ten 22 2010

ShopTo: terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller (PS3)

Continuing the articles on Playstation games and accessories 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, I speak today on the third Playstation Move Motion Controller (control that senses movements in Playstation 3), that acquired by the.

Had already bought two of them, one before launch, and the other shortly after launch. Resolve to acquire two more to have an experience 100% not complete Sports Champions playing two people (each with two Playstation Move Motion Controller).

I recommend reading the Article on dois first Playstation Move Motion Controller before you continue reading this article, because I will not repeat what I said there, I will speak only about this new purchase. As I said there, Sony underestimated the sales potential Playstation Move Motion Controller, and it was difficult to find it soon after launch. So when I went to buy the third, optei compra na pela pre- ShopTo. Not just ordered two, because the pre-sale is only one item per person.

With the purchase of a third item equal, a ShopTo put my account as “Trader”, status reserved for those who buy to resell games. I was pretty upset because I never intend to resell revendi nor anything of ShopTo or any other store. I understand that they classify as Trader who buys more than three games, difficult because the person will buy three games for own use, but three Playstation Move Motion Controller is completely acceptable for use on a single Playstation 3. Thus, I sent an email explaining exactly, showing Skooter Blog divulge where the ShopTo (obviously not disclose the supplier if a dealer) and had my status reinstated for Bronze. Not to be Bronze makes any difference in practice, it is necessary to make 25 purchases in one year to climb to Silver and gain advantages, but do not buy that much to achieve such status. Anyway, not admit being unfairly classified as Trader, and was happy to have my Bronze status reinstated.

O terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, da ShopTo

O terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, da ShopTo

The pre-purchase was made in 16/10/2010, and was sent on 02/11. I know that this time of year delays occur and was already prepared to receive the product at any time between November and January. Eventually arrived in early December, in 08/12. Again, I opted for shipping without tracking number. Again, the package was not taxed.

Links to products mentioned in this article:

Pacote da ShopTo com o terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, da ShopTo

Pacote da ShopTo com o terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller, da ShopTo

And I'm ending here. To buy na ShopTo just click the link of the product that is in Article. Want a game that is not linked in article? Leave your comment with the link that will answer ASAP. Buying through our links you take advantage of the excellent prices ShopTo and still helps Skooter Blog to continue the air. Unfortunately nobody did it between November and December, many bought without using the links, and thus this purchase and this article are the last on the ShopTo, at least temporarily.

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