Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I speak this Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR (MSI Tiny Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)) acquired on DealExtreme. These bluetooth dongles are a little more expensive than those most common of which I have spoken here in Skooter Blog, but appear to be of better quality. The reviews are all positive and there are reports of some users, already bought several models of bluetooth dongle in DealExtreme, that this is the best bluetooth dongle available there.

As três embalagens de Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

The three packaging Mini Adapter Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Or MSI to do title DealExtreme chosen can probably be ignored, MSI has nothing of this dongle and the manufacturer that appears in the corner of the package is Cubix. This dongle comes well packaged in a blister, and is small enough, the smallest bluetooth dongle I've ever seen. He does not have a USB plug with conventional metallic cape, instead only has the contacts on the plastic, but fits perfectly. The close is translucent plastic, Inside there is a blue LED that indicates activity and that is quite evident when the dongle is working.


Embalagem do Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Packing Mini Dongle Adapter Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

The packaging also has a mini-CD with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack in his version 7.10.04(T). Note that it is not necessary for the dongle work on Windows, at least not in Windows 7 from 64 bits, which is what I tested. But the Toshiba stack is higher than it is in Windows, so install it might be a good idea. With the stack from Toshiba and Nokia OVI Suite on your version 3 synchronize conseguindo estou Contatos, transfer files, etc. My phone's pro PC without problems. The only problem that always remains is that sometimes the phone and the PC does not automatically connect despite being configured to do so, but this problem has long, 've seen happen with multiple phones, multiple computers, multiple dongles, then I do not know why it occurs.


Verso da embalagem do Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Back Packing Mini Dongle Adapter Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Note that the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is free only for dongles present in laptops from Toshiba. For other dongles you must purchase a license. Do not ask me if these Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth licensed the stack from Toshiba, yes it is possible that, but it may be an illegal version as happens with some frequency in Chinese products. Anyway, there “crackers” or anything in the installation directory and the software does not ask for serial number or anything. So I'm assuming here that this copy is legal. Toshiba has released version 8 of your stack, but you can not upgrade for free. When you install it you will have only a trial version valid for 30 days and then have to buy a license. I chose to stick with the version 7.1.

Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR e o mini CD com o Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR e o mini CD com o Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

Decided to buy logo 3 of them taking advantage of the discount bulkrate, I put one in my HP printer 8500 and it is working perfectly, including printing photos directly from the phone. All 3 came with different MAC address. Of course, every network device must have a unique MAC in the world, but experience with other common dongles shows that in China it is common manufacturers produce thousands of dongles with the same MAC address. So it's a nice plus for this Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth have addresses only MAC, or at least different enough not to repeat them easily. The three who had received only the last octet of the six different, this may have occurred because they were all from the same batch, or they are just 256 combinations. I hope it's the first option. The numbers are of type 00:14:35:00:13:xx.

Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

I can not confirm if it is a Bluetooth dongle 2.1, some people say yes, others say no. The only tool I have found for this test was developed by Microsoft, but I could not download it at all. She is not in the package that should be on MSDN, therefore I could not find it.

For anyone interested, or hardware ID é 'USB VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_3164’, in other words, PID / VID 0A12 e:0001 and review 3164. And these are the information displayed by Sisoft Sandra:

Status : Device Connected
Device Connected to Port : Generic Bluetooth Radio
OEM Device Name : Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)
Device Version : 31.64
Device ID : VEN_0A12, DEV_0001, PRT_01
USB Version : 2.00
Speed : Full (12Mbps)
Configuration Settings : 1
Open Pipes : 5
Transfer Type : Interrupt
Data Packet Size : 64bytes

According to Toshiba software, The manufacturer is also “Cambridge Silicon Radio”, LMP version: 03, LMP subversion: 0C5C, and the same numbers for the version and subversion of HCI HCI, respectively.

The purchase was made in 25/11/2010 and posted on 01/12. It was my first purchase sent by China Post instead of Hongkong Post, a DealExtreme began shipping by China Post to try to minimize delays year-end, since the Hongkong Post was overloaded. The China Post sent the package to Brazil in 09/12. In the Post only information that is contained in the package left China in 09/12 (certainly information provided by integration with China Post Post) and the next information is already out of the package for delivery in 23/12. No intermediate step was recorded. The deadline for 1 month is very good for this time of year it is common to happen many delays.

Data Local Situation
23/12/2010 19:15 CSD (Removed) Delivered
23/12/2010 11:58 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery
09/12/2010 17:00 CHINA – CHINA/XX Routed
In transit to BRAZIL – BRAZIL / XX

The packet came as described “Bluetooth & IRDA”, with the declared weight 70 programs and declared value of $8,51 USD (U.S. dollars two). It was not taxed.

Pacote da DealExtreme com o Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

DealExtreme Package with Mini Adapter Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

Pacote da DealExtreme com o Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

DealExtreme Package with Mini Adapter Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR

And I'm ending here, wait for the next reviews. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (11/05/2011): Included a video showing Mini Adaptador Dongle Bluteooth 2.1 + EDR (MSI Tiny Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)) operation, flashing its blue LED.

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or Fabricio, q looks I found your order arrived fast, my shop deal in extreme slow too, I even prefer to buy the focal price or tiny.
Q you have experiences with purchases from outside of Brazil, never bought on ebay?
see reviews gostaria of the. I found it much good. Vou me aventurar!

Carlos André

Fabricio Olá. A happy new year to you. Thank you for texts. Very enlightening and a proper Portuguese, difficult nowadays.
The Skooter encouraged me to make international purchases. I already bought the DX, Focal, Sinoprice and Ebay. I only taxed once. In the case of Ebay, a product disappeared (Olympus camera). The rest came out perfect, Canadian including a NDSiXL, where have you been recently. After I talk more about it. Typing on an iPod is complicated.
Now, personal attention: Ebay vetch. There's a lot there.
Carlos André.
Rio de Janeiro / RJ.


like you have this compact mini dvd and host me? o meu veio quebrado 🙁


vlw ae man 😀

down aki


Olá friend. You would not happen to sell me an adapter such? I need this specific model, I'm in a hurry and did not want to wait for almost 30 days by ordering the DX. Buy enough stuff there, but this time I am in a hurry. You still have it? I would like to sell a?


I tried to sell in various places here in Brazil and I do not think this model for sale. I'll have to import the same DX. Pity, but thanks for the reply.


if you want to see my! contact by email [email protected]


If someone has more of this dongle Cubix / MSI and're in the mood to sell it just send me an email. I'm really wanting this dongle, he must have chipset Bluecore4. Thanks!

[email protected]

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