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ShopTo: Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Continuing to articles about Playstation games 3 (PS3) Direct flights from England to ShopTo, speak today about the Gran Turismo 5, one of the biggest names in racing games, famous for its simulation very realistic and beautiful graphics, and had its premiere in the first Playstation. Gran Turismo 5 é exclusivo do Playstation 3, has more than 800 car models, 35 tracks (60 layouts). The game is also fully compatible with 3D technology.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) na embalagem ainda lacrada

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) still sealed in the package

I put the Blu-ray Disc Gran Turismo 5 no Playstation 3 and as usual there was an update to be made, for version 1.05. This update was over 600MB and took “only” some 12 hours to slow down the servers of Sony. With that I had to leave the PS3 on at dawn and postpone the first game for the next day. It is at these times that nostalgia gives the Atari 2600, in 5 seconds you put the cartridge, care and was already playing. 🙂

After installing the update comes, This took about an additional half hour, apparently the game installs several gigabytes in HD to decrease the load time during game. Once the installation began presenting several minutes, well done. Right away I was impressed with the resolution, ela é 1080p (Full HD), something I had only seen in simple games with graphics that are sold only on PSN. I thought that would be possible only in the opening pre-rendered, but found that everything is 1080p, even during runs as.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

As of costume, there is a Arcade game mode for those who just want to pick a good car and play, without spending much time. And there is the Simulation option where you start with enough money to buy a used car is not too expensive, running on the tracks already released and go slowly getting more money to equip your car or buy new cars. You also get some cars to win certain events. Each car and each race also has its minimum level of experience in order to be played. The experience also grows as we partake of events. Maybe all this is obvious to anyone who has played other games in the series Gran Turismo, but I only played a little in the first two old Playstation One, visto that Playstation 2 I never had and previous versions of Gran Turismo Playstation 3 I also did not have. Yet, I played more in Arcade mode because I had patience to stay running to obtain licenses, something which is also in Gran Turismo 5, but not compulsory.

Parte traseira da capa do Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

The back cover of Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Again I had to get used to the controls, different F1 2010, Modnation Racers and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, What are the racing games I had been playing recently. But soon I got used and had no more problems, without getting run off the track and win the first races in simulator mode. The indications on the track layout and the best time to help curb quite. Logo já ganhei to Kart (I found this difficult to ride), got enough money to enter the Concessionaire, buy a Golf GTI and participate in an event where only seasonal 5 types of cars could participate. With this event has quickly climbed each 8 and levels of experience gained over a good amount of money. Unlike early versions, I'm enjoying this time of the simulator mode.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

Manual and Blu-ray disc of Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

The online mode I still have not tested, tried to enter a room, but it took a while to connect, load, etc. and when we finally went into one of the rooms, the first of which appeared in the list you recommend the game itself, a Japanese said a syrup “Friends only room, ok?”, saying he wanted to be alone with his two buddies also Japanese (nothing against Japanese I, only against that specific frustrated that my first attempt to play online). A Briton who was in the room until complained that it would disrupt, but the guys ignored and began to speak in Japanese. I was angry, I left and went back to playing offline, because even with my current cars and little experience I do not think I would have many chances.

One negative point is relative to the detailing of cars. I know there are more than 800 cars, but only the top (say about 200) were built with all its details. The other half are “smooth”, and do not count nor with the internal view of the cockpit, you can only play with the external vision or an insight that does not show the inside of the car. This I found somewhat boring, would be nice if they had given the same treatment for all cars.

A positive point is that not only has the online multiplayer, but also a multiplayer dividing the screen into two parts. Still have not tested this way, cool but I finally find a good racing game (beyond Modnation Racers) enabling the display dividing the multiplayer. My girlfriend likes racing games and the first question she does every time I buy a new game genre is: “Can you play two?”, therefore play one at a time does not have the same grace, mainly because the games (or maybe it's a limitation of the PS3 itself) does not have a feature to change the user quickly (for each to do their own championship, earn their own trophies, etc.), demanding that the game be shut down, changed the user and the game starts again, losing several minutes in some cases.

The 3D mode is interesting, realmente dá a sensação de profundidade, but did not like it as much as I liked the 3D effect of Wipeout HD. This test was during the day, then maybe get better playing at night in total darkness. There are options to adjust parallax (a “force” 3D effect) and convergence, but not tested because the option is on the menu and would need to be modified and entering a race to try to find the ideal fit. Seria bem melhor se os desenvolvedores simplesmente colocassem uma imagem de teste que mostrasse um exemplo do efeito 3D em tempo real, while the configuration is done. It is worth noting that the 3D mode enabled, the resolution drops from 1080p to 720p. Isto já was expected, as in 3D mode the game should render the frame twice, and its processing power probably not do that allows keeping the resolution at 1080p.

And now to the data of purchase. It was made on days 28/12/2010 and shipped the day following. It was the first purchase to arrive in 2011, came quickly but also came with bad news: was taxed. The notice to seek the game came in the mail 11/01/2011, and had a tracking number end with BR, therefore could not tell what it was. I found that when the purchase has no tracking code (As is the case that) and ends up being taxed, the Post Office in Brazil put a label even registered here and then do the tracking. Probably do this pro package does not disappear after the post office taxed and have to bear the tax. Here's what it consists in tracing:

08/01/2011 10:43AC (Removed)Waiting withdrawal
Address: (Removed)
08/01/2011 09:48CSD (Removed)Routed
In transit to AC (Removed)
08/01/2011 06:09CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SPRouted
Referred to CDD (Removed)
07/01/2011 21:13CTE CURITIBA – CURITIBA/PRRouted

By trace data I see that the package was available for withdrawal from the day 08/01 (indeed 10/01, EJ 08/01 Saturday and the agency was not open), but I had no way of knowing for not having the tracking code. Arrived in less than 2 weeks, quite fast and before any other packages 2010 not yet appeared. But I wish I had more time consuming and would not tax. The tax was not expensive, were accurate AUD 18,59, because the value of the considered as being £ 12,00 (pounds sterling), or equivalent to R 30,98 quote used by (R$ 2,5819). So 60% R $ 30,98 is equal to R $ 18,59 who were charged. In other words, even with the tax is still cheaper than buying in Brazil.

O pacote da ShopTo com o Gran Turismo 5 (PS3), com o selo de rastreamento acrescentado no Brasil e a etiqueta informando que foi tributado

The package ShopTo with Gran Turismo 5 (PS3), Seal with added trace in Brazil and the label stating that it was taxed

What else fills the bag is having to pick up the package at the agency, and wait over half an hour in the queue because the agency has few staff to meet demand. Until the queue exclusive elderly and pregnant women was waiting for over half an hour. It is unfortunate that the situation in the 8 years of (of)PT government left the Post Office, totally scrapped and quoted only the headlines of scandals. I do not know you, but I would rather have a privatized post than a post office with state being offered to “companions” in exchange for favors. In Revenue, Attorney of the time was Paul, old acquaintance (if I had to pay these guys I also would not trade jobs). Now until the signing of the guy in the NTS (Note Simplified Taxation) prints, in other words, must have automated the whole process to get taxed more packages. In the description of the property tax placed “CD/DVD/GAMES” and in bold type “VERIFICATION NONINVASIVE”, indicating that the package has not been opened and that just kicked any value, Fortunately smaller than the actual value of the product.

No ano de 2010 were 17 na orders ShopTo and no taxed. In 2011 once the first has arrived taxed. It may have been just an unfortunate coincidence, after taxation is by sampling, and sooner or later some packet sampling damn this fall and would be taxed. On the other hand, many people had packages ShopTo taxed in the end / beginning of the year. It would be a change in patterns of taxation? Does the package ShopTo was manjado? Um serious (unlikely, but not impossible) lobby da Sony do Brasil? Does the government wants to increase the collection to launch a version Mensalão 2011?

Remember that by mid- 2008 few packets destined for the interior of São Paulo were taxed, but that changed at the end of the year when the packages in this region began to undergo Pinhais. No ano de 2009 virtually all packages with tracking, that were intended to São Paulo, were taxed. And it changed again 2010, when the IRS in Pinhais started to inspect all packages in Brazil, and to have more service now less taxing packages of São Paulo and, consequently, all my packets 2010 ended up leaving unharmed. And now in 2011, would be a new change? Will to “Dilma was” will 4 years in which taxes, they always were abusive, also be applied rigorously? Too soon to say, we wait…

The only thing certain is that the rate of 60% should remain or even increase, because most people chose to elect the president, which is the successor “face” that ficou 8 years in power and did tax reform, e ainda teve a cara de pau de falar que não pode baixar os impostos porque país que o trabalhador tem todos os dentes na boca tem impostos altos. Just forgot to warn you that in first world countries taxes are high, but citizens have security, health, education, etc. quality conversely. In Brazil the taxes are so high as that of first world countries, but beyond all the tap of corruption, that has always existed and that the PT opened further (just remember mensalão and their articulators that are all together again in power with Dilma). In other words, pay taxes first world, but we have no security, public health is of poor quality and education is so bad that students leave school barely knowing how to write properly.

I've said here in Skooter Blog that a practical alternative would be to do as some U.S. stores are for sale with delivery in Canada. If you live in Canada and want to buy in the U.S., can use the stores that already charge Canadian tax and pass the value to the Government of Canada (NewEgg is one of them). Obviously the tax rate there has an absurd 60% As here. There just federal tax charge (GST) from 5% and or província (PST) varying (around 7%). In the case of the province that I have I lived (Alberta) imposed on them was zero, so I paid only 5%, directly to the store, Canadian government that replayed pro. It is a fair value, it really is applied for citizens, and I still had no job to go pay anything at the Post Office. Furthermore, the package has passed very quickly through customs by now be with all documentation in order and tax paid. If no Brasil was assim, total collections would be even greater, deadlines would be lower, and all without the need for additional staff in monitoring. But unfortunately this is probably not of interest to the rulers who rule here, utilizam a philosophy that state esquerdista inchado, probably to facilitate corruption.

It is clear that in Canada, in the case of stores that do not collect the tax Canadian, The buyer is also subject to taxation in Brazil as, having to go collect taxes in the mail (that sometimes has to queue, but never as lengthy as those here). The difference is that in this case the tax is also only 5% (and provincial tax if), applicable by law for purchases above $20 CND (Canadians U.S. dollars), but in practice the tax is almost never charged, in my case was never.

And I'm ending here. To buy na ShopTo just click the link of the products that are in the article. Want a game that is not linked in article? Leave your comment with the link that will answer ASAP. Buying through our links you take advantage of the excellent prices ShopTo and still helps Skooter Blog to continue the air.

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