Offerhouse: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Limited Edition (PS3)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Limited Edition, acquired in Offerhouse. A Offerhouse is a Hong Kong shop that also sends to Brazil. Payment is via PayPal and shipping costs recorded $4,00 USD (U.S. dollars two). This store was already an old acquaintance, but did not buy it because the prices are usually the best ShopTo. On the occasion Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit na ShopTo was slightly more expensive, then opted for Offerhouse, a bit cheaper and in limited edition.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

The limited edition included with exclusive access to two cars: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione e Ford Shelby GT500. Furthermore, four cars already unlocked: Porsche Cayman S and Dodge Challenger SRT8 for police career, Audi TT RS Coupe and Chevrolet Camaro SS for race runner.

Now ShopTo também tem o Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Limited Edition, then the choice of a store or another will depend on the price at the time of purchase and the preference of the reader by the English version or Asian, which depend on the product.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

The Asian version has English text, In the same way as the English version. Electronic Arts continues to provide the freshness of a code with the game that must be activated on PSN so you can play online, in order to try to eliminate the trade in used games, because the code can only be used on one console. The drawback here is that the game must be activated on PSN country of origin, in other words, if you buy the English version will have to turn it on PSN English (I already have my account there, probably also can be in other countries of Europe) and if you buy the Asian version, have to turn it into a Asian PSN (I created a PSN account in Hong Kong and activated there). Once activated, you can play with a PSN account from any country, inclusive do Brasil, that is what I am using.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3), ainda lacrado

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3), still sealed

As for the game, is very good. I'm a fan of the Need For Speed ​​series since the first game came out for PCs (DOS) in 1995, and followed the ups and downs of the series. Got a bit of control in the early, for he was accustomed to the controls Need For Speed Shift (has review Blog here in Skooter, but it was purchased on Amazon Canada while I was there) and the F1 2010, but soon got used. You can play the cop chasing runners, and the role of the corridor, eventually fleeing from police.

The graphics are very beautiful and well-crafted, including effects such as those generated by the weather conditions and time of day. Throughout the game in career mode you'll unlocking new cars and can run with them, all graduates Veículos.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition (PS3)

An interesting feature is called Autolog, it takes your friends list and compare your times with them. In general, is quite frustrating for the player, doing other things in life besides playing, see that while endeavor is almost impossible to mark the best time among all players in the world. So what Autolog does is create a ranking between you and your friends, making things more fun. If someone on your list beats your best time, Autolog warns you and asks you to try to improve it.

The downside is that it's a racing game without multiplayer dividing the screen. Play in two people requires getting in and out of the game every time control passes to another person, so that each person can log in with your account, driving their own cars, Autolog in dispute with their own friends, earn their own trophies, etc. Why is that Sony does not provide a way to allow the exchange of players without leaving the game, giving this option to developers? It's something I would love to know.

But summarizing: a good game, com bons graphics, boom, good gameplay, interesting career mode and Autolog to continue the fun after the career mode become monotonous, increasing at “durability” Match.

The purchase on Offerhouse was made in 26/11/2010, and sent the same day, coming 21/12. Less than a month is an excellent time considering that in November / December, the mail from Hong Kong and the IRS in Brazil are overloaded and delays happen in droves. There are packets sent before this that have not arrived yet. The package came as declared “Toys” no value $16 USD. The package also comes marked “Gift” and the sender is an individual named “André Vinicius”, should be part of the strategy of putting a store “Brazilian name” to minimize the chance of being taxed. De fate, was not taxed, but I think that is more the issue than by sampling these antics do not fool anyone.


Pacote da Offerhouse com o Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition

Pacote da Offerhouse com o Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Limited Edition

Through the tracking number I see by the Hongkong Post website that the package left Hong Kong in 04/12, by mail and see that he was awarded in Brazil 15/12 and was delivered in 21/12:

Data Local Situation
21/12/2010 19:24 CSD (Removed) Delivered
21/12/2010 12:29 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
15/12/2010 14:14 BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX Awarded
Received / Brazil

And I'm ending here leaving the links to products mentioned in this article:

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Opa Fabricio, I liked this game, I bought fifa 11 na offerhouse tb, estou waiting, I hope to receive this month and bought a tb Nintedo DS lite on dealextreme,Now I to the expectation of not being taxed xd. Hug

Jonathan Afonso

Fabricio, which is better when it comes to racing game and graphics, GT5 ou esse game ?

I'm in doubt

Junior Alaor

Good morning, I love NFS but I'm not PLAY3, I'm thinking of buying a PLAY3 at ShopTo, pela sua experience, do you think a good deal, pela say Alfandega.


Gershon Almeida

Hello, firstly congratulations on the blog.
I just know him and loved his posts, of great value to those who buy off internet, that concerning the PS3 games can not even comment, congratulations.

Comprei o Hot Pursuit Limited Edition americano [region 1], I'm also having problems to activate the registration key online, put on the EA site, was checked and confirmed everything right.
But when I go to the game and I click to record a message saying it's not possible and I try later.
Is it coz Minh PSN TA as Portugal ??

Awaiting Response.

Gershon Almeida

My sign Ta 'Portugal’ !
Pq well have access to download demos which does not happen with the address of record in Brazil [at least not with me, rs] !
If I have to actually create a new account ? And my trófeus ? rsrs.
I had seen how to transfer data , but all do not work.
Damn Sony server.



Congratulations for site, I found excellent comments.

Ja buy PS3 games abroad for some time and am looking to buy Hot Pursuit Limited Edition, however I can not find in any of the site known as ShopTo, starland,, among others, however they are against standard edition.

You commented that this edition has some more cars to. The standard edition also possesses these cars? It exists as the unlock- ? Got any more different between versions or only the car ?


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