scanned by center distribuição, this package is treated on site as registered mail, and therefore require signature for delivery. For some this is an advantage, who has no mailbox does not like to see their packets thrown on the floor, maybe even wet by rain. But for others it is a major inconvenience for, without having at hand the code, can not know when he left for delivery and wait for the postman, especially when the person is waiting for a package that would supposedly not registered, unaware that he actually has a record. So is the hint: unlike ShopTo, where the freight without trace (cheapest) has no record and no subscription, the freight eStarland without a trace (cheapest) has a record (that you will not be informed) and the package will need to pay for delivery.

Those who follow the blog know that Skooter usually speak of the product, after purchase. Here reversed the order because it is the first purchase in eStarland, and it was appropriate to first present the store. Now that the store is already properly presented, let's talk about PES 2011.

For the first time Konami decided to launch a Pro Evolution Soccer with narration in Portuguese, and made the excellent choice of Silvio Luiz for narration and Mauro Beting for comments. Who grew up watching football games on Bandeirantes (prior to monopolize all Globe) remember the stories of Silvio Luiz, fleeing the standard for being different and funny. Several of his catchphrases are on PES 2011: “Eye on lance”, “For the love of my children”, “The Prophet's beard”. When a player is picking up the ball, can hear a “Right, gives him, was, gives him”. When you kick the ball above the goal can hear a “Assim vai derrubar o São Jorge do cavalo”. Uma pena que o sonoroÉééééééque substitui o grito de gol não seja acompanhado do nome do clube, and that “Foi, was, was, foi elenão seja acompanhado do nome do jogador. Apparently it would be complicated to record the names of all the teams and players.

A capa do PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer - versão americana

The cover of PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer - American version

One must also consider that the staffs in a real game are legal because the narrator knows Dosa them. In a video game is more complicated, na hora de gravar o Silvio Luiz não sabe quantas vezes a situação que dispara um bordão pode acontecer no jogo, then it may happen that a certain staff be repeated many times in a match and get this annoying, but fortunately it did not happen while I was playing.

Ultimately, play with the narration of Silvio Luiz and comments Mauro Beting was a great move Konami. Sometimes there is a delay in the narration, but this also happens in the Fifa 11. No doubt Konami is to be congratulated for customizing the game for Brazilian, unlike its rival Electronic Arts, who prefer to stay with mimimi complaining of low sales, piracy, etc. to justify the ridiculous attitude to launch in Brazil a football narrated in English only. I hope that Konami sale quite this PES 2011 to justify the investment in the work of Silvio Luiz and Mauro Beting (and all the staff who worked in that location of the game) to PES 2012 even better. And I hope you do not forget to compute imports in sales to Brazil, since many of those who buy original games do abroad, due to the crazy prices that practiced in Brazil through taxation. It would be unfair if such sales were computed for the United States (in the case of eStarland) or England (or YPFSF will continue his ShopTo), Brazilians because we do not blame if our leaders are a bunch of corrupt morons, that need to charge the most expensive taxes in the world to fill their own pockets, and use what little is left to offer health, education and poor level security. We pay first-world taxes and have poorer service than many other third world countries.

Verso da capa do PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

PES cover of verse 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

The PES 2011 had several improvements over the PES2010, the differences are larger than those of the Fifa 10 for the Fifa 11, for example. And this is quite justifiable, as who is chasing prejudice is that need to risk more, innovate more. Moreover, this is something that has happened to the two companies: when the FIFA absolute reigned Electronic Arts relaxed and Konami PES innovated and passed in front. Over the years was that Konami relaxed, just innovating bit of a PES to another and there was Electronic Arts that has innovated in FIFA and eventually retaking the lead. I believe that this competition is very positive, because both games end up evolving much more than if there were only a game and the software house were accommodated in the lead. No competition would still be playing Soccer's skin (is! exagerei…).

Manual e disco Blu-ray do PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

Manual e disco Blu-ray do PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer

But game by game, football for football, still think Fifa 11 still in front. There are those who disagree, most fanboys, others because really appreciate more the style PES 2011, but my opinion is that the Fifa 11 still better. It has a huge bag of defects as I described in FIFA Article 11, have to play in English or be required to create account in Europe is an extreme imbecility of incompetent (at least in this regard) Electronic Arts. Have to settle for the account of the Portuguese (and that if you buy the game in Europe, buy in Brazil or that has) is a tremendous lack of respect for the Brazilian consumer. Mas o fato é que excluindo esses fatoresextra-campo”, the game itself is better.

Could not finish the article before quoting some characteristics of PES 2011, then they go, some positive and others negative:

  • Setting the pass is sometimes unnecessarily difficult, and it ends up encouraging the player trying to dribble around the world. Okay to stay going from side to side dozens of times without ever err is also surreal, but really needed to be so hard?
  • Comecei jogando uma Copa Libertadores no nível “professional” (average), after two goalless draws lost on penalties (that seem to be impossible to hit, not got the hang). Mudei então pro nívelamador” (easiest), and now was soon winning the first game of a 12 x 0. Passei então prosemi-profissionale ficou um nível mais agradável de jogar, provavelmente ficarei nele até me sentir bom o suficiente para voltar para o “professional”.
  • The players are well-crafted, is much easier to identify faces and even physical players in PES 2011 than Fifa 11, at this point Konami worked better.
  • You can not play with all the Libertadores teams in online mode. For example, my glorious St. Paul can only be used in Libertadores, I can not use it in online games or other championships. This prevents a St. Paul X Barcelona, Sao Paulo X Milan, Sao Paulo X Liverpool, which is ridiculous, especially considering that such games have happened in real life and the São Paulo won all three, tornando-se o único clube brasileiro tri-campeão do mundo 🙂 . This was a huge trampled ball Konami, I do not know if there was any contractual restriction, but shame.

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop in eStarland, Direct U.S., click here and good shopping.

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Luiz Henrique

Do you have any email where I can contact you and take some questions. Was into buying at but know the procedure de la.


Fabricio, you won't even believe(nor I believed at the beginning). I bought a PS3 160 GB at eStarland(the only model that has) and he came home without being taxed for the recipe. I put in the shopping cart the whole be handwritten address. Furthermore, they put in the role of imports which was a video game used, no valor de US$ 85.00. Of course if it were lost would be paid only this value for insurance. Ah, in another purchase for there too(a game and a control) also without being taxed. I don't know why, but when I bought a GPS for the DX was taxed, and the PS3 that the box is much bigger was not. Must be that the DX is more targeted for the recipe than eStarland…
I would like to leave here my satisfaction blog(and also eStarland, Since she has a “program” specific to product shipping to Brazil.).

Wander MorenO

Good evening friend, all good?

Tonight, After putting the fabulous in attack of the Tricolor

Acknowledging that there was no way to play a match between

A team of freedom fighters against one of other alloy,

I made one last attempt and it worked!

I started the Master League, and I chose Barcelona as a team,

Then I went in Copa Libertadores, J1 vs with

And when choosing the time of the machine, I selected what I was

No meu Save da Master Liga, ou seja o Barcelona 😀

Perdi a primeira de 6 a 4 e venci a segunda por 4 a 3

Nivel Craque.

I hope I helped, Hugs.


Face, perfeito seu post, comprei na eStarland e estava com algumas duvidas, but, todas elas foram sanadas agora.

Thank you very much.

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