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AC Lens: Cheap Contact Lenses directly from the U.S.A.

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about AC Lens, U.S. a store that has a wide variety of contact lenses of different brands, including Bausch & Lomb (Soft Lens, Purevision, etc.), Boston, Ciba Vision (Focus, etc.), Cooper Vision (Proclear, Biofinity, etc.), Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue) and other. Shipping can be made directly to Brazil, Through USPS do (U.S. mail).

Who wears contact lenses just to correct a mild to moderate myopia has no great difficulty in finding them in clinics or optical, it is easy to compose a stock with all degrees between spherical, say, -0,50 and -6,00 with steps 0,25, because it gives only a few tens of degrees different. The problem is when nearsightedness comes with an astigmatism. In these cases, the ophthalmologist may indicate the correction with the use of toric lenses.

The problem of toric lenses is that they are more expensive and are not widely found prompt delivery. This is because the lens is spherical degree (for myopia corrigir), more cylindrical and the degree rotation (to correct astigmatism). With these 3 variables have hundreds of possible combinations, which makes it impractical for optical clinics or maintain a stock, and so these lenses tend to be available only on request.

For many years I wore contact lenses only with spherical degree (myopia), because my astigmatism was small and could be compensated with a slightly greater degree spherical, providing a vision “functional”, but not perfect. The problem is that, over the years, astigmatism increased slightly and began to harass these imperfections on more specific tasks, how to read or use the computer. And so the ophthalmologist suggested contact lenses Toric.

When trying to find the toric lenses came across the problem that I mentioned, anyone have the immediate delivery. I decided to look at the online stores and they all also had only toric lenses Custom, com delivery prazos 45 days. With a period so long it became obvious to me that when ordering your lens with these stores, they just buy the lenses overseas and expect to arrive, hence the term 45 days, seen shopping in abroad costumam come within 7 a 20 days, reaching around 45 days at worst (at the time of Christmas shopping).

And even custom, prices of these lenses were not the best, so I thought: Why not eliminate the middleman and buy directly from U.S.? The delivery time will be even smaller than that of Brazilian stores, because the product comes directly, no need to wait for the product to reach them and be returned. And the best part is the price: less than half of what they charge here. All that remained was to find the ideal store to buy contact lenses in the U.S..

After a careful search, I ended up stumbling upon the AC Lens, shop that meets all requirements: low prices, Shipping to Brazil via USPS, frete barato, Payment via PayPal or directly with the credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.), some reports of Brazilian buyers satisfied customer and a really first world, quite rapid and effective.

With such a variety of brands and manufacturers was difficult to know which lens to choose. For many years I used contact lenses from Focus Ciba Vision, then moved to the lenses of Cooperflex Cooper Vision. Both disposable, sold in boxes with six lenses, each one to be used for one month. Resolvi this continuaria confiando na Cooper Vision. Aclens found in several brands of toric lenses Cooper Vision, including: Biofinity Toric, Biomedics Toric, Proclear Toric, Proclear Toric XR (for high astigmatism), Vertex Toric, Vertex Toric XR and even Proclear Mutifocal Toric (multifocal, for myopia / hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia). After analyzing each model, CABEI opting for Biofinity Toric, a bit more expensive than the simpler, but still cheaper than any lens in Brazil. The Biofinity Toric lens is apparently the most advanced Cooper Vision, providing greater comfort. On the occasion, a Biofinity Toric was not available in any store or even national custom. Each box comes with 6 disposable lenses, each one to be used for one month, in other words, will last 6 months, assuming that the person bought a box for each eye, which is usually the case because the two eyes rarely have equal degrees.

I still can not assess the Biofinity Toric, because I'm wearing my last pair of Cooper's Flex Cooper Vision (only spherical). So for now just let the manufacturer description: “A Biofinity is different from other high oxygen lenses because it is manufactured softer for excellent comfort. Ela utiliza-technology AQUAFORM, getting naturally hydrating and establishing hydrogen bonds with water molecules, holding the water within the lens making soft lenses, wet, and resistant to dehydration. The silicone monomers exclusive Biofinity are oxygen be transmitted very efficiently through the lens. The result is a lens with very high oxygen transmission and lots of water – for soft lenses and comfortable.”.

The purchase on AC Lens was made in 10/11/2010. I bought two boxes of Biofinity Toric (one for each eye) and opted for cheaper freight ($14,95 USD – U.S. dollars two). Two days later (12/11) already reported that they had received the lenses (must pick up directly with the manufacturer in the short term) and made the same day shipping, via “First Class International”. This type of transmission has a tracking number, which is provided by AC Lens, But the packages of this type are not usually tracked, or U.S. nor in Brazil. De fate, already having the same package in hand, there is no record of the package at the post office site, and on the USPS website consists only “Electronic Shipping Info Received”, as is common in the category “First Class International”.

The package arrived in my hands the day 17/12, little more than a month after sending, what was expected because it is a purchase in November, where there are often delays, but it is still far less than the 45 days that the national stores ask to deliver lenses that sell only custom for twice the price or more. The box came with the description of contents “Contact Lenses” and declared value of $59,35 USD, slightly more than half of the actual value of the product. Inside the box was the invoice with the correct values. In the sender has the store name and address in Columbus, Ohio. On the sides of the box there's logo AC Lens and website address. Nevertheless, there was no taxation.

Caixinha da ACLens com as minhas lentes de contato Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric

AC Lens box with my contact lenses Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric

Inside the box the two boxes of lenses Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric (one for each eye) with 6 each lens, our graus esférico, cylindrical and rotations that I asked, plus a estojinho to store the lenses with the store brand and a discount coupon $5 dollars to be used na next purchase.

Dentro da caixinha da ACLens: as duas caixas de lentes, estojo para lentes, invoice e cupom de desconto para a próxima compra

Inside the canister of AC Lens: two boxes of lenses, Lens estojo, invoice and discount coupon for the next purchase

While still waiting for the arrival of the lenses, not give 03/12 I received a satisfaction survey done by AC Lens. The first question was whether the product had arrived. In answering that I was not immediately redirected to another page regretting the delay and stating that the department responsible was already being notified. A few minutes later I received an email from AC Lens asking you to confirm the address. Confirmed address and asked to wait a little longer because packages usually take the 3 a 4 weeks to be delivered in Brazil, and that if they came back they would send. No give 17/12 I just informed him that had not yet come, but not because I knew anything I charged delays are normal this time of year. Yet they offered to send again. A few minutes later the lenses arrived and I could communicate them with joy that would not require a court because the lenses had just arrived. Promptly thanked and are made available to.

As lentes Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric

As lentes Cooper Vision Biofinity Toric

I was really pleased with the attendance at AC Lens, truly first world, very few online stores are so agile in meeting, responding within minutes. Meanwhile, in Brazil which is seen more disrespect to the consumer, just to name um example: a loja Sony Style pede 20 days to exchange a defective product shipped or even a product sent by mistake (their error). I was also quite pleased to get my lenses direct the U.S. for less than half the price you would pay in Brazil, in less than half the time that the online stores asked. The difference between the sites is also absurd, a AC Lens has a site and very professional service, with wide range of products, detailed history of all events during the processing of applications and history of all emails exchanged between the customer and the store. In Brazil most stores contact lenses have amateur sites, with usability problems and functioning, poor attendance, exorbitant prices, few products only and almost all custom.

Note here that I spoke of toric contact lenses because those are the ones I use, more to AC Lens also has lenses for many different purposes (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, Multifocal, etc.), also including colored lenses with and without degree. Be sure to check.

And I'm ending here. If you also want to shop for contact lenses in AC Lens, directly from the U.S., Click here and good shopping.

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