Skoter Forums brings new forums for discussion on overseas purchases

Hello Skooter Blog readers. From today, the Skooter Forums, Skooter sister site Blog, has a series of forums on overseas purchases, where visitors can put their questions, tips, etc.

Every article Skooter Blog will continue counting on the feedback session where visitors can post their comments, doubts, Reviews, suggestions regarding Article. The Skooter Forums serve as a complement, can be used for issues that are not directly related to the article, so that they will be better organized in forum.

Are 12 new forums, contemplating the 10 stores at most commented here Skooter Blog: DealExtreme, FocalPrice, StrawberryNET, ShopTo, GAME and Gamestation, AC Lens, Offerhouse, Play-Asia, Amazon and eBay. There is also a general forum, to questions that apply to all stores, and a forum for other stores, for those that are not included among the ten. New forums can be created if there is demand.

With the new forums Skooter Forums, topics will be presented in an organized manner, divided by subject and with a host of new features. Unfortunately you can not use the same register in the Skooter Blog Skooter Forums, so participants will have to create an account there to participate.

Another advantage of Skooter Forums is that frequently receive requests for assistance from beginners, but it is impossible to respond to everyone personally by e-mail or instant message. With forums, the answers are available for many other people who might have the same questions (e acreditem, many questions are recurrent). Furthermore, many more experienced players can collaborate on these issues, providing a knowledge base much richer than that which can be generated by a single person.

I count on the participation of all players to get in there to shake things up Skooter Forums. And good shopping abroad for all.

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Good to know, Vou Participar!! VC OF THIS PARABENS!!

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