GAME: Playstation Games and Accessories 3 and other islands direct from England

Continuing the articles on Playstation games and accessories 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England, speak today about another option for shopping beyond ShopTo, this Loja and to GAME. A GAME has a large network of stores in Europe. I happened to be in one of their physical stores in Spain, and there are a variety of consoles, games and accessories. The online store sends to many countries, including Brazil, priced much better than those charged by online stores, and a freight cheaper than freight Brazilians.

Despite already knowing GAME has enough time, had not yet ventured no purchase, because the shipping is a little higher than the ShopTo (£ 4,95 without a trace), and the prices tend to be slightly larger, except in promotions. I ended up solving shop there because I wanted to buy just the fourth Playstation Move Motion Controller and I had one on pre-order at ShopTo. When the new shipment arrived in 02/11, ShopTo seems that the only received enough to cover the pre-orders, or such that Playstation Move Motion Controller did not even become available on the website. Meanwhile, a GAME (which has no pre-sale) provided your shipment for sale, so I chose to buy the fourth Playstation Move Motion Controller there.

Playstation Motion Move Controller, acompanhado do recibo da GAME

Playstation Motion Move Controller, accompanied by the receipt GAME

I will not talk more about the Playstation Move Motion Controller, as already said everything he had to say in Article on dois first Playstation Move Motion Controllers to acquire at ShopTo. So here I'll talk about this purchase exclusively at GAME.

A GAME does not work with PayPal, then you must use an international credit card with the store. But the store is reliable and had no problem with the card. The only drawback is being subject to exchange rate variations, what happens when you do not use PayPal and choose the option to pay in real (only banks that do the decent conversion, banks ruins – as Itaú – reconvertem for dollar and then to real damaging the customer).

The purchase on GAME was made in 02/11/2010, and posted at 03/11. I know that this time of year delays occur and was already prepared to receive the product at any time between November and January. Eventually arrived in early December, in 08/12, together with terceiro Playstation Move Motion Controller que veio da ShopTo, Ship one day before. This package has no tracking and was not taxed. The package is kinda big, is not bulky, but leaves enough left over bubble wrap on the sides.

Pacote da GAME como o Playstation Motion Move Controller

Pacote da GAME como o Playstation Motion Move Controller

A description of the contents came as “Computer Software”, with the declared weight 333 programs and declared value of $29,99 without specifying currency. The receipt is stuck on the outside of the package, and it is the actual description of the content, but without values. At the time of purchase there is a field that can be filled with a message if the product is a gift. Then put a message: “Happy Birthday! I hope I HAVE gotten em time :)” and she was placed on the receipt. I do not know if the receipt came without values ​​because only filled this message or if this is the standard, up because there is a field to mark whether this is, just fill in this field to the message.

Recibo na parte de fora do pacote da GAME

Receipt on the outside of the package GAME

Ultimately, I can conclude that the GAME is approved and is also an option of buying Playstation games and accessories 3 and other consoles, directly from England.

And I'm ending here, wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop at GAME, directly from England, Click here and good shopping.

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Filipe Fernando

I saw now that you said about the bank itau,converting double,bought 87 U.S. dollars in parts Mobile and forgot to convert…will see the value in U.S. dollars in the making,then will bite a chunk,I always converted to another card,but added this Sunday and forgot to change…

Allan Rodrigo

Fabricio Aew, already has some time to not buy nda, efetuei my payments since September of purchasing pre GT5 and Killer creed 3 pela shopTo. But as I've said in another corner of the blog, Fui taxado, querie then buy in new stores, But I would like to store that send and games….
I am very interested in a steering wheel to play GT5, so my question is, shipped to GAME, or is it but like ShopTo that sends only games?
Se for o caso, you could direct me to another place to buy a logitech?
It nescessário link before asking for this store, or simply click on your link the Move?

Allan Rodrigo

Oks vlw, but they have not 1 flywheel that provides in stoque = x
Even so thank you for answering.

Gershon Almeida

Setting aside a little English sites, I was wondering if you have heard of 3DS Games [] !! I was not with my card and still active in international Crone buy the pack Move searched a national site with a price 'fair’ so to end dizer.Em, lá estava by R 309,90 could only find when over $ 500.00. logically So I find the low price of pq and credibility of site.Em order to found a community on orkut with a good amount of people commenting on, and by then even with a time around 1 months for delivery all had received their products.The lowest price is pq they send direct U.S. USPS.Confiando by the voice of the people made the request in 14/1 and 18/1 they said the product was shipped, gave me a paragraph screening and I can only aguardar.Vc as savvy on the subject I really ajuda.O USPS takes to put data on shipments?Cause so far not shown anything there and 3DS games just tells me that the product was shipped and yes that USPS has not specified the system, contacting the USPS they… Read more "

Gershon Almeida

Logically, the eStarland worth only, such as Shop.To in many other, is that the rush spoke louder and not waited my new card to arrive so I can buy international, and just taking that same store.
Was R $ 309,00 no cost with shipping then they probably should have used the First Class to get out cheaper and gave me a cod. trace to which the USPS will never tell anything less sobre.Ao'm more relaxed with this theory, rs.Vou expect to get and give good news coming here.

rogerio teles

Good night to all, can someone tell me ha possibility of buying a console in the UK and the same work perfect in Brazil? I have my doubts because the system each mainland uses in its technological models. Thank you very much

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